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  1. Is there always the window when the engines are off or does it cut off the sound for the logbook?
  2. Okay I just tried to set the texture resolution to low in MSFS I restarted and it is indeed low quality. So I stay on ULTRA. But it is true that when we are on ULTRA in the game it is at 0 in the UserCfg ... I believe that the blur at high altitude will remain until a next update if they make a correction on that! I'm sure it was of a better resolution before the SU5.I only do high altitude flights I saw the difference right away ...
  3. If I understood correctly reverse MSFS Ultra with Low ... And that you have to modify the UserCfg file Texture MaxAnisotropy 16 Quality 3 3 = Ultra 0 = Low Me in MSFS I am in ultra and yet I had 0 in the UserCfg. I just changed it to 3 but I think I can try that tomorrow ... And so I also set the anisotropic filtering to 16x in NCP
  4. I have Windows update disabled and Windows Defender too, but since the SU5 I noticed a big degradation on the ground! As well as the much less precise and blurry reliefs at high altitude! The game is much less beautiful than before the SU5 at high altitude it has nothing to do ...
  5. I am the only one who found that MSFS lost in graphics quality compared to the old version? Much less beautiful clouds and much lower ground resolution at high altitudes ... to name a few ...
  6. If it's not an XBOX version? I just wanted to reset to 50 I used the keyboard I see this icon! Next update I take off with R2 on PMDG!
  7. Qui peut dire qu'aucun MSFS n'a abaissé le niveau graphique ? le tout en ULTRA ! Mais réitéré, j'ai 120 fps !
  8. +1 I just did a little flight over the water in Bastia it's just horrible the clouds! the shadows ! There are only artefacts
  9. First test flight tonight Orly Bastia while ULTRA 3440x1440 and GPU 1080. Vynsc 30 IPS Fluidity level with the FBW 320 of course it's better even if I still have the beigements when I go from overhead to pilot view or FMC to overhead it's not yet ultra fluid but I pushed all the way with an outdated GPU. Performance level we will say that it is positive and fortunately! Because after that full of bad surprises ... The mouse that disappears when I look left or right while moving with the keyboard Bug to load fuel via the small handlebar icon Contrast or Gamma as you want ULTRA AGGRESIVE! horrible (yes I will have to change the gamma in the NCP) but it was THE STRONG POINT of MSFS to have a really nice brightness! Suddenly Clouds far too white buildings taxiways vehicles .... Then where did the shadows of the clouds go? in addition to having lost our beautiful clouds, we also lost their shadows! Much more blurry terrain! Much less clear than before the update to FL370 it is obvious! And finally I arrived in Bastia! the water ? in ULTRA it can't be that? before in elevated it was better! it's full of water artifacts (during sunset) Frankly I was very satisfied before the update I realized that it was good! It was clean stable fluid! Just lacked to redo the correct night towns and it was good! Well in the end we come back worse than before the game was released ....
  10. I have the same problem as you. If I right click and then look at the left rear my mouse disappears I am even forced to reset my default view to find it ...
  11. Isn't there an update planned just so that it no longer has to convert FSX models to MSFS ? Would that avoid stuttering ?
  12. It's sharper when it's off too, I only have one screen too
  13. You have to disconnect the tractor must press the button on the ipad again and it will work as it should
  14. I had the same problem I had the application repaired and I lost everything = (not want to reinstall everything goodbye lol. I will come back when there are trains in the game !
  15. Wow interest! I'll try this tonight! Be careful also for the FBW A320 I noticed a drop of 1 2fps with the taxi lights and also 1 2fps with the landing lights so taxi + landing light I can lose around 3 4fps ... EDIT: Whether it's day or night, it's the same
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