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  1. How can i move a repaint fromm AIG or FSTL to FS Traffic. (757) Ist there a Video to Check how IT IS Work. Thanks Frank fron EDDM
  2. @kiek Yesterday i updated from Version 33.2.1 to 34.0.0 because my RT Licence was out at 01.01.2023 I bought yesterday a new Licence . Yesterday at my testing i had no small stutters in EDDM Maybe some updates have change the problem Frank
  3. Thanks Kiek, is there a option in your tool to save performance.
  4. Is the problem only with me or also with other simmers. I have no idea what shouldn't be changed. It's like hitting the pause button. 90% of the time it runs very well but then always these micro stutters
  5. Without PSXseecon i have no Microstutters. When i fly with AIG no Microstutter all the time. Es ist immer ein kleiner Steher im Sim mit dem LiveTraffic. Frank
  6. My sim ist locked at 30 FPS. Most of my settings are at high, an works very smooth. Frank
  7. Hello Kiek, meanwhile the tool runs very smoothly. (MSFS) Unfortunately, I always have small micro-stutters on the ground. Again and again there is a micro stutter. The AI runs without any problems but again these small micro stutters when taxiing. Unfortunately I can't find a solution for this. I'm running a GTX 3080FR and an I9 9900K with 32GB of Ram. I can't find a solution. I would like to fly permanently with PSXsscon and live traffik. But stuttering always brings me back to AIG. Thanks Frank
  8. Thanks i found EGLL and deinstall the ASOBO EGLL Frank
  9. I have the Premium Deluxe Version. I do not found the Asobo EGLL to deinstall. How can i found the asobo version to deinstall. Is the version in a worldupdate from asobo. Thanks Frank
  10. @Noel Hello Noel, I also use PL. Can you attach a picture of your settings in the PL to me, how you did the distribution of the cores. I also use the Intel 9900K. I am interested in how the cores for the MSFS are and how you have configured other addons. (FSTL.........) Many thanks from EDDM Frank
  11. @Achilles Philippopoulos Thats sounds great. If you need a Beta Tester ask me. Greatings from EDDM Frank
  12. I had the same problem but was able to fix it. It was an entry in the registry that prevented it from working. Unfortunately, I no longer have the source where I read that. I think you will find it in google. It works only with a RTX Card Frank
  13. Hello Kiek, Many thanks for the great development with your tool. It keeps getting better and better. (MSFS) Unfortunately, with the use of RT and PSX, I always had small stands in the sim. That had nothing to do with the movement of the AI planes. Always against small standers with the use of RT. Then I found the following solution. I had never cared about my Java application. She has not been maintained since the P3D. I then uninstalled Java and installed the latest version of Java 64 bit. Since then, the little standers have almost completely disappeared. I already communicate with Balthasar the developer of RT. Now I have everything I need, with PSX and RT. I'm happy every day when your tool offers an update! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Frank
  14. @kiek Hi Kiek, thanks for the great work. The stutters are gone. I love it. Frank from EDDM
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