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  1. you da Man, Matt😎 Thank you sir
  2. Hi Matt, P3D v4.4 will be out later today. will we get an update for PTA today also?😉
  3. okay, must be the server is down at the moment. Thanks,
  4. hey did something happen to the activation server? started PTA and it's asking me for Activation. and I can't login to the SimTweaks either🙄
  5. FireRx

    October windows update

    mine did the same thing, I already put in a ticket to reactivate my keys. Windows 10 Fall update
  6. any United Parcel Service coming? UPS😎
  7. FireRx

    FireFighter X 1.84 released

    oh is that the fire effect complexity?
  8. FireRx

    FireFighter X 1.84 released

    yeah I when to a fire off of modis that was 42, and 74 acres and it acted like it wanted to freeze up. I exited and picked a smaller fire,. and all was good again
  9. FireRx

    FireFighter X 1.84 released

    Oliver what's th max acreage we can operate in the sim without locking it up?
  10. FireRx

    FireFighter X 1.84 released

    all fixed. thanks sir
  11. FireRx

    FireFighter X 1.84 released

    opps, sorry, Oliver, doubled keyed. I sent you an email with what's going on and the log files. Honestly I think it's something with my friends computer and not mine. that was my IP address to my computer behind my router. Your sayin I should use the IP provided by my ISP instead?
  12. FireRx

    FireFighter X 1.84 released

    Oliver , Try connecting to me. 192.2005.2.3 no crash errors ot anything like tha. it just won't connect
  13. FireRx

    FireFighter X 1.84 released

    yeah, they don't work at all on the nework connections. let me re install this one more time and get back to ya 🙂