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  1. On Xplane also there is no difference in performance between 0 and 100%? Because I am not going to complain but I find it difficult to understand how with 100% road traffic we do not lose 0 in performance ...
  2. Yes it is true that the road traffic is average! I even pushed the slider to 100%. the only positive point but strange is that it does not consume any resources or that very very I see hardly any difference on the performances between 0 and 100% weird no? It would be nice one day, a little update on the cars
  3. No, I landed on an airport with fog and little visibility, it didn't take FPS like high altitude clouds. I have no FPS concerns with road traffic. It's a little off topic but it's weird also I tested road traffic at 0 and at 100% it takes very few resources compared to P3D or it was a killer of FPS! So I don't know how their road traffic works but it's not bad
  4. https://postimg.cc/SnXf4fZ6 Here is when I pass in a layer like that, I lose 15 FPS ...
  5. Yes indeed by changing the view I can recover the FPS but as soon as I look in front to the right or to the left in the clouds it buggy. Which is not the case at lower altitudes than at FL70 5000 '3000' I have no FPS problem. It's weird Hope they can fix this on an update
  6. Hello, Have you noticed that clouds / mists at very high altitudes (FL330 350 370 ...) completely bug MFS? I am towards Agadir it is very well done super beautiful I see nothing around the plane but my FPS have dropped from 30 to 15 10 ... And it returns to normal after passing the high altitude clouds / mists ...
  7. When you know what 200 can do I still want to put it to the bottom for me, it's a lot for immersion
  8. I just tested. It's complicated to see the difference when you are in IFR it passes too quickly near the ground ... By cons I also tested a little on the ground it takes me about 2FPS less I have the LOD set to 200 with a 1080. So in IFR I don't know if this is really necessary
  9. Yes I also had the same concern. It remains at 0 but when the motion blur setting is disabled in MFS ...
  10. I just wanted to know if there is a way to reset the hours played? Or above all I would like to reset my logbook I think it's in cloud like the keyboard keys but there is a way normally to be able to reset it to 0 ?
  11. It's reassuring because today it is impossible with the right settings to be able to fly over big cities like Paris, London, New York. I hope that on FS20 we will be able to have quality and fluidity in big cities!
  12. Has the size of the trees been corrected? What scares me but I think they work on it is 10 / 20FPS on large airports ...😪
  13. Oui, bien sûr, j'utilise Active Sky. Mais oui j'ai toujours l'impression d'avoir les nuages toujours en dessous de l'avion quel que soit le niveau de vol. Il n'y a pas une telle sensation de hauteur.
  14. I'd like to ask a question instead of creating a new topic I've seen anywhere else on the cloud issue? I noticed on P3D the clouds give the impression of being always just below the plane! There is no feeling of height on P3D whether we are at FL100 or FL400 we always have the clouds under the plane Will it be the same for FS2020? no photo or video ... I really hope to have this immersion in addition to finally having really low clouds when we are in CRZ
  15. Hello everyone I still have the same worries since the beginning I do not know about you but since I installed EF I always have the same sky the day that I am in Africa or in Europe it is always the same sky color as well that the sunset is the same since I installed EF ... What I liked with ENVTEX is that the color of the sky could vary during the flight and the same for sunrise and sunset it was never the same without having to install a texture set it was automatic. It seems to me that I had read that EF can also randomly inject the color of the sky dawn twilight day? Have you noticed the same thing as me? FYI I do not install any sky or cloud texture via REX SKY FORCE.
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