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  1. with Beyond ATC do I still need to use AIFLOW and AIGROUND or do I no longer need them ?
  2. Is the 8K/4K resolution just for the exterior livery or is it also for the cockpit?
  3. That's what I did but I can't delete the last one (AGL 0 100 OLOD) and when I put AGL 0 OLD 200 it doesn't work
  4. Hello, I wanted to know how we leave the OLOD at 200 instead of it being 100 at AGL 0? I would like it to stay permanently at 200 because on my config the OLOD does not impact the FPS.
  5. I really like SLC but I wonder how to add our own sounds... Before it was possible now in the new version it's no longer the case...
  6. Unfortunately neither one nor the other gives us turbulence on a cruise...
  7. Good morning, Is there also a way to force a runway to take off? I can't find anything in the documentation. For example on Orly LFPO, yesterday, the landings were on runway 25, I set AIForceLandingRunway=LFPO, 25.06. But therefore for takeoffs they all also left from the 25 whereas in reality, the takeoff runway at Orly is the 24.
  8. I hope that on MSFS2024, they will also find a solution so as not to always have the same sunsets and sunrises. I don't know what software on P3D I think ActiveSky, we could change the sunsets and sunrises at each twilight, it was a bit of a surprise with each flight in terms of the colors of the sky...
  9. As for the density of the clouds, I don't really know, I forgot to specify that I am still flying with the live weather forecast yesterday, I had beautiful convective clouds. So when I got inside, I had 0 visibility, however the same, I always fly with the Fenix 320 and never any turbulence, I can have some from time to time when approaching the ground... Before yes with the relief of the mountains, there was even (much too much), they changed it and it's not any worse, I knew that when I flew over the Pyrenees for example or the Alps, I was going to have turbulence ). But now, I find the flight much too smooth and for Fiorentoni yes, I have the turbulence on realistic in the MSFS parameters. I hesitated to add FS Realistic, but I don't want to go back to a gas factory like before in the days of P3D where I had to have 30 addons with millimeter settings, even EZDOK, I found it boring to adjust, but it was effective, because we felt the turbulence... I think there is also a small problem with adjusting the sensitivity of the camera apart from the turbulence effects which are practically nil. In short, I hope they will be able to see that, especially since now with Navigraph, we have a sharper eye on the weather... I can't wait for the 330 aerosoft to come out, but doing an 8 hour flight with the seat belt OFF is a bit boring...
  10. Same, I also tried RealTurb, no effect either... So yeah it's a bit annoying fixed camera on rails...
  11. Hello everybody, I don't understand why in the game I never have turbulence in a cruise flight I just took an Ajacacio Brest flight normally I should have had turbulence I looked on the Navigraph application I was passing through yellow zones see red during my flight and in fact I had 0 turbulence the plane does not move the camera remains fixed as if on rails although I have put realistic turbulence in the MSFS parameters... Is there at least one camera setting to make movements a little more amplified like in the days of P3D with EZDOK?
  12. Injector crashesCollapse Some users may experience CTD's when the injector folder is located directly in the Community folder. The team is investigating, but in the meantime, moving the injector to a different folder resolves the issue. For my part, I moved FSLTL from the Community folder to C: \Program Files\FSLTL
  13. I can confirm that I have the same problem. But not all the time it depends either on the airport, I think or I don't know what... at first I thought I had too weak a processor, I am now on an I9 13900KF 3080 and I still sometimes have this problem ... it has become rare but still there on large airports...
  14. I don't know but I see the seas empty with GAIST with the right regions installed and Seafront installed, I set the cursors to 100% for the ships and in CRZ I see no boats but also no yawning and the same for car traffic at 100% I don't notice a drop in FPS or lag... I think it's either GAIST and/or Seafront are addons for flying at low altitude at FL350 we don't see any boats...
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