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  1. This is good game design. The game is over. Insert coin
  2. Very interesting charts. Bookmarked. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I can't understand the major challenge Asobo is facing to make wind direction consistent in the simulation, since alpha! Why is so difficult? Do they use several memory variables for the same purpose, maybe with different TO/FROM interpretations? Only god knows!
  4. There's the Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) ultimate Registry trick. For the hopeless only.
  5. Here's how FPS scales at Full HD on MSFS based on GPU. The GTX 1060 is included. However, GPUs are been sold at absurd prices because of criptocurrency mining. Yes you should. You'll get less crashes, more stability. You will be able to run more utilities along MSFS. As a rule of thumb you should have more RAM than a software allocates. MSFS uses 16GB RAM.
  6. At Windows level you need to switch power options manually, or edit the "Minimum processor state" percent value of the power plan, then test if it works as wished. At BIOS/UEFI level there are several configurations and tweaks to minimize the power load. Usually, there's no much need to change settings because the defaults already do save power by running multi-core CPUs at the base clock when there's no workload.
  7. The base clock of the i9-7980XE is 2.6GHz if this specification is correct, so 1.2GHz is below the base clock. Set Windows 10 Power Options to "Ultimate Performance" and test again.
  8. Because the first video is the 5900X versus the 11900K
  9. You can compare from tests/reviews on the internet. They test the same CPU with different coolers. In the case you want the best stuff apart from Noctua NH-D15, search "be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4, BK022, 250W TDP". I have this one and I can recommend it. It outperforms D15.
  10. ⬆️ MSFS 11900K: 88 FPS average 5950X: 91 FPS average
  11. Me too. It's a subject for another thread, but check this interesting info. AMD Zen 3:
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