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  1. I'm on FSX, and these are lowest level clouds. I was on ground and i turned on ASN, and once it updated the lower layer turned into a flat layer or clouds which is not really pleasing
  2. When I turn on ASN my clouds channge from REX4 Clouds to some kind of flat layer of clouds. Is there a way I can fix it? Thanks
  3. kishshey

    Flytampa Copenhagen Problem

    Do you mind telling me what tool it is, sir? Hello, Thanks for the suggestion, but I have already paid for Flytampa CPH
  4. kishshey

    Flytampa Copenhagen Problem

    thank you sir, how did you find it if I may ask?
  5. kishshey

    Flytampa Copenhagen Problem

    Or if anyone knows which folder the files of this area contains I can get those from a friend. Please help
  6. kishshey

    Flytampa Copenhagen Problem

    Hello, thanks for your response Will it replace the area becuase i think whats missing in my scenery library is that AREA only air port is pretty fine, only the surrounding
  7. Hello, I recently installed Flytampa EKCH and i had some issues with elevation, so I had to delete area on scenery settings, and reinstall the area. After the reinstalling I noticed the LC issue was fixed. UNTIL! i switched to top down view and relized the complete area scenery is messed up. I have attached some screenshots of the issue, if anyone knows how to fix please help me. And here is the scenery settings
  8. Hello, Thanks for your reply. Using the DXTBMP solved the issue, and apart from that I just figured it also uses the Nvidia plugin, so I tried using Nvidia DDS plugins for photoshop and saving directly from there, and noticed the file sizes are the same, and the quality is the same. So I am now working with Nvidia plugins for Photoshop and exporting directly from PS it self. Thanks for all the help
  9. So I export to 32bit Targa from Photoshop and use DXTBMP to convert them to .dds?
  10. Thank you sir for your quick reply, Yes I save my files as 32Bit Targa on Photoshop and then convert them to DDS using the Imagetool that comes with the FSX SDK. How do you suggest I save the files?
  11. Hello, I have created a few paintjobs using PMDG Paint Kit, however the file sizes are very large when compared to the liveries that I have downloaded from other livery makers. For example the fsize of my latest livery folder is 368MB, and the PTP is 56MB. Usually when i download a livery the PTP is around 20MB. Is there a way to reduce the file size of my Repaint?
  12. kishshey

    EZDOK mouse look and win 8.1 x64 problem

    Hello, I have the same problem on Windows 8.1, and I have found a fix. All you have to do(or atleast what fixes mine) is Go to Addons -> EZDOK -> And click on GLOBAL ENABLE This fixes mine everytime the problem occurs. I hope it will help
  13. kishshey

    Aerosoft A318 A319 A330

    Well someone has bumped a thread from 2012 it seems =D
  14. As the topic says, what are the best seaplanes available for FSX