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  1. Hello, I just bought the amazing Flight1 GTN 750. It adds a load of new systems into the aircraft. On IVAO there is a remarks-field to also specify what equipment the aircraft has. What can I now write in there, to inform controllers about the capabilities of the aircraft? Thanks a lot, Noah
  2. Hello, yesterday I finally bought the amazing GTN Complete Package by Flight1 and I absolutely love it. There are only options to include either the 750 or the 650 into the VC of the A2A C182, however, I would like to know how I can include both of them into the VC. It is possible, but I don't know how. Shown in video below. It would be amazing if someone had the knowledge how to do it. Thanks a lot and best regards, Noah
  3. Hi all, I finally got my new computer and most things are working properly. I mainly bought it to play FSX smooth and with nice graphics. However, by "most things are working", I mean that my graphics card, the GTX 1060, broke and it will probably need a few weeks until I get the RMA. I am interimistically using an ATI Radeon HD 3870 with 512 MB of VRAM. My other specs, are as follows: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 6x3.4GHz 16 GB RAM @ 2133Ghz Will the graphics card limit the game a lot or is it enough for smooth gameplay on good settings, as FSX is very CPU intensive. Thank you all, I'm looking forward a lot to get into the skies again. ---- And maybe, as a small optional side question: Is it worth to put FSX on the SSD or will the HDD be fast enough to load all that beautiful scenery? Thanks!
  4. I wanted to thank all people in this thread for helping me! It was a great honor for me to speak with you. It helped me a lot! The PC Setup is now finished. The Hardware is not here yet, but it will arrive in a maximum of a week. It was a big work to get this setup. Dozens of hours by many persons are in this setup. I think I will spend many hundreds of awesome flight simulator hours sitting next to this PC. It will be amazing. I have already written the final specs into my signature. Thank you all!
  5. First part of my computer is here . The feeling of having a graphics card in your hands, knowing it costs as much as some people pay for their whole computer is... I can't describe it. I have never had that much power in my hands . I'm so happy right now. How happy will I be when the rest arrives... You have to understand me: I am seventeen now, when I was ten years old, I got my laptop I am using until today. It's actually a wonder it's still running, let's say reasonably. I am like an Indian right now. They always had their old, things and horses and so on and then suddenly the americans brought so much modern things, trains and so on. (Sorry, I'm just too happy )
  6. Ok, I have now spoke with someone, to give me further advise on the configuration. He made a really new configuration: CPU AMD Ryzen 5 1600X 6x 3.60GHz COOLER EKL Alpenföhn Olymp PSU 550W Enermax Revolution Xt II Modular 80+ MOBO MSI X370 KRAIT GAMING AMD X370 It's something really new and I don't really know what I should think of it. Of course: A Hexacore is nice and future-proof, what is good actually. My main concerns are if it works good in flight sim, maybe even better than my previous choice, the i7 7700k at 4.2GHz. What do you think of it? Is it good for FSX? Is it enough for other games? Should I take it even though I am not planning to do multitasking a lot at this time? What about overclocking? What could I achieve with this cooler? Thanks a lot!
  7. Ok, the Graphics Card is ordered. I purchased the MSI GTX 1060 6GB ARMOR for 298€. It's a great card and is the only partner-card that perfectly fits my needs.
  8. Thanks for the very extended reply! Would I really feel the difference in flight sim when I overclock the CPU to, for example, 5GHz? And what about cooling? Do Processors create a much higher temperature when overclocked?
  9. Ok, I have now spoke with many people to make the setup even better. Here are the new specs: CPU Intel Core i7 7700K 4x 4.20GHz So.1151 WOF GPU 6GB Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 G1 Gaming 6G RAM 16GB G.Skill Value DDR4-2400 DIMM CL15 Dual MAINBOARD Asus H170-Pro Intel H170 So.1151 Dual PSU 500 Watt be quiet! Straight Power 10 CM CPU COOLER be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 Tower Kühler https://www.mindfactory.de/shopping_cart.php/basket_action/load_basket_extern/id/e5feb12219ac163dc04fa210d238ce616171d4ac63e7883044b The things that changed: GPU: The Version by Gigabyte, good reviews Mainboard: I had a long chat with my informatics teacher. He wouldn't recommend overclocking. The life-span will be reduced and the increased gigahertz will not be very feelable. So I can save on taking a cheaper Mainboard and a smaller CPU cooler. PSU: The PSU is quite expensive, but many people told me I should go for highest quality on this important part of a PC. Is there anything you would still change? I am very unsure on which version of the 1060 I should take. There are only small differences, but it's still hard. I think I will just go with the Gigabyte version.
  10. Yes, I already realized it. It really would be bad to save on one of the most important components.
  11. Can you recommend overclocking? Because then I would also have to invest into a better CPU cooler. And the cheapest Z-Chipset Motherboard is +55€ to the setup.
  12. Thanks all for your help! I have now changed the hardware. I post a screenshot because it looks better (It's in German but the things are self-explaning): I guess it's quite good now. Anything you would make better? The setup is now 1.330€ (1.488$). ~100€ over my aim, but that's ok.
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