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  1. The Milviz Corsair. Real world tail dragger experience counts here. Takeoff and landing operation is hard = realistic. You must trim the rudder properly and lock the tail wheel on every takeoff and landing, etc, otherwise crash. Awesome view from cockpit. Great engine sound. I've made some flight model improvements though.
  2. If what you want is a NVME SSD, wait for the Crucial P3 line before choosing. https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/micron-announces-upcoming-crucial-p3-plus-and-crucial-p3-nvme-ssds.html A 2TB one is a "future-proof" choice.
  3. Online weather. I always connect to US east server.
  4. It seems "manifest.json" from stable release contains wrong "release_notes".
  5. The picture improvement on details is brutal
  6. Enable frame rate indicator in developer mode. If it says "Limited by main thread": CPU limited. Otherwise "Limited by GPU". The article below tests i9-9900K with DLSS on Turing GPUs (RTX 20XX), at different resolutions. Not MSFS though. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/death-stranding-nvidia-dlss-2-0/
  7. Unfortunately, only RTX cards have Tensor cores to enable DLSS
  8. As far as I know the flight tester is Austin himself with his Lancair Evolution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEmD5-4TTIc
  9. BTW, take a time to explore the developer mode, the aircraft editor You'll enjoy. Lots of stuff there. You can see the forces in real time (as X-Plane), see several charts drawn in real-time, etc. as you edit flight_model.cfg externally, then apply changes almost immediately. It's a pretty decent tool. I've been tweaking and improving flight models from 3rd-party I found not convincing at all. You'll be suprised how many commercial 3rd-party do not actually adheres to MSFS modern flight model philosophy. They are still FSX under the hood. That's why many of them fly atrociously and users blame the simulator.
  10. So the Canary Islands are included. Great! How about Balearic Islands?
  11. Simulating the air flow vectors from colder vicinity areas to higher temperature areas, and then upward, in real time?
  12. In this area of simulation, it's getting more advanced than any flight simulator ever, at least for those available for general public! The horizontal air flow is already there. Now the much awaited vertical flow (e.g. convective flow). What about in-cloud (e.g. CBs) vertical flow in the future? And microburts? ... because if you know how to compute the air flow in such advanced way, you have the foundation for more and more.
  13. That's right! FILE explorer! https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-is-testing-ads-in-the-windows-11-file-explorer/
  14. Use this editor: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ It creates a context menu entry in Windows 10 (right button-> "Edit with Notepad ++"). You can also associate CFG files with Notepad++ (Windows->Settings->Default Apps->Choose default apps by file type). Search ".CFG". On what to edit, check this first: https://docs.flightsimulator.com/html/Content_Configuration/SimObjects/Aircraft_SimO/Instruments/Panel_Config_Definition.htm
  15. It's working flawlessly for me. Check the installation. You guys must delete the old gaist folder before installing the new one (which has a different name: gaist-ultra-BETA)
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