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    Utilisateur de FS1 (1983 - Tandy TRS-80) puis évolution jusqu'à FSX
    Interruption de quelques années (raison professionnelle)
    Retour à la simu au début de ma retraite
    Passage sous Prepar3D (V4.5 actuellement)

    Dernière activité professionnelle : Prof d'informatique dans une école nationale.
  1. In fact, after activating an airport, you can display its procedures. Here are the ILS 15 for Birmingham : (sorry, french version) For CEDAR third column shows 2 500/B 185 : meaning altitude 2500ft, speed Below 185kt IAF : initial approach fix :name CI15, Above (or equal) 2 500ft Then FI15 (Final Approach Fix) alt Above or equal 2 500ft CRS/HDG 146° Hope this helps
  2. Hello, on ILS Airport charts, you'll see an horizontal line before the descent begins. It's the altitude of GS interception. Habitually 2000ft above ground for 3°slope. Remind that, for the Auto pilot in approch mode, you must be under the interception altitude so that the Auto Pilot takes command of descent. If you are too high the plane will remain at the same altitude and go over the airport... On this chart, the interception alt is a bit higher at 2500ft due to security limits. The interception point is D6.7, max speed 185kt Take care of current AIRAC cycles (today : 2208) If you want make fine approaches, NAVIGRAPH is the best (even if it is payware but quite cheap for annual choice) Good flights
  3. Hello, it seems to be a bug on the "mark site read" which is always active. By this way, none is displayed. Is that piracy or simple bug ? Here is the code content of the "Mark site read. Perhaps it will help to understand the bug ? <a data-action="markSiteRead" class="ipsType_light" data-controller="core.front.core.markRead" href="https://www.avsim.com/markallread/?csrfKey=9d6d3938abbd314be302a1405d822a64&amp;ref=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuYXZzaW0uY29tL2ZvcnVtcy90b3BpYy82MTc5OTMtdW5yZWFkLWNvbnRlbnQtbm90LXdvcmtpbmctc3VuZGF5LTQtMjQtMjIvP3RhYj1jb21tZW50cw==" data-ipstooltip="" _title="Mark all content on the site as read"><i class="fa fa-check"></i> Mark site read</a> Cordially
  4. Sorry, gentlemen, all this is named PHISHING and is piratery. This explains AVSIM can't make anything efficient to stop it... Never click on these links and look carefully the answering adress...
  5. Hello all, for some days now, Libertysim.net doesn't respond. The site seems to be down or out of net. Is there someone among you who had the same problem ? (on a very old post, it was question of Facebook ???) Hope this is a termporary bug for I found it interesting to follow. Good flights for you ! Albe06
  6. Hello no doubt that MSFS is a x-box game, not really a simulator. Don't expect more from M$oft & Asobo!
  7. Hello, I use SPAD-neXt script panel to drive such events. The data below are a sample possibly varying with plane (especially LVAR) Create a new event in a free row/col of the script panel. In the conditional area, compare PLANE ALTITUDE versus GPS CRUIZE ALT (or equivalent upon the FMC or GPS used by your plane) The action to execute is Change Button light DEVICE : Multi Panel TARGET: Glideslope / reverse approach CHANGE LIGHT TO : Longmode ON (flash 1 time per second) IMPROVEMENTS : * Depending on the available data (LVAR, LOCAL, FSUIPC, SimConnect ...) the cruising altitude can be retrieved from the GPS / FMC variables * To avoid repeated triggering of the script above the altitude, an ALERT_CRUISE_ALT expression can be defined which becomes positive when the aircraft's altitude is greater than GPS_CRZ_ALT and less than (GPS_CRZ_ALT + 10). In the panel script, the condition becomes "IF ALERT_CRUISE_ALT equal 1". This should also work with other interfaces. Have a good flight!
  8. Hello all P3D pilots ! Today, a p3d V5.3 is available for download (with the corresponding SDK) Download done (30Gb!) but not yet installed. Seems to be graphically very interesting (weather, PBR, dynamic lighting...) CARE : the update from V5.2 to V5.3 needs to replace content and scenery, not only the client. It's possibly announces compatibility problems ? Wait and see... Good flights
  9. Hello, a little demo when Transition Level is not avalaible (even if given by ATC) : How to obtain the Transition Level : a sample xith LFMN (NICE FRANCE) : direct Access to my site page Good flights (and landings 😊😉)
  10. Hello, LNM shows you Transition Altitude (and many other datas) : Explore the other labels... Once you have declared an airport as "departure" or "destination" go and have a look at corresponding procedures SID, STARS, Approaches... What about the Transition Level : when descending to your arrival point, you'll cross the Transition Level (above the trans alt of the airport. In some countries, trans alt and trans level are the same (18000ft in USA...) In other cases, the ATC will give you the correct altitude Without ATC, you can calculate the Trans Level from the QNH and altitude of the destination airport. You can try with Navigraph Charts or Simbrief to access Jeppesen charts. You can equally go to my site and have a look at https://simu.alain-bettan.fr/icao/s1.php Sorry, hope you understand French... Good flights
  11. Thank you for your answer. I've seen that it was an option but it is a good idea, to avoid overloading the "Documents" folder on the main hard disk. The "gag" was the creation of two sets of folders. I already have moved the data to a supplementary SSD so no problem for erasing the trees. Congrats again for your job ! Alain
  12. Hello to all LNM users. On running the last versions of LNM, It has created two new trees to keep airports, flight plans and so on. It is a good idea BUT : there is a tree with names in french, another one with english titles and my original files are always in their previous directory (D:\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files\LittleNavMap for instance for the .lnmpln files) Having a lot of files created since I use LNM (and thanx for it !), I had rather keep the new files in their former place instead of the two new places. My question is : how to get rid of the new directories (I suppose that simply deleting them from Windows Explorer wouldn't be sufficient.) I didn't find the "entry" in the LNM menus Thank you for your help, this utility is really great ! Good flights
  13. Hello, from... to... was a frequent question to choose a flight, before I made this little tool on my site. The choice can be personnalized about airport size, ILS at destination... have a look at Idée de vol (an idea for a flight ?) Texts are in French but easy to understand : mandatory choices for FROM and TO countries Be carefull, the runways length are in meters, not in feet The check box ILS on arrival retricts the choice of the "TO" airports. Usefull for liners or night flights... SAMPLE : How to obtain a random flight from MEXICO (country, not city) towards BRAZIL. Large airport (accepting liners) and ILS equiped ? First choice A possible flight (distance in km) Click on "Détails" button to open a new page (for instance on SBGP) Details for SGBP airport Translation of the text on right of the question mark : To calculate the transition level, you will need the QNH Open the weather frame if it is active and note the QNH then close the tab and click on "QUESTION MARK". Happy flights
  14. Hi Ray56 As MarkDH said, you don't need to install Logitech/Saitek drivers. As he also said is that your "signature" would be helpfull to assist you, knowing the simulator you fly with and some data about your config. I'm under P3D V4.5 and I use Spad-neXt to manage my devices (radio panel, multipanel, rudders, pro yoke, and even a couple of Thrustmaster Cougars) Easy to personnalize, without need of external drivers... By the way, try to verify the internal commands (i.e. for P3D : Options/controls/key assignments... not to superseed the commands coming from your device. The "middle" version has a reasonable cost (by memory about 20$, to be verified) and is worth a free try . Good flights Alain
  15. Good evening pilots What kind of pilot are you ? do you prefer IFR at low altitudes or VFR with realistics flight plans, observing high routes and SID & STAR procedures before a perfect ILS landing ? For VFR, no doubt that MSFS is a great success, or will be when the boring updates (and the bugs they make) will be a "souvenir", when the customer will not be captive of MS. The thing which did the success of FSX whas the number of free developments, made by a wide community of enthusiasts fans, as well as payware made by well known labs. Unfortunately, the "philosophy" of MS now a days is oriented towards a total dependance of the customer (MS Store, Ms count, MS anything...) At the opposite, if you are a liner pilot, flying at 35000ft, the precision of the ground details is not a problem, especially when you fly above thick clouds strates. For those pilots, the attention will be focused by the functionnalities of the cockpit instruments, the flying model... Besides these essential elements, there are add-ons to approach a realist environment as it was said in the previous posts : FO present and doing his copilot's tasks, ATC realistic and reactive, sounds of environment, cabin calls adapted to the specific flight (from, to, phases of the flight..) My opinion is that P3D V4 or V5 are more robust than a too young product as MSFS, embarrassed by a constraining environment. Perhaps in some years... Sorry, my english courses are far away... Good flights anyway !
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