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  1. I have the same problem I know that above Morocco in the north of Morocco towards Rabat there is a problem even at high altitude (FL350) so i voted
  2. I'm going to lean on it to try but I don't understand the manipulation to do there is not an exe already done? I don't know Visual Studio either.
  3. Yes I think it's dead! Too bad I remember on P3D it changed my life
  4. Did you manage to download it ? This may be the long-awaited software to remove stutter on the ground and not lose quality in flight. A lot of people here were asking for a real-time updated LOD
  5. is this the equivalent of the FFTF? It exists ?!
  6. And what about windows 11? I don't know if it works on WIN 10?
  7. Ok, I'll try again next time, but yes I'm using FSHUD on COM2 and VATSIM on COM1, but it worked neither on 1 nor on 2, it automatically put back 132.870, it didn't want to leave 875 suddenly, I couldn't get the controller on VATSIM, I'll file a ticket if it happens again.
  8. I had a problem yesterday, I use FSHUD with VATSIM when I don't have a controller on VATSIM, but yesterday in Spain I had the center open and I couldn't contact it, its frequency was 132.875, but because of FSHUD it was giving me 132.870 each time. Suddenly, I had to cut FSHUD and there, I was able to put 132.875 will it be corrected on the next version ?
  9. Ah! Because the same thing I uninstalled all the possible planes by default of asobo, so that's why?
  10. I also have pink textures. I didn't have any before the update.
  11. I will install it only to benefit from the FG so not right away
  12. No damage for me either. Did you stay in the VC throughout the flight? For my part, I remain permanently in the VC with no outside view throughout the flight.
  13. Yes jetways don't stick to planes when I use FSHUD with FSTL. Without FSHUD the jetways stick correctly to the planes.
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