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  1. Emerson67

    Some advice on VR

    There is more room for tweaking in VRidge. I was on 1920x1080, 13Mbps and the other settings below. I gotta try 2560x1440 (my phone native screen resolution) and HEVC (better compression technology), but first need a decent USB cable. Mine is not USB3 compliant I guess. It's causing the jitter I suppose. Second, update to Win10 to use HEVC (if the phone is HEVC capable, see requirement below). This is the worst part. Maybe it works on Win7. I will try.
  2. Emerson67

    Some advice on VR

    I've made some test flights, and I came to conclusion that my phone is not capable to decode the video stream at a satisfactory resolution and frame rate that makes my "phone-based" VR flight a good experience. Possibly, a more powerful phone can do it well. The scenery and the instrument panel were too blurry (for practical purposes, IFR training, etc.), and I've got some artifacts on the image due to processing lag. Another note: no 6-DOF: the head XYZ position was fixed. I can vary the line of sight only. Trackir 5, by instance, does 6-DOF. Nevertheless, it was a good proof of concept. A powerful phone is recommended.
  3. The cryptocurrency miners are the culprits: http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/nvidia-asks-video-card-retailers-to-give-gamers-priority-over-miners.html
  4. I guess so because, on my monitor (ultra wide 3440x1440), the image fills the whole screen on X-Plane 11, and P3D is based on the same principle as far as I know. The image automatically fills the whole viewport. But you should check this (maybe search on youtube).
  5. You should install the monitor specific drivers. If already done, disregard.
  6. Emerson67

    Some advice on VR

    I've installed Riftcat and SteamVR software stuff and succeeded to VR-render XP11 on my phone through USB3 connection. The rendering works very well. However, It seems I can't interact with XP in VR without physical VR controllers, so i got stuck in the virtual hangar that shows up when the XP11's VR session begins. I'm looking for a solution, if any. Is it supposed the mouse to work on XP 11 VR? I will try iVRy. An update: I've found I just need to press the Enter key to enter my last session aircraft. The other keyboard keys also work in the hangar, so I can walk around the hangar if I wish. The virtual cockpit controls work in synch with my physical joystick, wich is nice! So far, so good. "GPU load" is 50% (GPU-Z info). GTX 1080.
  7. Emerson67

    Some advice on VR

    I'm going to test this: https://riftcat.com/vridge "Use VRidge technology to turn your phone into an HTC Vive headset. We will make your computer think that your phone with Google Cardboard is a powerful PC VR headset" "VRidge will make your PC think that your phone is an expensive HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset"
  8. I`m going to ask Austin to hire coders from North Korea. ONLY THEN we'll see fast progress.
  9. Emerson67

    Some advice on VR

    Maybe something to do with the low frame rate of XP11 on VR? People say VR at low frame rate gives headache and more motion sickness.
  10. Emerson67

    Some advice on VR

    I agree. Skip that.
  11. Emerson67

    Some advice on VR

    Unfortunately, the evidences show that VR flight simulation is only viable for full VFR/VMC sessions, from start to finish. No hardware can do 4K per eye at 60Hz minimum. So I stick with my 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor and TrackIR 5 until hardware evolves.
  12. Emerson67

    Some advice on VR

  13. Hi all, Do the WT3's AI planes abort landing (go around) if there is an aircraft on the runway? If so, what happens next? Do they retry the landing (begin new approach procedure)?
  14. I wonder why Laminar Research's web store does not ship X-Plane 11 DVD to Brazil and Russia, while they do ship to Venezuela, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Iraq and Syria! Just to name a few. "Could not identify delivery methods for the specified address..."
  15. Tony, what about the balloons and aleatory oil rigs? Do they show up in XP11 as in XP10? I hope there's a way to switch them off.