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  1. I have - editing the cfg was the first thing I did after installing FSX. I followed Word Not Allowed's tweaking guide and did it all by hand. Settings are high enough for it to look good, but low enough for the framerate to stay at 60 everywhere apart from the most densely populated areas. The only reason I'm trying to achieve 60fps is because 30fps looks TERRIBLE with TrackIR. But I guess I'll just have to live with it.
  2. I just did a complete FSX reinstall a few days ago in an attempt to get the sim to run better, and while it seems that I succeeded (it runs at around 30fps near large cities and airports, and at a steady 60 everywhere else - using various GA aircraft), I just can't get the 777 to work properly. In the exterior view, it runs perfectly, but as soon as I switch to VC view, my framerate drops to somewhere between 10 and 20. Now, I do understand it's a very detailed cockpit, but I didn't expect it to be quite THAT detailed. Even with ALL of the graphics settings either unchecked or turned all the way to minimum and with no traffic, I'm struggling to reach 60fps when sitting at some remote dirt airfield in the middle of nowhere. I've even tried to adjust the FMC's performance settings from 15fps down to 5 but didn't see any difference. Is there anything else I could do to get it to run better? Edit: PC Specs in my profile.
  3. I *think* I might be having the same problem. I was flying from Newark to LAX at 8x time compression and the aircraft was unable to stay on course. Also, for some reason, after I disabled auto-cruise after the problem occurred, the aircraft got stuck in a shallow left turn, but the navigation displays were indicating a steep right turn. I tried switching autopilot heading select mode on but it just kept on turning. As a last ditch effort, I disengaged the autopilot and autothrottle in an attempt to regain control, but the aircraft was completely unresponsive. It did, however, appear to hold a constant bank angle, altitude and speed even with A/P and A/T off.
  4. 15. Looking forward to getting my glider pilots licence next year - if everything goes well
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