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  1. For the fenix all you listed can be done via aao. There is also a Streamdeck profile and an aao template on flightsim.to for both. And you can easily bind the functions to the Keyboard instead of a Streamdeck or in my case x-touch Controller. Additionaly i assigned two keys for tiller Connect and disconnect
  2. Is there a transfer limit regarding Google? Yesterday with High-Resolution option i transfered 1.5 GB in 2 hours A nice feature would be to load the tiles into cache, before even starting the sim, according to the Flightplan I have to say most of the time it looks really good.
  3. You can also check in Addon Linker for Duplikate names
  4. I did get it Fshud is only using the AIG liverys. But with the TC, for me the AI aircraft are using the right runway. So i wonder why the TC is able to do that.
  5. And where does the weather information come from for AIG TC? At least the AIG aircraft are using the right runway
  6. A Video with MSFS would be really nice. If the Traffic is on the same Level that AIG with TC is, i would consider buying it.
  7. Also have Razer Mouse, Keyboard, Headset. First thing before starting the SIM is to Check None of the Programms are running
  8. Maybe related to this https://www.theregister.com/2022/06/07/global_internet_disruption/
  9. I made a flight with the Fenix today around 1400NM. I use the Simbrief profile and even corrected it for 8% less fuel consumption, because th the developer said the consumption is about 6% to low. First thing I noticed was that the fuel planing in the MCDU gave me quite higher fuel load then simbrief was. So I would guess the MCDU is using the real (right) numbers. So for this flight simbrief said for taxi and trip I would need 7.1t. After landing and parking the Fenix used only 6.3t. More then 10% less then Simbrief. Strange
  10. For me with an I7 and a 1070 the fenix runs better then most planes. Normaly i'm limited by my GPU. With the Fenix it seems much is scheduled to the CPU. The the CPU is up in the 90 and GPU is only at 60-70% Maybe i could set some GPU heavy seetings a bit higher but i'm happy like it is. Spend about 25 hours in the plane, 1 CTD. And i guess that was triggered by the Sim itself. I'm very happy with the Fenix and haven't touched the PMDG since.
  11. I guess it's not so much how fast CPU and GPU are, its more important how well the components are playing together. First aircraft where my CPU is under harder stress then the GPU But the load is evenly distributed an all cores
  12. For me it helped to delete the content.xml Had this with other 3rd party Airports asswell
  13. Maybe you are stuck in a Multiplayer Group? Do you have flown in a group before the weather started to stop?
  14. Got one from my wife as a Birthday present back in December and now have many laminated Checklists 😉
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