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  1. I'll ba happy when we can use the helipads on these. and get wake fx's.
  2. Now if we can do something about the radio frequencies. I hate being limited where I can fly because I can't communicate with the ATC. Because I can't dial the freq. in the radio. It would be better to set this up for the sim to do it for you for now til a solution if discovered. 🤠
  3. Bijan, is there an update 4 coming to deal with the tree flicker since the lase update. or you waiting til after world update 3 is out?
  4. Well, Carenado lost a sale to me today. Marketplace is total trash to buy from even with my card on file in my microsoft account. I buy music all the time on on other app with it. Very bad decision for Carenado to make "Marketplace only for their Aircraft purchases.
  5. FYI, if you fly into KBUR you won't be able dial in the tower freq: 118.700. 700 is missing in the step up of frequency. hopefully todane update didn't mess with the aircraft. Thanks,
  6. after reinstallation this morning everything work perfectly. Flew around Cairo this morning and can change frequencies and squawk on the assigned XPonders easily while flying. Looks like fine tuning has been fixed. The only thing left I see is the sound for touch downs on landings. 😍
  7. I don't see on the 2checkout site where to redownload the plane nor any updates. I purchased via ATS site and now regret it. I've contacted support so I can get a download link and my license key again. IMHO, the 2checkout site is not very user friendly. What's the point of the multiple security measures if it just to see you purchase information only? No download link or Licence key information. Edit: Andrey got me straighten out 😁
  8. should be 2.0 now. Still has the fine tuning issue on the radio for odd tower and ground frequencies like at Liverpool Airport. You can't dialin to either Frequency.
  9. I'm having the exact same issue. I can't dial in exact tower or ground frequencies that ATC gives me to communicate. this is this onl issue I have with the aircraft.
  10. Okay got it working again. had to widdle out the problem children in the collection and rebuild the layout.json again. All good now. 😃
  11. yeah I have the same issue with global traffic holding up the loading. I'll just wait for an update. I even re did the Layout.json. still no go.
  12. thanks for the heads up, Gents. I'll wait til it's fixed
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