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  1. The message that appears in the Ops Center clearly states that any BAe JS4100 installer downloaded past 20FEB15 should enable functionality in FSX-SE. I had the J41 installed in this platform before and the OC worked well with it. I was able to download liveries and adjust all settings. This problem began after I performed a reinstall of FSX SE on my machine and ran a manual update of the OC to fix an access violation error that would make the application crash (as instructed by Kyle in the general forum). Anyhow, I'll open a support ticket with them.
  2. I'm having a similar issue since I've updated the Ops Center because of frequent access violation errors. It no longer shows any option for the J41 and displays the following message: I followed the instructions, redownloaded the installer and tried reinstalling, but it didn't work.
  3. I'd like to know that too. The website went offline early this year and now the domain is gone.
  4. MrPlaneDriver

    PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    I understood what you said about licencing costs, but I admit I was still under the impression that there was largely a technical issue involved, because that's what I remember from older discussions about this topic. In my defence, I fail to see why an EFB with data from these two providers I mentioned would be insuficient to provide a (close to) realistic representation of the actual system. I'll then assume that I am just underestimating or totally unaware of the actual complexity of a real EFB and the amout of information required to make it work properly. Sorry if I made you repeat yourself.
  5. MrPlaneDriver

    PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    PMDG used to say that there would hardly be a weather radar in their aircrafts due to the fact that it couldn't be acurately simulated in FSX. Then HiFi came along with Active Sky Next, the two companies partenered and now all current generation of PMDG planes have Wx radar. Couldn't you do the same in order to provide an EFB? Couldn't PMDG eventually develop an EFB expansion pack that could be integrated with Navigraph Charts and TOPCAT?
  6. Hey, Roy! I wasn't aware of that... The only time I touched SimConnect since I reinstalled FSX SE was when installing EZDok. Now that you mentioned, though, in fact the place where I got the SC file from had 3 folders with 3 different installers: for the RTM, SP1 and Acceleration versions, and I only had 2 versions installed. I may have seen these files at some ppint, but didn't give attention since I didn't know all three had to be installed. I'll make sure they all are. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Hello! I'd like to report a problem that I've had when trying to activate the J41 on FSX-se on the past week and a possible solution that, although obvious once you start investigating, may not be so plain simple for everybody. Also, this is a suggestion of a topic to be added to PMDG Knowledge Base on the Support Portal, since this may be a recurrent problem. - Problem: I'm running a FSX-SE only install and was unable to activate the J41 because of a missing SimConnect version. I formatted my PC recently and this time I only installed FSX-SE on it. I had no problems so far using any of my addons, including most PMDG planes that I own, with exception of the J41. The activation screen simply didn't show up when initializing the aircraft. I tried selecting the aircraft from the FREE FLIGHT screen and after starting a default flight (which is unchanged from factory default), but none worked. In an initial investigation of the problem, I opened Windows Event Log. There were 17 repeated error events; Up to 5 logs had been generated per second. Basically, they contained a message saying that Windows failed to generate activation context for the PMDG_BAe_JS4100.dll and saying that SimConnect version 10.0.61242.0 could not be found. Indeed I did not have this version of SC installed for some reason. I searched the internet for the installer, downloaded (from a safe provider, of course) and installed the software, proceeding to activate the J41. And it finally worked. I thought it would be useful to report this, since other people may be having or may eventually have a similar problem.
  8. MrPlaneDriver

    Cannot access Support Desk

    Hey, Kyle! Let me update you on my problem with the Support Portal. I reported to you a few days ago that I was able to access the portal on my Android phone via Chrome. But today I tried logging into it on my desktop again and it failed on IE, Firefox, and Chrome, even though I used the very same username and password that worked in the mobile browser. I was only able to access the portal on my desktop when I logged in on my phone again and tried changing my password. Now it's all good. I thought you'd be interested in having some more feedback on this issue. PS.: Also, it'd be nice if you could look into this topic that I started about my forementioned activation problem with the J41. Cheers!
  9. MrPlaneDriver

    Cannot access Support Desk

    Thanks a lot! Well, the recovery process ended up being faster than I expected. I had surgery to correct for nearsightedness. I can see well enough, although it's still a little blurry, hypersensitivity to light is an issue and it gets out of focus every now and then. My doctor said it's OK to look at screens, so here I am I prefer Chrome, but since my PC has only enough RAM (4GB), I use Firefox instead, which takes a smaller toll on my computer. My specs are below descent and I kinda got used to flying on a slideshow hahaha I'm be upgrading when I move to England in September.
  10. MrPlaneDriver

    Cannot access Support Desk

    I do believe you, man... I've been around this forums for enough time to believe such things happen Actually I haven't, and and did work! I hadn't even thought the browser could be an issue. Thanks a lot and sorry for taking your time because of such an obvious issue Just so you know, I was having problems with Firefox, but it worked in Chrome, in my phone, at least... Anyhow, I'll be undergoing eye surgery within a few minutes (I'm writing from the waiting room), so I'll be quiet for the next week while I recover. As soon as I'm able I'll open a ticket to solve the activation problem. Thanks again!
  11. MrPlaneDriver

    Cannot access Support Desk

    I'm aware of that. I have submitted a few tickets in the past. Try looking for Matheus de Barros. I may have registered using my middle name, but can't remember if I've ever changed it.
  12. MrPlaneDriver

    Cannot access Support Desk

    Hello! I'm having activation issues with the J41 and have been trying to access the Support Desk in order to submit a ticket, but I just can't, since I forgot my login details and the system won't let me change the password. Clicking the "Forgot your passowrd?" link opens a window that says it'll send an email allowing me to change my password, but it actually just sends my login info. Strangely, when I try to enter them in the login page, it says that either my username or password is wrong. Can someone from PMDG look into this?
  13. MrPlaneDriver

    Magnetic Variation Update

    Thanks for the heads-up!
  14. MrPlaneDriver

    Issue with PLN file import to FSX-SE

    Hello! I've been playing with the 777 in FSX-SE since the update for ASN came out, and I just noticed something. I have the option "FSX PLAN FILE FOR WX" set to "CREATE AND LOAD TO FSX". The software actually does create a .PLN file, but I've found that it places the file in the Legacy FSX Files folder instead, resulting in the flightplan not being imported to FSX-SE and, subsequently, to ASN for .WX file generation. I'm running the latest version of 777-200LR (build 6320) and ASN SP2 Beta on FSX-SE Mode (build 5527 (I just got aware that it's already outdated)). Has anyone else noticed this?
  15. MrPlaneDriver

    What's next PMDG? B787 maybe?

    A couple of years for a NGX update would be rather optimistic, 'IF' it ever happens. I remember Robert saying a while ago that a retrofit for the NGX is not certain anymore. Their initial plan back when they were developing it was to have a base code that would allow them to roll back upgrades made in future products to existing products, but during the development of the 777 so many things were changed on the code that the retrofitting of older planes (i.e. NGX), as it was intended, just isn't possible anymore. They'd have to "redevelop" the airplane to some extent and it would require too much effort and resources. For this reason they would consider releasing SP2 as a paid service pack, but they'd have to analize whether it is feasible or not. I'm pretty sure PMDG won't make any decision on it until the 747 is out and stable.