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  1. ... it's this "all of a sudden" that worries me, what has changed from previous installation? And why did Windows gone bonkers after it was installed and reset the UAC settings and a bunch of other stuff ...? I really want to take your word that ALL IS SAVE to install with Kaspersky set to temporarily off, but how do we know ...?
  2. WD is disabled on my rig because Kaspersky handles everything and Kaspersky doesn't like this software ... not one single bit - and with Kaspersky disabled it made a complete mess of my Windows and when I turned Kaspersky back on after installing, it went mad trying to delete and quarantined the one file after the other.
  3. Why did Kaspersky not go so berserk when I previously installed it and I must say after all the above mentioned drama I had to RESTORE windows to a previous restore point because my windows was a complete mess? Why the "you don't have permission" when I manually want to run the installer and do I understand you correctly that you should NOT run the install file as admin? I had to completely uninstall all RXP software and files in order to get my Windows back to where it was before I ventured into this abyss ... and now I'm completely neurotic to even try the process again? In other words, my XP is without my beloved GPS and I have NO clue how to install it except the way you usually install files without the drama. PS: And @AVSIM, what does "NOTIFY ME OF REPLIES" mean ... if you don't get any notifications and your email address is correct?
  4. ... and here we go again! Got a notification for an update. Downloaded the files. Try to install after it copied files to c:\RealityXP\ Select to install setup after folder was created - NOTHING HAPPENS Tried to manually run the *.exe file (as admin) and it says - ACCESS DENIED Tried to install again and now installer says - VALIDATION TIMES EXCEEDED (WTeF) And in the background Kaspersky is going crazy with all the bells and whistles going of for virus, malware, trojan, blah blah fishpaste Please, please - why can't it be just straight forward like 99.99% of all other software that we install ...? Why is there forever and a day some problem when you try to install or update anything with the F1 remapper/installer or whatever it is called? Please help to fix this. Regards.
  5. THANK YOU! Found them, edited them [trim alarm.wav -and- buffer_ap_trim.wav] and silenced them for good. PS: Don't know what the night textures of the VC look like on other PCs but on mine they look horrible (on a 4K monitor and 1080Ti) ... would just stick to day flying.
  6. If this silly stupid AVSIM will allow us to attach a file that is not an image then it would be possible to add this annoying noise ... and I went through every single sound in the sound folder and it's not there. I suspect that it's embedded with a / the gauge. If I can find it, then I will make the volume 0% because it will drive me nuts. Maybe Carenado could help us out here and tell us that if it is the TRIM sound (which I suspect it is because it's silent once the AP is off) could we shut it up or will they be so kind in the next update to get rid of it completely ...?
  7. Agree with the list from @Tom_Gratton ... The "beep" sound when autopilot is engaged, is that the TRIM ...? Is there any way possible to turn its volume down or off ...? The "beep" sound when doors are open even when cockpit is in cold-and-dark, where does it come from and where do you shut is up ...? If we could get rid of the 'noise' then we could concentrate on learning how to fly this Lady properly 🤣😁 It is as if the plane is too light - it's way too sensitive on the ground and in the air ... as a King200 pilot, I've managed to get the balance (more-or-less) right by changing the MOI in the aircraft.cfg file of the King200 to get the feel for the real-life lady but with the AT42 I have no idea what those values should be. Maybe Carenado would consider to add an app for loading their aircraft in the future so that we don't have to rely on the P3D4's weight, fuel, and pax menu because it's hopeless. Yes she's heavier on the FPS side than other Carenado aircraft but the PBR sure looks nice and YES it's going to take a while to get the hang of her bells and whistles but what a pleasant surprise for your anniversary and a welcome addition for all our short hop enthusiasts. WELL DONE Carenado. 👏👏👏
  8. 😢 ai ai ... that's a bummer - hopefully PMDG will find a solution to this because so many of us are using RESHADE 😞
  9. It worked, but after renaming the file again [to use reshade] the white box popped up again. I thought it would save the login details ...? Then the dxgi.dll was again turned *.off and the the white box only showed some permissions that are all ticked. How to get the EFB to save the login and permissions?
  10. Thank you for a GREAT addition to our aircraft hanger! I've been searching the forum for a possible answer and forgive me if this is a repeat - but - is it just on my rig but when I turn on the panel (back) lighting it's as if everything is out of focus? Don't know if I explain correctly but on the overhead panel and autopilot panel you can hardly make out what it says because it's as if there is a second layer that highlights the letters. I'll take a screenshot next time if this is unclear. Back to the tutorials because thousands of hours in a Boeing or Airbus means nada, ziltch, zero when you learn to start-up and fly this MadDog ...........
  11. Oh my - just shows you ... here I am thinking it's all about the GTN 750/650 from F1 for P3D4. No wonder I could find any reference to it. Thank you for clearing up my confusion. Now, could you perhaps help with where did I put my glasses?
  12. Where can one download this ... I've searched high and low on all the F1 forums? I will make a bookmark for future reference because maybe I'm too stupid to understand what where when why on the F1 1 forums. It seems everything is everywhere and nowhere.
  13. That's it .... that's where I heard the name.
  14. The name sounds very familiar but no, my IF instructor was Wallie Waldeck, with different instructors for different ratings. The King200 instructor was first Wessel Basson (x-airforce) and later a very windgat Kay (and now I forgot his surname, he was from original from Mauritius) but he could fly a King with only one prop and one blade spinning and land in a 500 kts crosswind while playing the harmonica. He really helped me a lot because many times while still building hours he would phone me to fly right seat to do radios, flaps and gear and the occasional t/o and landing in order to lock the hours.
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