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  1. there is a problem since the SU 8/9 updates for MSFS. two ofo my payway airports Flytampa's KBOS Boston logan , and LatinVFR's LEBL Barcelona will CTD if I allow the Seafront ship packages to become active. . if I Fly with the sliders below their recommended active range. both airport are fine and I can fly around them. is their something you cna do to fix this. is it something to do with they static ships and boats? Thanks
  2. got it working now. Seems to be an issue with Seafront Simulations traffic setting req's. I dialed traffic down and it worked perfectly.
  3. it still CTD just after take off or flying in from another airport for me. and I just bought it yesterday V1.1 for Orbx Central.
  4. if you ever need someone to test with Oliver in the future. contact me. Thanks, 🙂
  5. I wish there was a FFX for MSFS or a way to make it work in there. Really miss this program.
  6. Odd, hey guys, check your IP helper in Services in windows and make sure it's on. mine was off for some reason. trying the sim now and see if it's fixed. Edit: nope , that didn't work either.
  7. Same here for the last 24 hours, I've submitted it to Zendesk. so have many others. and it's being talks about on the MSFS forum as well. something definently broke. I pinged the bing server and there was no packet loss there so it something on the sim side I figure.
  8. hey Also since there is now Water wake .fx as crude as it is, can that be added to the ships package, or do they have to be added on eash individual ship that not a static one.
  9. I'll ba happy when we can use the helipads on these. and get wake fx's.
  10. Now if we can do something about the radio frequencies. I hate being limited where I can fly because I can't communicate with the ATC. Because I can't dial the freq. in the radio. It would be better to set this up for the sim to do it for you for now til a solution if discovered. 🤠
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