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Found 21 results

  1. I apologize if this is in the wrong place as I'm new to this forum, but I'm looking for guidance as to setting up a flight plan in the FMS for the current MSFS version of the Cessna Citation. I've watched several hours of videos and read many pages of forums, manuals, etc. across different sites but I keep plummeting to the ground at record speeds after engaging the autopilot. (I think) I understand the basics of navigating the various menus in the aircraft, I understand how to input/clear data, etc. and I can even get the autopilot to navigate laterally without any issues, but when I try to use VNAV things quickly start to go wrong. If anyone knows of an updated resource that offers a full guide on setting up a flight plan with working VNAV I would greatly appreciate it - I enjoy "flying" this aircraft, but my inability to use one of its most basic features has me feeling rather frustrated. I'm new to flight simming and aviation in general so I'm very much learning as I go and I'm sure I'm missing some amount of general aviation knowledge that would make this easier. If I can provide any more information on what I've done that would be useful, I would love to, but I'm not entirely sure what might be useful to someone trying to help and I don't want to clog up the post with a bunch of useless info.
  2. Hi guys, So I want to try to fly using VOR so I used SkyVector to create a flight plan but I realized I have a question or two. My flight plan is: KHQM -> HQM -> V27 -> AST -> KAST How would you guys go about flying this route? Say you have to takeoff from runway 06: do you fly directly over the HQM VOR or would you turn and intercept the V27 airway? Also, on the takeoff minimums page at KHQM for departing procedure it says: TAKEOFF MINIMUMS: Rwy 6, 600-2 or std. with a min. climb of 260' per NM to 600. DEPARTURE PROCEDURE: Rwy 6, climbing right turn heading 110°: Can someone explain to me what "600-2 or std" means? And if you were flying out in real life at what point would you turn right heading 110? Sorry for all of the questions and thanks for any help! I'd post pictures but alas I don't know. I saved a screenshot of my SkyVector but I can't figure out how to post it in the forum. Thank you.
  3. Is there a way to view the course track and the flightplan at the same time on the MFD. They do in the real world. The flightplan page blocks the course track. Also cannot stop the cursor from flashing in the flightplan. I have tried the cursor option with the small button with no success. It will turn the cursor on but not off. I can view the flightplan on the PFD and the course track on the full map in the MFD but the cursor will not stop flashing in the PFD. Anyone have the same problem.
  4. I am having success programming the flight plan into the FMS, the waypoints display and change color as I pass over them, etc. But ATC is using the flight plan that is in FSX, not the FMS. Do I have to also manually create another flight plan in FSX in order to have ATC give the proper directions?
  5. Let me start off by saying hi ! Okay. I'm not quite sure how to explain this, so bear with me. On rare occasions, such as today, I will takeoff from any planned airport, and while ascending or at cruising altitude on a valid flightplan (as far as I know), the plane (ranges from different types, this time a 737-700) will trim full left, then full right. It will then try to correct itself by trimming full left again, then full right to fix that mistake. It almost seems as if two lines of code are contradicting with each other. When says go left... the other says to go right, ultimately flying me in a straight zig-zag... wasting a ton of fuel. Now I don't mean the aircraft will bank 30 degrees, but more like 10 degrees or less each time. Yet it keeps happening. When left trimmed, it will be maybe 6-7 seconds when it is full right trim, then back to left all over again. I tried fixing this by switching off Nav Hold, then using heading. Then I went back to nav hold. All the while, the plane is set to follow GPS not NAV. Then I disengaged both Nav Hold and Heading, and corrected it manually until I was steady and on course. I re-engaged Nav Hold, then the plane continued to trim right/left!!! Of course, frustrated, I disengaged master-autopilot, corrected everything, re-engaged master-autopilot and everything else... same thing. Any ideas on the situation? If so, how can I fix it? Thanks in advance. Joe.
  6. Hi, I export my flightplan from PFPX to: - FSX format (.pln) - PMDG 777 format Then I load the FSX .pln into ASN: I would have 3 questions: 1) I don't understand why all my flight plans have FL180... which turns to be the transition altitude and not the cruise altitude? 2) I know it's a dumb question but do I have to change manually within ASN: Cruise KTS, Climb FPM, Climb KTAS, Descent FPM, Descent KTAS? 3) I read that ASN has an interpolation feature. So I understand that it is capable of detecting the position of the aircraft. So why do I need to load a flight plan? Does it help to have a more accurate weather?
  7. Anybody used this site yet? www.simbrief.com its a flight planning website I used it for one flight and results were very good fuel prediction, weather forecast and nav log were pretty much spot on. It can also include notams, etops, stepclimbs and even runway analysis. This in real looking dispatch documentation that you can print out or save as pdf. And the good thing its free. I will be using this alot when the triple 7 comes out. http://youtu.be/lY5M9UMFv8k to quote from the website.
  8. Hey Everyone! We are continuing our Alaska airport hops! We'll hop to each land airport in Alaska! We'll start off at Valdez Pioneer(PAVD). War-birds are recommended for fastest flight. Time: Sunday 8pm EDT UTC-4 Where: Alaska Teamspeak: ks.jmainguy.com(not a link, but server address!) and go to MS Flight Lobby Plane: War-Birds 3rd leghttp://skyvector.com/?ll=60.69702549832481,-147.32922363405302&chart=301&zoom=5&plan=A.PA.PAVD:A.PA.2AK5:A.PA.AK97:A.PA.AK30:A.PA.PAMD:A.PF.PFCB:A.PA.PAWR:A.PA.AQY:A.PA.5HO:A.PA.JLA:A.PA.9Z9:A.PA.PAWD:A.PA.AK07:A.PA.KEB:A.PA.PGM:A.PA.PASO:A.PA.5Z7:A.PA.2AK4:A.PA.4Z9:A.PA.46AK:A.PA.0AK7:A.PA.98AK:A.PA.AK17:A.PA.PAHO
  9. Hey Everyone! We are continuing our Alaska airport hops! We'll hop to each land airport in Alaska! We'll start off at ELMENDORF (EDF). We'll be using Rv's or Cubs this leg cause of the many small airports. Time: Sunday 8pm EDT UTC-4 Where: Alaska Teamspeak: msflights.jmainguy.com(not a link, but server address!) and go to MS Flight Lobby Plane: RV6/CUBS No flightplan for this leg cuase there is too many airports to chart, but our goal is too land at as many airports as possible in 3 hours.
  10. Greetings guys, I have been using the Electronic flight bag for a while. I used to save flight plans in .fpl format for my Aerosoft bus some time back. Then I did not use that option for a while I used to do manual. One of my friends recently bought the Bus and he's not familiar with the MCDU so today i tried making a flightplan and saving it WITH PROCEDURES, so i could send it to him. But I noticed WRITE PROCEDURES option is greyed out. Any idea why?
  11. I have been flying in fsx for almost 6 years now. I recently(3 months ago) stepped my fsx to a whole new level by buying the pmdg 737 ngx. I have been having a few problems concerning FSX default ATC and the PMDG 737 NGX. First of all, when I begin my descent for my destination, I look at the radar panel right next to altimeter panel thing and fuel panel, it doesn't have the line that directs me to the airport; from the last waypoint to the airport there is no line in the radar/flightplan that tells me where to go so please explain this to me. Second of all, what am I supposed to do with the atc? When do I contact atc for clearance to land? Are those atc frequency buttons on the lower panel compatible with the default atc or do they do nothing at all. Isnt atc supposed to tell me where to turn/heading and speed like direct me? Both of these questions bump into each other. I really having a hard time with approching/descent in the PMDG 737 NGX and ATC since I do not know what to do. The atc always diverts me to the other runway on the complete other side just as I am approaching the runway of choice. Please someone explain or show me a tutorial:( Andrej, aka MegaTransat
  12. When I fly IFR in VATSIM, ATC gives me a departure procedure to fly which I haven't put in to my flight plan. My question is, how do I alter my flight plan from the GPS? I want to add extra VORs into my flight plan without restarting my flight and doing it directly from my GPS. Thanks.
  13. Hello! I've been playing with the 777 in FSX-SE since the update for ASN came out, and I just noticed something. I have the option "FSX PLAN FILE FOR WX" set to "CREATE AND LOAD TO FSX". The software actually does create a .PLN file, but I've found that it places the file in the Legacy FSX Files folder instead, resulting in the flightplan not being imported to FSX-SE and, subsequently, to ASN for .WX file generation. I'm running the latest version of 777-200LR (build 6320) and ASN SP2 Beta on FSX-SE Mode (build 5527 (I just got aware that it's already outdated)). Has anyone else noticed this?
  14. Hello, I just bought the amazing Flight1 GTN 750. It adds a load of new systems into the aircraft. On IVAO there is a remarks-field to also specify what equipment the aircraft has. What can I now write in there, to inform controllers about the capabilities of the aircraft? Thanks a lot, Noah
  15. Hello, first of all, thank you for your LNM wonderful programm ! I'would report a (little) problem which occurs since 2.6.12 version : it concerns a bug when printing the table header of the flight plan. I've done a look at the FAQ section but didn't found any relevant post. The destination data, runways and some others are shown by their variable name (or position) instead of value. Here are two screen shots to show the problem : 1) all OK under v 2-6-11 : 2) missing data with 2-6-12 and over Hope it helps to solve the case. Thank you again ! Alain
  16. I've searched the forums for this but so far not found anything. Have PMDG produced any info or documentation explaining the structure of the .rte files used on the 737NGX, 747 and 777 series aircraft. I believe it was hinted at as far back as 2011........ http://forum.avsim.net/topic/325079-rte-file-format/ Cheers Dave
  17. I create flightplans i FSbuild2 but I leave out the SID and the STAR, when I import them into the pmdg 737ngx I have a hard time finding the right SID and STAR, even though I find proper SIDs and STARs online on airport charts it almost allways screws up when I try to insert them in the FMC... Sometimes the FMC tells me to go around in circles around the arrival airport and stuff like that, please help me, it would be much appriciated!
  18. Cannot find saved flightplan in CDU PMDG 737NG in P3DV4 and in my PC I cannot find flightplan LOWIEGLL001 showed in CDU See screenshot https://henkwijngaards.stackstorage.com/s/FtX25Gcf4OMaHTw please assist
  19. When I am reaching the top of descent point during crs altitude, I choose my approach for the destination. Then I click execute once I choose an approach, but the approach plan doesnt connect to the flight plan? It is just a blank space in between both plans. Wierd eh? Don't I need a transition point in between so it can all connect? When i go to the legs page, in between my normal flight plan and the approach plan, there is a line that says "flight plan discontinued". What do i type in so it can connect together? Can someone please explain this to me. Can someone tell me where I can find the ILS frequency's for runways I want to land? Is there a page on the internet or something? LASTLY, (sorry for so many questions), how do I know what my glideslope should be during descent? Thank you guys so much:) Andrej
  20. Good Evening, With the release of PMDG's 777 immanent, I thought it'd be a good time to get this topic going. With a mid week release likely, the chances are most of us will only get a few hours to play with the T7 before the weekend arrives, so I thought it'd be a good idea to post some real world flightplans for those of you who like to do things by the book. I appreciate some people will want to fly between their two favourite airports whether it's a 777 route or not and others will use the time acceleration feature to make those 6000 mile journeys a little bit more bearable. That's great, but for me, I like to fly a real route in real time. Anyway, here a few trips that have court my eye over the last week. Some of them maybe regular LR/F flights and others maybe a last minute aircraft change or one off cargo routes. AeroLogic (B77L/H-SDE2E3GHIJ4J5M1RWXY/LB1D1) BOX110, EDDP-EGNX, EET 01:21 N0492F320 ODLUN1N ODLUN Y233 EMBOX UL986 DLE UL980 RKN UP20 GORLO UL980 LAM L610 HEMEL T420 WELIN PIGOT1J BOX111, EGNX-EDDP, EET 01:13 N0440F230 DTY3N DTY M189 OLNEY P166 BANTO/N0482F370 UP155 UMBAG UP137 SONDO UM183 REDFA UL620 TULIP DCT UPDAT T236 LUKOP LUKOP1W China Cargo Airlines (B77L/H-SCDE1E2E3FGHIJ2J3J5M1RTWYZ/LB2) CKK217, EHAM-LEZG, EET 01:44 N0486F350 WOODY UN872 KOVIN UM728 RESMI UN857 DIRMO UZ365 GUERE UN860 AGN/N0487F270 UN860 GRAUS Emirates (B77L/H-SDE2E3GHIJ3J5M1RWXYZ/LB2D1) UAE247, SBGL-SAEZ, EET 02:51 N0472F400 AKNUB UN857 POR UM534 ISOBU UM788 BGE UN741 ISALA/N0475F410 UN741 PAPIX PAPIX6A UAE248, SAEZ-SBGL, EET 02:33 N0471F390 PTA6A DORVO UN857 AKNUB UAE514, OMDB-VIDP, EET 02:48 N0487F370 DCT DARAX A419 MOBET M561 MELMI/N0483F390 M561 ASVIB G665 PG G214 RK G452 LKA AKBAN2A UAE515, VIDP-OMDB, EET 02:57 N0487F380 BIPAN LUN G333 TIGER G452 RK G214 PG G665 ASVIB M561 MOBET A419 DARAX UAE606, OMDB-OPKC, EET 01:40 N0483F390 DCT RIKET B525 LALDO B505 NADSO B524 ALPOR G216 LATEM DCT BEGIM DCT UAE607, OPKC-OMDB, EET 01:47 N0485F380 MELOM2A MELOM A454 PASOV B540 BUBIN UAE652, OMDB-VRMM, EET 03:47 N0495F350 DCT ANVIX L223 TARDI N629 GIDAN P570 GOLNI/N0488F370 P570 KITAL L894 LELEM L2B UAE652, VRMM-VCBI, EET 01:10 N0465F330 D4D DOPDO G465 SUPSA DCT KAT UAE653, VCBI-VRMM, EET 01:12 N0479F380 DCT KAT M512 DOPDO D2A UAE653, VRMM-OMDB, EET 03:33 N0492F360 L4C LELEM L894 BOLUR/N0489F380 L894 KITAL P570 ITURA M762 BUBIN UAE787, DGAA-DIAP, EET 00:46 N0442F340 DCT ACC UB600 AFO AFO1V UAE788, DIAP-DGAA, EET 00:48 N0459F350 DCT AFO UB600 ACC DCT UAE841, OMDB-OTBD, EET 00:45 N0421F220 DCT SITAT P699 KISAG M430 TOSNA BAYAN DOH UAE842, OTBD-OMDB, EET 00:52 N0424F250 L305 UMABA UL305 ASTOG L305 ITITA L308 DESDI UAE971, OMDB-OIIE, EET 01:44 N0490F370 DCT DARAX A419 BND/N0488F380 W32 ANK UL125 RADAL RADAL1A UAE972, OIIE-OMDB, EET 01:51 N0491F370 SAV1G SAV UP574 SYZ G666 ORSAR B416 DESDI UAE4802, OMDB-ORSU, EET 02:18 N0496F340 DCT NADIL M557 TUMAK UL602 DAVUS/N0496F340 UL602 TASMI/N0496F340 UL602 ITBIT UM860 UMESA M434 DIVAS DCT UAE4803, ORSU-OMDB, EET 02:15 N0476F380 DCT DIVAS DCT RIDIP/N0476F390 UM688 SIDAD/N0475F390 UP975 SESRA M677 RABAP UM677 DEGSO L308 DESDI UAE9751, FWKI-HUEN, EET 02:00 N0479F390 ANTOP1E ANTOP UG656 APNAD DCT UAE9757, OMDB-HDAM, EET 02:30 N0499F320 DCT MIADA M318 KITAP UM318 NADKI/N0493F340 A419 RAGNI UR659 TAZ/N0482F280 R659 PARIM PARIM1B UAE9765, HDAM-HKJK, EET 02:05 N0487F360 ASTAR1F ASTAR UM997 WAV UA405 AVITU AVITU2P UAE9769, OMDB-HSSS, EET 03:17 N0498F320 DCT MIADA M318 KITAP/N0495F340 UM628 KIPOM M628 DIPEX/N0489F360 M628 DFN G782 JDW B407 KAROX/N0489F360 UB407 PSD UG660 BOPID DCT BILAL BIL2 UAE9769, HSSS-OYSN, EET 01:45 N0480F390 DCT KTM UB526 PURAD/N0478F390 M301 MUTEX B544 NAGIL UAE9769, OYSN-OMDB, EET 02:38 N0436F330 DCT SAA A419 NADKI/N0435F330 UM318 MUXIT M318 DANOK/N0405F270 M318 MIADA UAE9771, OMDB-ORER, EET 02:15 N0497F340 DCT NADIL M557 TUMAK UL602 DAVUS/N0498F340 UL602 TASMI/N0498F340 UL602 ITBIT UM860 UMESA LAVEN2B UAE9772, ORER-OMDB, EET 02:21 N0474F410 OTALO1A OTALO UM688 SIDAD/N0473F410 UP975 SESRA M677 RABAP UM677 DEGSO L308 DESDI UAE9834, OMDB-VOMM, EET 03:50 N0483F390 DCT ANVIX L223 TARDI N629 TOTOX P574 MMV DCT FedEx (B77L/H-SDE1E2E3FGHIJ2J3J4J5M1RWY/LD1) FDX3, EDDK-LFPG, EET 00:47 N0445F220 NOR3B NOR Y868 NAVAK/N0455F240 UY868 SOGRI UM617 SISGA UZ319 MOPIL MOPIL5W FDX3, LFPG-EDDM, EET 01:02 N0485F330 BUBLI3A BUBLI UG42 LUVAL UN491 ZUE/N0455F250 Z163 NUNRI T103 OSDER OSDER1A FDX3, EDDM-LIMC, EET 00:46 N0485F330 KPT1S KPT Y740 NATAG UM738 LORLO UY740 GIGGI UM984 LUSIL LUSIL1J FDX32, EDDK-EDDM, EET 00:41 N0445F230 KUMIK6B KUMIK L603 KOSEK Z74 HAREM T104 ANORA ANORA1A FDX32, EDDM-EDDF, EET 00:38 N0420F200 GIVMI5W GIVMI Y101 ERNAS T161 PSA PSA1L FDX33, LFPG-EDDF, EET 00:57 N0440F230 RANUX3A RANUX UN858 BETEX Z110 RASVO T180 UNOKO UNOKO1L FDX33, EDDF-LFPG, EET 00:51 N0440F220 SOBRA4L SOBRA Y180 NISIV UY180 DIK UN857 RAPOR UZ157 VEDUS VEDUS5W Korean Air (B77L/H-SDE2E3FGHIJ3J5M1RWXY/LB1V2) KAL529, UUEE-EDDF, EET 02:48 N0443F320 DCT BG/N0455F340 R805 SUPEK L29 VABER L735 GOVEN UL735 TADUV T173 TAMEB/N0401F240 T173 KERAX DCT KAL8541, LOWW-ENGM, EET 02:26 N0457F340 DCT LANUX UL858 HDO UM725 KOGIM UM44 SALLO M44 INRER L621 SVD N15 LASLI L997 LUNIP DCT Qatar Airways (B77L/H-SDE1E3FGHIJ4J5M1RWXYZ/SB1D1) QTR232, OTBD-VIDP, EET 02:59 N0490F370 N300 NAMLA N300 BOXAK L310 NALTA/N0485F390 L310 LALDO A791 KATUS M316 GOKSO M561 ASVIB G665 PG G214 RK G202 TIGER G452 LKA AKBAN2A QTR233, VIDP-OTBD, EET 03:04 N0496F360 MAXOT LUN G333 TIGER/N0493F370 R471 RK/N0490F380 G214 PG G665 ASVIB M561 GOKSO M316 KATUS A791 LALDO P634 ATBOR P699 KISAG M430 ASKOP/N0431F220 M430 DOH QTR716, OTBD-OEDF, EET 00:24 N0391F160 R659 EMISA UB457 BAH UN697 KFA DCT QTR717, OEDF-OTBD, EET 00:30 N0394F170 DEDAS UN318 VELAM UR659 DOH QTR6055, LIMC-EHAM, EET 01:14 N0492F340 AOSTA UM729 MOLUS UN853 DIK UM624 BUB UY28 HELEN HELEN1A If you've got routes to share among the community, please feel free to post them below. A request however is flightaware routes stay on their site - everyone has access to them at will so there isn't a real need to clog up the topic with them. Cheers and happy flying! Sam Nagy
  21. Hello, I created an Excel spreadsheet to convert a list of coordinates into a rte file with costum waypoints. A first test from EDDM to EDLP in the NGX worked, but an other flight plan from EDDM to ENKR is not readable ("Destination Airport not found in rte file") The destination airport at the end of the unreadable rte file: ENKR 1 - 1 N 69.72500 E 29.88780 282 ----- 0 0 1 282 - -1000000 -1000000 Full EDDM-ENKR rte is here The working EDDM-EDLP rte is here Is there any documentation of the rte format available?
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