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  1. Thank you for the quick service. Unfortunately, speech recognition doesn't work as well as it used to. there was this error after an update for a long time ago. I use US English for speach on my German system. maybe you can do something there. some commands are very often misunderstood P3Dv5 HF2 thank you Frank
  2. Thanks at this time i test FS2Crew 4.0 with the A330 V5 I thinks found a Problem. i must test it and then i write to you in the Fs2crew Airus Pro Forum.
  3. Hi Bryan, i am from Germany. Is it better to use English UK or English US. At this time i use English US. When i speak in the Airbus pro Flapps full he do not understand me. All other ommands are working good. Frank
  4. It will not unlook. i can do nothing. Have you found the problem in V1.3 ? I Recover at this time the system. Then 1 make the install from 1.3a. First i go with my wife in a Teather an i will be back at 9.30 in the evening. Then i will work on the problem. I write you Thanks from EDDM Frank
  5. Thanks, i will test it. I changed for your post something in my laguage settings. At this time i have the problen when i switch vom buttom to voice--- voice is red and locked... what is the problem now At This time recovery my system to go on the last version with FS2Crew 1.3. I think i make some bad things because v1.3 is not working well in my good working language settings. I hope after recover and install 1.3a all problems are fixed.
  6. After installing the new version 1.3, some voice commands are not recognized. It worked wonderfully in the last and all other versions.Select command A dont work, Select Vnav, WNAV not work. I must say command a than it is working. when i say select command a nothing works. A lot of words are not working. It worked wonderfully in the last and all other versions. I have a German W10 with voice in English.How do I get the last version again. How can i go back 1.2. I need the last installer. I dont have it on my system
  7. The Displays are have only 1 Colour. The colour is missing in the fmc. Magenta The FMC use normal 2 colours. Thanks Frank
  8. Thanks, can i copy my old Settings into the new Version or it is better to make the Settings new. Frank
  9. Thanks for the fast working. It works like the old one 😉 Where can i find the Settings from my old ngx in the System. I think something Appdata……. Frank from EDDM
  10. Thanks Gerald. 1. What will i lose when i stop the Automated Mode. Frank
  11. @GSalden i want to ask you how to insert your PTA Setting to NF. must i (install) the PTA preset when running NF or install before running NF. Thanks from EDDM Frank
  12. Thanks, must i (install) the PTA preset when running NF or install before running NF. Frank
  13. @GSalden Very nice Pictures. Pleas tell me what PTA Preset do you use ( download links from you preset ) and how can i install the preset when i use EF. At this time i use the original P3D 4.5 Hotfix1 Shaders. Thanks Frank from EDDM
  14. Is it better to use ASP4 without ASCA . When to fly with ASCA must i use Full Dynamics or Global Automatic. I use Skyforce 3D Thanks Frank from EDDM
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