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  1. A great tool you created for us. I've been there from the beginning and read everything. I've had a lot of good experiences with it. Even bad ones like the one with DX 12. Unfortunately I cannot use the last demo version. It always ends herself when she wants to build up the session. Greetings from EDDM and thank you for your tireless work. EDIT: I ran the installation with administrator. It works now . I think I read that you shouldn't install Dynamic Lod + Auto FPS as administrator. You should only start the program with admin rights if the msfs is also set with admin rights.
  2. Where are the water masks? Yesterday on my flight to LEPA the water on the coast just looked like a pane of glass. When will ASOBO correct this error? No info, no change. Sad.
  3. I also think the clouds look better under REX. Only the problem with the snow has not been solved. My home base is EDDM. There has been snow on all flights in the last few days. This wasn't the case with MSFS Weather. That has always been true. The last flight over Great Britain also had snow everywhere. That cant be true. REX still needs to improve this
  4. @Fragtality (Even worse: it modifies the MSFS Memory at Runtime. That is why you should not use it.) Now I'm confused !
  5. @RJC68 Hi, can you please post your DynamicLOD.dll.config I fly withe the same settings you postet Thanks Frank
  6. A small question that still interests me. The tool changes something in the MSFS file system. Does it only work from outside? Are files in MSFS changed? No modifications are made to the MSFS files. This means that if I don't use the tool, MSFS is untouched. Excuse my bad English Frank
  7. Why is there the warning message? I think the tool only runs outside of Msfs or something is changed in MSFS. which can no longer be undone. It's just a guess. would like to test it
  8. Thanks. After some updates of Windows 11 and some updates from my MSFS Tools i have 2 flights without some Problems. I Hope the Problem never comes back. Thanks for your Help and thanks for little navmap. Frank from EDDM
  9. I have installed RealTurb CAT Areas Global for a long time. Do you actually still need that or does MSFS cover it? There hasn't been an update for the tool in a long time. However, the weather engine in MSFS was continually adjusted.
  10. Hi Alex, It is crazy. I never have this before SU14. Over 100 ore more flights No Problems. It is hard to find. All Controllers do Not Work. The Mouse is working well in the Cockpit. The Mouse can Not used top change the Views. The First flight ends at the Gate. The second during Taxi and the next before the rwy.
  11. I have a little problem. Since today I have been flying with SU14. I tried to fly from EDDM to EDDK 3 times today. I always had the problem when I clicked on a few AI planes in Little Navmap to see their flight information. Afterwards I couldn't operate a controller and the camera views no longer worked. Otherwise MSFS ran without problems. All menus and settings were possible. The 738 PMDG also continued to function. But all the cameras and controllers didn't work. Now I did the flight without Litle Navmap and everything worked. I just wanted to report this briefly. I will continue to follow this. Maybe someone has the problem too. I use; AI Flow, AI Ground, FSRealistic, AIG, Navigraph, ProATC SR, AIvlaSoft, GSX, Linker Thanks Frank
  12. Thanks, now ist works perfekt, (Essa ORBX does not have many real parking options. Check Park Soft in the PSXtraffic GUI) Thanks for your perfekt work with your tool.
  13. I alsow see the file with the 7 static and 1 or maybe 5 planes. Avla soft is showing the plane at a parking possition. The planes are not shown in the sim. After takeoff i can see the planes. On all other AIports it is working perfekt. Frank
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