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  1. I have downloaded zibo 737-800 but the cockpit is to much in front of me. I would like to bring it more backwards but with dot and komma is not enough. I remember from the past that with planmaker it could be done but dont know anymore where to change it. does someone has some figures for me?
  2. I am new here and downloaded the 737 . I tried to see the difference between wide and narrow panel. I dont see any difference, do I something wrong. I copy one after eachother in the layer one higher.(the nav displays)
  3. I have another question to find out if there is something to do about following issue: To render objects as buildings for airports , I have to set the objects to default. For the rest of the scenery I prefer hd2 plus photoscenery of cities on top. But due to the default setting I got a hell of a lot buildings in the area which I dont like. If I set the objects on none then i have no airport buildings anymore. So my question is can I get rid of those objects and keep the airports only?
  4. ok now I see that 2 days ago the scenery file of alicante has been changed. I installed the new one again and now it is there. thanks for the reply and info
  5. I installed Alicante z17 and I noticed there is no hd2 dsf file. is that possible because all others are. i have the zl17 dsf and the patch
  6. thank you all for the info and tips to read which I did and slowly start now to understand what I read.
  7. to take an example. in amsterdam the earth nav dates are a-52+004.dsf b-52+004HD2.dsf c-52+004 pol.dsf d-52+004 SD.dsf does it mean that I have to rename 52+004HD2.dsf also to see the photoscenery for this part
  8. thanks for the reply but I read enough to understand it in the meantime. But my problem in understanding is indeed the simheaven stuff. Is there someone who could explain my number 3 question . I can not Judge if I did it in the right way an example is amsterdam to show that I installed Z17 on top of hd mesh from alpilot and after this the patch. it shows now to take an example. in amsterdam the earth nav dates are a-52+004.dsf b-52+004HD2.dsf c-52+004 pol.dsf d-52+004 SD.dsf
  9. I am also waiting for an answer from alpilot very difficult stuff now and then. Is your HD2 all the way down in the packs ini?
  10. thks I read it and have the feeling to understand this a little more. could you check the next to see if I did it in the right way? 1-I installed alpilot hdv2 2-I installed some are's from z17 simheaven. I know its double for this special places but I assume that as soon as I fly over the z17 that it will use the alpilot scenery again. 3-sometimes x-plane crashes and I have read somewhere that I have to install the patches. the patches asked after install in the custem scenery to overwrite them all so I did. the question is : is that sufficient enough to take an example. in amsterdam the earth nav dates are a-52+004.dsf b-52+004HD2.dsf c-52+004 pol.dsf d-52+004 SD.dsf 4-I also installed HD dsf z17, is this correct to? furthermore I skipped all OSM plus europe library because it looks awfull with the photosceney your comment is highly appreciated to help me understand it better.
  11. i have a question regarding simheaven photo scenery which I use on x-plane 10.25 I have z17 city areas. I would like to extend simheaven scenery for bigger parts like europe and usa. could I do this with install the hd2 based dsf ?for europe and usa? in other words what basic do I need to let hd2 based dsf of simheavens comes to live?
  12. it says you are not permitted to send this type of files!
  13. I only installed simheavens photoscenery mesh hd2 ZL17 from europe and the usa and extract I understood from former information that should be enough due to the fact simheaven included the HD2 mesh from alpilot.
  14. I have a question regarding simheaven hd mesh: I installed the mesh ZL17 from europe north america and south america. also one by one the patch. placed it in custom scenery and after starting up I sequenced in the ini file all three to the buttom. If I go to airports i.e EHEH or KHII orSWKO then I see not one single difference with the default one. What could be wrong? I fly with the grumman traveler at 1500 feet.
  15. I found the problem with 7z to install the z17 scenery. it turned out that if the download is ready and says OPEN and click on it, then it will not work to extract but if I go to downloadsection where the download has gone too there I could use 7z and extract.
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