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  1. Hello everyone I still have the same worries since the beginning I do not know about you but since I installed EF I always have the same sky the day that I am in Africa or in Europe it is always the same sky color as well that the sunset is the same since I installed EF ... What I liked with ENVTEX is that the color of the sky could vary during the flight and the same for sunrise and sunset it was never the same without having to install a texture set it was automatic. It seems to me that I had read that EF can also randomly inject the color of the sky dawn twilight day? Have you noticed the same thing as me? FYI I do not install any sky or cloud texture via REX SKY FORCE.
  2. Hello, I do not understand I have a problem with the dynamic injection of sky textures ... After several flights test I always have the same sunset always the same pink for 3 days ... And the same for flights in full day always the same blue after a flight of 3 hours from the beginning to the end is exactly the same blue ... (Option 10 day sky cycle unchecked in SF)
  3. Indeed, it only concerns lightings / effects / moon textures / sunflare textures and sound effects. Because if I understand correctly we do not need to install via textures clouds and sky textures via SF because EF takes over and injects them dynamically in P3D
  4. Yes suddenly to be on I put on the 2 software (SF / EF) I descended on 512 DTX5. And sincerely I tried to do several tests to see the difference I do not see at all ... It's odd but good to leave as much as 512 and gain performance.
  5. What did you check in SF as an option? I explain I have to leave the 10 days of cycles activated? Because I am testing and I always find myself with the same lift and sunset It should be different for every flight and weather ...
  6. It is true ? I have not tested a nighttime since v4.5 But I know that I have 3 4 airports that when I arrive the DL does not work so that at the beginning I have no problem. I understand that it came rather from developers and effects files ...
  7. Yes sorry before I flew with ASP4 / ENVSHADE / ENVTEX / ASCA / REX SF Today I have uninstalled ENVTEX / ENVSHADE / ASCA so my config is ASP4 / EF / SF. And I really feel that I lost a lot of FPS in the battle especially when the weather becomes OVC I have 8 15 FPS before I could have 30 FPS on the same airport. And when I cut the HDR EF I get the lost FPS ...
  8. Thank you I will go read for information. Sure that having 30ips is perfect! But that I block the FPS to 30 or 33 in P3D Or that I use RTSS scanline x / 2 60Hz I find it's still jerky it's not as smooth as when I'm at 60FPS The image jumps when I use RTSS or block in P3D ...
  9. I'm really confused reading the conversation in front of scanline sync x / 2 What value should I put? If I put 60 it divides by 2 and I'm stuck at 30fps But now if I put -1 it also blocks me at 30FPS? My vertical resolution is 1440
  10. I think the FPS are much lower especially when there is a weather covered. before EF I could hold 30FPS in Nantes today with EF I am more towards 17 22 FPS
  11. I noticed that when the weather is covered with EF the FPS goes down well compared to before ...
  12. I honestly do not like the clouds of REX. I prefer those of ASCA and especially the CLOUD STRUCTURE which I find is better. Then the sky I prefer to ENVTEX. So the combo "ENVTEX / ASCA / ASP4 / EF" works? EF just change the dynamic way of the shaders during the flight? The rest is ASCA that changes the sky and clouds during the flight we agree?
  13. No idea ... But I feel like it can be for this year Well it's been 3 years that I say to myself that 😁😁
  14. I wait for a long time looking forward to the A330 aerosoft!
  15. Ok thanks for the advice. If I reinstall the client, does it restore the original shaderHLSL folder or not? because i had envshade before i just uninstall
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