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  1. ... it's this "all of a sudden" that worries me, what has changed from previous installation? And why did Windows gone bonkers after it was installed and reset the UAC settings and a bunch of other stuff ...? I really want to take your word that ALL IS SAVE to install with Kaspersky set to temporarily off, but how do we know ...?
  2. WD is disabled on my rig because Kaspersky handles everything and Kaspersky doesn't like this software ... not one single bit - and with Kaspersky disabled it made a complete mess of my Windows and when I turned Kaspersky back on after installing, it went mad trying to delete and quarantined the one file after the other.
  3. Why did Kaspersky not go so berserk when I previously installed it and I must say after all the above mentioned drama I had to RESTORE windows to a previous restore point because my windows was a complete mess? Why the "you don't have permission" when I manually want to run the installer and do I understand you correctly that you should NOT run the install file as admin? I had to completely uninstall all RXP software and files in order to get my Windows back to where it was before I ventured into this abyss ... and now I'm completely neurotic to even try the process again? In other words, my XP is without my beloved GPS and I have NO clue how to install it except the way you usually install files without the drama. PS: And @AVSIM, what does "NOTIFY ME OF REPLIES" mean ... if you don't get any notifications and your email address is correct?
  4. ... and here we go again! Got a notification for an update. Downloaded the files. Try to install after it copied files to c:\RealityXP\ Select to install setup after folder was created - NOTHING HAPPENS Tried to manually run the *.exe file (as admin) and it says - ACCESS DENIED Tried to install again and now installer says - VALIDATION TIMES EXCEEDED (WTeF) And in the background Kaspersky is going crazy with all the bells and whistles going of for virus, malware, trojan, blah blah fishpaste Please, please - why can't it be just straight forward like 99.99% of all other software that we install ...? Why is there forever and a day some problem when you try to install or update anything with the F1 remapper/installer or whatever it is called? Please help to fix this. Regards.
  5. THANK YOU! Found them, edited them [trim alarm.wav -and- buffer_ap_trim.wav] and silenced them for good. PS: Don't know what the night textures of the VC look like on other PCs but on mine they look horrible (on a 4K monitor and 1080Ti) ... would just stick to day flying.
  6. If this silly stupid AVSIM will allow us to attach a file that is not an image then it would be possible to add this annoying noise ... and I went through every single sound in the sound folder and it's not there. I suspect that it's embedded with a / the gauge. If I can find it, then I will make the volume 0% because it will drive me nuts. Maybe Carenado could help us out here and tell us that if it is the TRIM sound (which I suspect it is because it's silent once the AP is off) could we shut it up or will they be so kind in the next update to get rid of it completely ...?
  7. Agree with the list from @Tom_Gratton ... The "beep" sound when autopilot is engaged, is that the TRIM ...? Is there any way possible to turn its volume down or off ...? The "beep" sound when doors are open even when cockpit is in cold-and-dark, where does it come from and where do you shut is up ...? If we could get rid of the 'noise' then we could concentrate on learning how to fly this Lady properly 🤣😁 It is as if the plane is too light - it's way too sensitive on the ground and in the air ... as a King200 pilot, I've managed to get the balance (more-or-less) right by changing the MOI in the aircraft.cfg file of the King200 to get the feel for the real-life lady but with the AT42 I have no idea what those values should be. Maybe Carenado would consider to add an app for loading their aircraft in the future so that we don't have to rely on the P3D4's weight, fuel, and pax menu because it's hopeless. Yes she's heavier on the FPS side than other Carenado aircraft but the PBR sure looks nice and YES it's going to take a while to get the hang of her bells and whistles but what a pleasant surprise for your anniversary and a welcome addition for all our short hop enthusiasts. WELL DONE Carenado. 👏👏👏
  8. 😢 ai ai ... that's a bummer - hopefully PMDG will find a solution to this because so many of us are using RESHADE 😞
  9. It worked, but after renaming the file again [to use reshade] the white box popped up again. I thought it would save the login details ...? Then the dxgi.dll was again turned *.off and the the white box only showed some permissions that are all ticked. How to get the EFB to save the login and permissions?
  10. Thank you for a GREAT addition to our aircraft hanger! I've been searching the forum for a possible answer and forgive me if this is a repeat - but - is it just on my rig but when I turn on the panel (back) lighting it's as if everything is out of focus? Don't know if I explain correctly but on the overhead panel and autopilot panel you can hardly make out what it says because it's as if there is a second layer that highlights the letters. I'll take a screenshot next time if this is unclear. Back to the tutorials because thousands of hours in a Boeing or Airbus means nada, ziltch, zero when you learn to start-up and fly this MadDog ...........
  11. Oh my - just shows you ... here I am thinking it's all about the GTN 750/650 from F1 for P3D4. No wonder I could find any reference to it. Thank you for clearing up my confusion. Now, could you perhaps help with where did I put my glasses?
  12. Where can one download this ... I've searched high and low on all the F1 forums? I will make a bookmark for future reference because maybe I'm too stupid to understand what where when why on the F1 1 forums. It seems everything is everywhere and nowhere.
  13. That's it .... that's where I heard the name.
  14. The name sounds very familiar but no, my IF instructor was Wallie Waldeck, with different instructors for different ratings. The King200 instructor was first Wessel Basson (x-airforce) and later a very windgat Kay (and now I forgot his surname, he was from original from Mauritius) but he could fly a King with only one prop and one blade spinning and land in a 500 kts crosswind while playing the harmonica. He really helped me a lot because many times while still building hours he would phone me to fly right seat to do radios, flaps and gear and the occasional t/o and landing in order to lock the hours.
  15. Oeps, a little before my time ... my flight training started in George (1994) where I did my PPL and IF Rating. Then FTS Grand Central for CPL and then NAC at Lanseria. A couple of years later for Denel and various other companies in Africa. Boy-oh-boy that was mega good years and a life experience that is worth more than any degree at any university. Not something my profs will necessary agree with ... but then again, what do they know about tracking radial, crab crawl, or sectional maps
  16. I've read that too ... will be a step in the right direction. And now that you mention flying in Africa, in my younger years (LMAO) I was a CPL pilot who flew King200s all over Africa, mainly North-Africa but I have to say, not even in those years was there ATC available and most of the times you flew for hours listening to Airline traffic 10,000" above you reporting positions. I remember once when approaching Kilimanjaro Intl the guy in the tower responding to a question from another pilot about the RVR that he (in the tower) "can see the mountains"
  17. Yip, with 3.8 million people it is the size of Berlin and twice the size of Paris or Rome I'm using FS_Global_NG_FTX and the mesh for Table Mountain and the Hottentotsholland mountains and Helderberge are as close as it could get in FlightSim world for the moment. But even with FTX Global and Vector the coastline is at places completely wrong and the LC for city and harbour has buildings in the water and as I said before, there is a whole village on Signal Hill and a whole town on top of Table Mountain. Well, at least on my rig with no NMG scenery installed. With all do respect to Nico Visagie and his team at NMG but after Aerosoft, FlyTampa, Taxi2Gate, FSDT, 29Palms, ORBX and FSDG it is very hard not to feel a little ashamed for the main airports in South Africa that look like something pre-FS9. Hopefully one day, ORBX will reach South Africa with its diverse landscape from Karoo to tropical KwaZulu-Natal, from the Highlands of Mpumalanga to the Bushveld, from the rain forests of Southern Cape all the way to the Namib Desert. And who knows, maybe a FlyTampa or Aerosoft Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg sceneries ... I mean, if ORBX can do Southern Alaska where there is not even a million people in the whole of Alaska, then surely the beautiful, mind-blowing, exquisite landscape of South Africa should be a possibility. Not a priority but definitely a possibility. People bought Alaska and Norway simply because it is so beautiful to fly around. Note, I haven't said anything about Australia (LOL)
  18. It seems that with blurries and stutters it's either, or .... the sad thing is that with FSX my only concern was VAS and never had any blurry, stuttering, shimmering or performance issue. No, I don't want to go back because of the visual quality of P3D4 but at what price? Not only in performance but I've just spend a fortune in upgrading my PC and now some people on forums tell me that everything we experience regarding blurries and stuttering is because of high-end PCs - whiskey tango foxtrot! I can't download the file because I haven't opened a new DROPBOX since someone abused it. But I'm 100% with you that we don't ask the impossible of LM but I would have thought that seeing the fact that Cape Town is one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world and Table Mountain is one of the seven natural wonders in the world that a little more effort would have gone into the city, coastline, and mountains including mesh and LC. Even if they just looked at Google Maps they will know that downtown Cpt has no buildings in the ocean; and there are no houses and apartment buildings on Signal Hill or on top of Table Mountain although I'm sure Donald would love to build a casino on top of Table Mountain. But I'm biased because I have the privilege to live here
  19. Whao - yes - so it was you who took 'Crocodile' Mnangagwa back to Harare (LOL) ...!! This whole blurries et al stuttering combo that plagues so many flightsimmers are getting exhausting. At the moment I'm back to where I started except for the FPS on 32 while VSync capped it at 30 and for now the blurries are gone and all I have to do on a long-haul flight is to count the stutterings, divide it by pee 3 dee 4 and then play it as lotto numbers. Note that I'm not even going to begin with the shimmering mix because that's another topic well covered. And if you look at the coast line around Cape Town, not to mention all the buildings on top of Table Mountain, then I wonder if you can take any scenery, anywhere, as correct in P3D4 because it's exactly the same as FS9 with no improvement at all. <sigh>
  20. Exactly my experience too. That's how I had it as well and while at an airport, even demanding airports like EDDF, EGLL, LSZH it was very smooth and texture are crisp and clear - but - as soon as you take-off then the blurries creep in ... and the rest is a thread on AVSIM Not what I want to hear after spending a fortune in upgrading .......... the only thing I can hope for now, is that my machine will run like hell when P3D5 comes out (LOL) One thing I've noticed since the switch to P3D is that sometimes bringing sliders down actually decrease performance. It's a constant struggle to find the sweet spot between the 500 sliders in P3D4 settings. One can only hope that P3D4.xx will optimize the performance regarding the stuttering and shimmering, HDR in general and DL in particular, not to mention the fact that scenery files are now all over the place with little or no control on over some scenery that the one folder needs to be higher or lower than the other scenery files. It was no pressing issue to change this and I prefer to see ALL my scenery entries in ONE scenery.cfg file. But that's just me and now I'm off topic.
  21. Yip, you're right, I forgot to mention that ... it's something I also do after new scenery is installed.
  22. I will be experimenting with it over the weekend. Thank you to all you guys with this ... really appreciate it.
  23. Oh, I'm listening David, believe me, I'm all ears and eyes and I'm listening ........ and the 'trick-or-treat' seems to be to lock FPS.
  24. Just use SceneryConfigEditor and it does it all for you with one click ...
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