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  1. I think the AVSIM moderators should probably close this thread as it branched out to completely irrelevant details.
  2. DAL213

    Massive Stutters, but high FPS

    CPUID Pro Version
  3. DAL213

    Massive Stutters, but high FPS

    I run 3X 85 inch screens in 4k... Did you try 4096 cloud textures and high AA? Just like you, I only run P3D for the visuals. And I avoid any extra candy like reflections and special effects. I find those a waste of resources.Also, my 3 Titan Pascals are in non-sli mode
  4. DAL213

    Massive Stutters, but high FPS

    I agree with this 100%. Your GPU is the bottleneck and all the recommendations above are to turn off the GPU-intensive effects in P3D. In addition, if you use 4096 cloud textures, reduce this to 2048 or even lower. Just as a reference, I have a fast CPU (i9 7900X clocked @ 5.0 GHz) and 3 Titan Pascal GPUs.... if I start messing around with the GPU-intensive sliders above, my GPU utilization goes to 100%. As opposed to the CPU utilization, having your GPU at 100% is never a good thing.
  5. Good catch! I never said I owned NVDA personally. Own it via one of my strategies
  6. DAL213

    P3D V4.3 Loads into a black screen

    Sorry, I meant ALT + TAB
  7. DAL213

    P3D V4.3 Loads into a black screen

    Hit ctrl +Tab key and it comes bsck. I bug in the siftware
  8. Well folks.... i was one of the first ones to place a pre-order of 2 2080Ti (that was the max number per person). They should ship 9/20. Let me be a guinea pig and test these bad boys for you. If not, can alway sell them. I own a lot of Nvidia stock so follow their announcements very closely. So this morning when i saw the pre order link in the site my finger clicked on the add to cart without actually consulting with my brain. It happens! nico
  9. Agreed. But by the time P3D V5 comes out we can probably get the new "fastest GPU ever"....
  10. MHTG (Tocontin) MMMX (Mexico City.... incredible scenery back in the days when it worked) SCEL (Santiago) As you can see.... Latin America is tremendously neglected when it comes to updating scenery, with the exception of Brazil and the recently released Panama City.
  11. Should I ditch my three Titan Pascals for 3 of the new 2080 Ti....? Any idea what 3 85 inch screens in viewgroup would benefit from the extra muscle?
  12. During the days of FSX and even up to P3D V1 & 2, I used to love running Flight Deck Companion from a client PC in the sim for callouts, checklists, cabin announcements, and other random sounds. This is a very old piece of software that to my surprised, has never been updated or even re-released by anyone. Can someone share with me an add-on that does the same thing that FDC used to do? Or figured out a hack to make it work in P3DV4? Thanks!
  13. FSDG Paro Bhutan (VQPR) is my favorite airport. Sure SFO and MSP look nice.... but they don't offer the endless challenges that landing at Paro offer. Plus, they redid the entire valley which makes this approach the best in all of flight sim (IMO)
  14. I would like to suggest a totally different solution. Make Sure that NONE of the P3D programs are in Program Files (X86). This cause a huge FPS drop due to the 64 bit architecture pulling files from a 32 bit file system. Make sure you remove these programs that are installed there and your problem should be fixed (if that is the actual problem). Nico
  15. I coudnt agree more. Tweaking is a thing of the past.Just lower your sliders until you are satisfied with the performance. Is not rocket science. Any additional performance you get on one place... is at the expense of somewhere else. It is a zero-sum game.