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  1. And does the new version bring any improvements regarding MSFS
  2. I also only have 8 GB (3070) and for me it works to have texture quality one notch down. My vram usage is between 75% and 98%
  3. For me the only „downside“ are when I open gsx for example while head tracking still on, then it get’s distorted. But it’s only one press of a button to deactivate headtracking. In combination with the dynamic lod it’s amazing. Didn’t know how much fun it is to fly in the night at cruise altitude with tlod 400
  4. Are there any noticeable improvements regarding the newer versions
  5. Yesterday I wanted to fly from lfbo to eddp with the inibuilds a300. After a short time I started to have some kind of flickering. When moving the head the picture moved like it is trembling. Turned of FG and changed to TAA and it was gone. Didn’t had that happen before. Only new thing was the LFBO airport.
  6. This is what the sim looks like with FG activated for me. When you look closely you can see a small Glitch at the left buttom corner. Bit for me there is no real Showstopper. It's only a quick and dirty video captured with obs and using tobii Headtracking. I use dsr Factor 2.25. so the sim is set to a higher Resolution other then the native Resolution. https://youtu.be/b02YComP4JY?si=3pw3WS80EApAeLLV
  7. In my First test it seemed that the frame limit worked 60 FPS and freesync on constant 60fps But quite a bit tearing. Next test 60 FPS cap and feesync off. Frames jump all over the place from 60-130 Just did the quick test at Chicago Airport on the ground. Displays where sharp word not allowed allways due to dsr. Installation was quite easy. The Registration was the longest part
  8. I*ll guess BATC can only lose at the end. Because the hype is so great that expectation’s are so high that it could only disappoint
  9. At first I struggled with GSX. It‘s not an addon that you will learn in minutes. But after some time i got to know how it works and for Airliners i would not fly without it. It really puts the immersion on a higher level. I put the shortcut on the streamdeck and have no worries at all. Also i think that there a very few developers who maintain there software so well like it‘s the case for GSX. Also i really like the combination of the PMDG and GSX. It‘s carefree and was long before the UFB was introduced. With the simbrief integration loading the PMDG is really easy. I like it very much. Also i appreciate the fact that the developer is nearly always answering question in different Forums. Even when it must be the 1000th time the same question is ask. Thumbs up
  10. I made 2 flights yesterday and today. On both flights bing and azure didn’t work. The flights were from Texas to Florida, desert and water, no big deal with missing bing data 😂 weather seemed to be the only thing that worked, more or less. but for me the streaming is worse compared to pre SU14. Or it’s related to where I fly. Pre Su14 mostly Europe, now USA.
  11. The only bottleneck in my case could be the vram. Only 8gb Just doing a testflight from Phoenix to Miami
  12. Playing normaly in 2048 with an 3070. Tried 2,25 and it fixes the blurryness. Crisp as hell. And still 30+ fps at EHAM
  13. If you have the navigraph ingame panel installed, there is no need to import the flightplan in the worldmap. only select departure airport and gate. When in the plane, open the navigraph panel and import the simbrief plan. Add missing parts and under options there is a possibility to export the plan to MSFS ATC. Works for me every time and more reliable then the worldmap
  14. Even with the efb it's not fully automatic. You have to press set Fuel and aet Payload in the FMC. I use gsx, that does the same think and i don't have ti worry about. It set's fuel and Payload according to SB
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