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  1. I just recently got the PMDG 777 after about a year with the NGX and was immediately impressed save for one thing. I like to handfly my approaches and departures and I immediately noticed that the aircraft would without warning pitch sharply up or down. I never had this problem with the ngx or any other airplane. I thought it might be connected to trim but I disproved that after some experimenting. Is this part of the fbw (I can't imagine it would be) or is it something wrong with my setup? Thanks for your speedy reply!
  2. I just recently stumbled on this page: It says that the max thrust for the 737-900ER is 28400 lbs. I know that this is now widely used in the airline industry yet, but will this be simulated? The CFM57-7BE is apparently a part of the 737ng enhanced program. Or not widely used as I should have said lol!
  3. Because it means I have no bottleneck, and also my vram usage is 1300-1400 mb (I have a 2gb card) so I know that a full frame buffer is not the problem, and therefore most of my computer is sitting there with half of its potential being wasted for no reason! Please explain if i'm missing something. Is this an amd bug possibly?
  4. I'm very worried! My cpu usage stays at 30% and gpu usage stays at 50% all the time! There is something wrong here!
  5. I agree. Its just that x plane doesn't have very many good airplane addons yet. But pmdg will change that!
  6. Does anyone know what performance will be like compared to, say, the default 747?
  7. After having many problems with fsx I decided to ditch it and try the x plane demo. I was very impressed except for the audio which seemed to be of a much power quality with choppy transitions of power where you could here the different audio files being played kind of like auto tune. Is this a limit of. X plane or is this just a fault of the demo version and more applicably, will the pmdg products for x plane have this problem?