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  1. Tom_Gratton

    Secondary HSI

    Bert, you are a hero! Thank you so much! Fancy putting it all the way down there! Thanks for the swift response!
  2. Hello all, Can anyway direct me to the switch that turns on the Secondary HSI on the C90? On the Hawker 850, the switch is underneath it from memory, but nothing on the C90? Thank you!
  3. Hi all, Now version 1.2 is out, I am STILL unable to load an approach using the Universal FMC. I have the updated Navigraph database etc, however no luck! Anyone else in a similar position? Have a fix for it? Second of all, now I was version 1.2, I am unable to change the LNAV heights on when I put my route in the FMC, in v1.1 I could select the height on the right hand side and change that, now, I can't! Again, anyone else in a similar position? Have a fix for it? Many thanks all!
  4. Tom_Gratton

    Did 1.1 improve frames ?

    On the ground, I'm about 30-40 FPS, in the air, 40-60 FPS. V1.2 had no affect on my frames rate, I am running FS:SE on an Aurora R8 i9 9900K with a RTX 2080 Ti (if that helps)!
  5. Tom_Gratton

    1st Flight

    I agree @Terblanche, after I posted this I took her up for another flight and having learnt her quirks, it turned out to be a great flight actually.
  6. Tom_Gratton

    Beeping after shutdown

    I think you're describing the caution alarm (could be wrong). Simple hit the orange flashing caution light and it should stop!
  7. Tom_Gratton

    1st Flight

    First flight complete... A few bugs, mainly again in the navigation. Set that parking brake straight away or you will be rolling. To taxi away, MINIMAL power. Climb out, where has all that power gone? Navigation Like the FA50 (sometimes) the FMC does not progress the magenta line when passing waypoints. The aircraft will however follow the planned route. I have the updated Navigraph AIRAC, however some approaches and SID's are not available to select. Runway selection is also not available for arrival airports. I have tested EGHI, EGTC, EGGW, EGCC. Autopilot Don't really know where to start really... Other initial thoughts No minima callouts Frame rate hungry compared to the Citations, Hawker 850 and FA50 I own. Overall... Good start, needs work, and I probably need some practice too!
  8. Tom_Gratton

    Very disappointed by the Carenado FA50

    Navigraph is kept up to date, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the aircraft so I will see what happens tonight. The new AIRAC is out in 8 days so we shall see if that's the problem. The bizarre thing is that the FMC loads all the heights for each RNAV point, and as you progress over the point it changes to the next point and changes the height for the next point, but no decent happens.
  9. Tom_Gratton

    Very disappointed by the Carenado FA50

    I have been having this issue and I have pinpointed it down to the fact if you are not in NAV and VNAV mode, the system does not advance onto the next fix. Say you are in nav mode but in FLCH mode, it will not advance. The issue I am having currently is that after 18 flights, the aircraft has suddenly stopped working in VNAV mode on any STAR/Approach and I have no idea why. Flights 1 to 17 were perfectly fine, now this has started, randomly.
  10. Tom_Gratton

    FA50 VNAV Problems

    Evening all, I have been flying the FA50 now for a few flights, however from flight number 18 onward, the VNAV has stopped working on STARs only. The VNAV works fine when flying SIDs however on arrival, the aircraft does not decend with the VNAV. I have tried to resent the autopilot in flight and nothing happens. I have reloaded Navigraph and no luck there. I had a hunch it was due to using FLCH or VS modes for the climbs etc however I tried a flight without touching the other modes and when it came to the STARs the aircraft would not descend in VNAV mode. The purple "vertical speed target" circle just stayed at zero fpm. Not sure why this has happened all of a sudden, and wondered if anyone else suffered from this? MTIA!