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  1. ooooooooooooooooh, let me get it. I didn't know there was an update. Edit: all back !00% again. 😄 thanks, Oliver
  2. I will ditch once my aircraft and key addon is ported over. As of now I haven't bought the V5 upgrade for P3D or any addition addons for it.
  3. USA _contigous_and Hawaii. Error pop up: DOwnload Error The remote server returned an error (404) NOt Found. I just tested it again just now. this is on both the VIIRS and MODIS
  4. Oliver, We're getting this error again. Did they change the url again?
  5. Usually testers are giving a "check off" sheet of task to perform and Verify they work or record fault, and send it back to the Developer.
  6. Keven, Will you dev Chaseplane for MSFS 2020? I really enjoy that product in the cockpit. 😎
  7. how did you update your survey??? I don't see how one does that.
  8. I for one want compatibility with the new MSFS. A lot of use have older high dollar HOTAS's with rudders Systems and don't wish to have to part with them soley because a new sim. I have yet to see anything out there in controllers that I'm willing to shell out another $600 for. 😯
  9. I just want to be on the testing team. I've joined back in October and have seen others that joined when I did already testing. 😏
  10. yeah, So folks just want to be bellicose. pay no mind to them.
  11. it would certainly be nice if just the tech alpha folks that they have on file now got it on or before Christmas. 😀
  12. LOL, I for one will intend to run both Sims once it comes out. I purposely bought a 2 tb SSD just for this. I expect the transition {if any} from one sim to the new one will take a few years. There's addons to P3D that will take a while I sure for the devs to move to MSFS 2020 if at all.
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