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  1. WHY are there people with luggage in their hands!?!?
  2. what exactly do I have to do in the F1gtn utility? seems like there is alot of options.
  3. Would love to see LOT Polish Airlines (New Livery) on the might T7 =)
  4. Well UTX comes with landclass doesnt it? I see an entry for it. Actually 3 different entries, custom, urban, vegetation then there is another one (europe only) should i group all these together? I downloaded the scenery configuration tool but it doesnt show me any of my addon scenery. Just the default.
  5. This is frustrating, I think I got same issue here, but i'm still confused.. I enabled ftx global, it put 2 different items into the scenery library. I ended up putting them on very top then, utx usa and Canada then airports, and then the default fsx entries. Can someone enlighten me? I'm not home right now so I cannot try it but should I move the ftx global entries below the utx ones? I disabled the utx lighting. Thank you for any help.
  6. [quote name="I agree that FTX would be doing themselves and us a favor by converting FTX Global to X-Plane 10/64bit, but I doubt if they will listen. I, for one, would buy it again. I'm pretty sure orbx and p3d are partnered up in some way. I wouldint be surprised to see global be included with p3d v2. I might be wrong but we can only hope.
  7. Sorry, there was nothing else I could really help you with. the solution I gave you worked for me previously with spinning mouse issues. I am running nvidia surround across 3 screens and not on laptop like you. Best of luck I hope Bryan can resolve your problem.
  8. If you navigate to your fsx folder, then go to simobjects, aircraft, then go to IFLY aircraft you want to fly folder, you will see panel.cfg.. make a copy then open it and scroll all the way down where you see the panels for the fs2crew windows.
  9. I had the issue when its trying to load the windows too big for the screen... Try resizing the windows in the panel.cfg should look like this. [Window22] size_mm=1196, 56 pixel_size=1196, 56 window_size= 0.333, 0.874 position=3 visible=0 ident=1000 zorder=100 Sizeable=0 gauge00=FS2Crew2010\Versions\IFly737\Gauges\FS2CrewIFly737!FS2Crew_MainPanel, 0,0,1196,56 gauge01=FS2Crew2010\Versions\IFly737\Gauges\FS2CrewIFly737!FS2Crew_Audio, 20,20,5,5 gauge02=FS2Crew2010\Versions\IFly737\Gauges\FS2CrewIFly737!FS2Crew_Input, 30,30,5,5 [Window23] size_mm=866, 212 window_size= 0.333, 0.874 pixel_size=866, 212 position=4 visible=0 ident=1001 zorder=101 Sizeable=0 gauge00=FS2Crew2010\Versions\IFly737\Gauges\FS2CrewIFly737!FS2Crew_AudioSetup, 0,0,866,66 gauge01=FS2Crew2010\Versions\IFly737\Gauges\FS2CrewIFly737!FS2Crew_PreFlight, 0,66,866,62 gauge02=FS2Crew2010\Versions\IFly737\Gauges\FS2CrewIFly737!FS2Crew_Pushback, 0,128,866,84 [Window24] size_mm=681, 110 window_size= 0.333, 0.874 pixel_size=681, 110 position=6 visible=0 ident=2777 zorder=102 Sizeable=0 gauge00=FSVideoMarshaller\Gauge\FSVM!Marshaller, 0,0,681,110 [Window25] size_mm=284, 500 window_size= 0.333, 0.874 pixel_size=284, 500 position=6 visible=0 ident=1003 zorder=103 Sizeable=0 gauge00=FS2Crew2010\Versions\IFly737\Gauges\FS2CrewIFly737!FS2Crew_PAPanel, 0,0,284,500 [Window26] size_mm=309, 162 window_size= 0.333, 0.874 pixel_size=309, 162 position=6 visible=0 ident=1004 zorder=104 Sizeable=0 gauge00=FS2Crew2010\Versions\IFly737\Gauges\FS2CrewIFly737!FS2Crew_FADialog, 0,0,309,162 [Window27] size_mm=330, 681 window_size= 0.333, 0.874 pixel_size=330, 681 position=6 visible=0 ident=1005 zorder=104 Sizeable=0 gauge00=FS2Crew2010\Versions\IFly737\Gauges\FS2CrewIFly737!FS2Crew_BriefPanel, 0,0,330,681 Add the bold line into each window. Make a backup of your origional panel.cfg first, in case this doesnt work.
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