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  1. This seems to be my experience as well. I have come back to XP 11.5 after a long spell offline. I have been updating everything and I have the latest version on the GTN-750. V2.5.22.2, GTN Trainer 6.62.0 The screen in the Carenado DO228 is blank. The GTN750 works just fine as a popout or as am XP window. It is just the display int he aircraft,
  2. I have this problem in the more recent version. I cannot see the 750 panel on the DO-228 center console. I mainly use the popout screen anyway, but since it used to work it is a puzzle. Are you saying that this is just a brightness issue? If so, how do I increase this brightness? I had thought of this but could not find any brightness knob.
  3. Can HIGHLY recommend the following - X-Camera. Totally needed if you have TrackIR. but excellent even if you do not. Not free, but cheap and worth every cent. - Carenado DO-228 is great for a GA aircraft. Not free. - Pilot2ATC (and X-ATC-Chatter) if you want a good ATC system. Not free. - Little Nav Map - best Flight planner out there and free. Plan-G also very good for GA stuff and free. - X-Organiser - great for organising your scenery, plugins, etc. Free - BetterPushback. Free - RealityXP GTN750 (not free). Brilliant GPS system replacement. Worth every cent. - Autogate. Free - FlyWithLUA (some really good scripts that work with this. XPRealistic being one that you need). Free There is no really good weather system as yet. The default XP 11 is not bad, so for now would stick with that. xEnviro not recommeneded.
  4. thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I could be wrong, but the few Unicom frequencies I tried did not bring up any allowed phrases in P2A, so I could not do anything. Is this expected in P2A?
  5. Ha! A simple solution - should have thought of that! Many thanks.
  6. I fly a lot in my DO-228 (in XP) from small country strips, and usually VFR. There are often no hold points. You taxi out a few meters to the runway, turn left or right and taxi down to the end of the runway and turn around. Then take off. The problem is that there is no point where I can say "callname holding short runway 22". How does one trigger the next phase of ATC control? Also - there is usually no tower or clearance frequencies at these strips. I normally contact Tower at the nearest big city (usually hundreds of miles away). Is this the normal practice? The Freq window pops up with quite a few possible radio frequencies and I work my way through each one (practically at random) finding one where I get possible interactions. What is the best way to find the 'correct' frequency? Please excuse me - I am not a pilot! I understand that it is not possible to include a full PPL Ground School class here, but some pointers would be appreciated.
  7. I see that you can now export to the RealityXP GTN750 - great stuff! The problem is the current folder that these need to be saved in is something like C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\FPLN You have a dialog popup on the Export screen so that you can set this folder. The problem is that the ProgramData folder is hidden, so will not show up in the dialog box, so this path cannot be set. Is there some other way to set this path?
  8. I have the multipanel as well. I found it really easy to integrate into XP 11. It works with every aircraft I currently fly. As mentioned, it does seem a bit flimsy/cheap - but it is pretty cheap, so not a problem there. It is really just an autopilot panel, so not sure that it would be much use for a C172 and the like. The flap switch is ok, but I never use it as I have a switch on the yoke for that. The Pitch Trim wheel is useless and never use it. I bought the multipanel as I fly the large airliners - and for that it is very useful to set HDG and ALT. These you have to do very quickly in response to ATC, and I found using the mouse scrollwheel on the 3D cockpit to be a real pain. Oft times you miss the hotspot and the cockpit zooms in. Plus you are taking your eyes off the road, so to speak. So very useful for airlines - not so much for the C172.
  9. Hang in there! We have all been where you are with one product or another. At least with P2A you are dealing with a developer who is responsive and accepts and fixes bugs.
  10. ok - so there is no error message in log.txt?
  11. The same happens to me. As far as I can tell, it has nothing to do with P2A. The problem (at least for me) is that the A320 looks at all the flight plans in the corte.in file, and if there is a perceived problem with ANY of them. then no routes are displayed in the A320. If this happens, have a look in the XP log.txt file and look for an error that contains the text "FF: static navdata loader". These lines in the log will describe the problem as far as the A320 is concerned. In my case, the problem usually is that there is a waypoint missing in the A320 database. Currently it is pretty hard to update this database, but the Navdata updates should be out in the next month or so. In my case, I simply removed the unknown waypoints and then the flight plans loaded ok. It is rather a pain that the A320 does not flag the errors better - having to look in the log.txt file seems awkward. I guess one fix is to make the Navdata in P2A the same as the data in the A320. You will get this same problem if you make up the flight plan in LittleNavMap, EFASS or anything else with a more current database. You will get similar errors if you export to the GTN-750 - only with that there is no way to update the database. At least with the A320 we will in time be able to do just that.
  12. I just updated to HOT FIX 2406. no map. here is the log file Program StartedPilot 2 ATC (P2A) - version 02/28/2018 16:46:17 Application frmP2AMain starting 02/28/2018 16:47:04 Loading Form Main form opened: Pilot2ATC 2018 v. Navigraph - AIRAC cycle: 1801 Loading Map Control LoadMapControl: panel 1 Creating ucMap1 SQLiteVersion: | 2015-07-29 20:00:57 cf538e2783e468bbc25e7cb2a9ee64d3e0e80b2f | INTEROP_CODEC INTEROP_EXTENSION_FUNCTIONS INTEROP_VIRTUAL_TABLE NET_40 PRELOAD_NATIVE_LIBRARY THROW_ON_DISPOSED TRACE TRACE_PRELOAD TRACE_SHARED TRACE_WARNING USE_PREPARE_V2 WINDOWS ucMap1 Created ucMap DockFill set. Setting Map Mode Done Loading Map Control Loading FPL Control FPL Control Loaded Error in BuildFPRoute System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at P2A_2018.SIDPlan.Init(Boolean Force) at P2A_2018.FltPlan.BuildFPRoute(Boolean CalcTOD) FltPlan ActiveSID: -- - FltPlan ActiveAPPR: - GPS FlightPlan Changed Application frmP2AMain ended normally 02/28/2018 16:48:51
  13. I found this - it is for FSX, but should have some good info. It includes a tutorial flight. http://cdn.edgecast.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/556212/manuals/Airbus_A320321.pdf?t=1513788170
  14. I did my first 'real' flight in the A320U last night - this was after weeks of preparation. Weeks watching Blackbox711 videos and reading the Flight Crew Training Manual, and also the excellent training links provided on this forum. I do not think that a tutorial from FF would have been any help at all, even if one was possible. There is SO MUCH you need to know, it is just impractical. It is not like (say) getting in the DHC-6 and flying from A to B. You don't even tune the radios for the ILS. Flying this plane with no mistakes is extremely difficult. I think it is one of those aircraft that you simply need to put the hours in to get proficient. And this is where the 'study level' bit comes in and is what a lot of us like. It is nothing to do with elitism - I don't know any other flight simmers at all, so there is nothing to be elite about. It is the joy of finally doing a perfect flight, knowing that it has taken you 3 months to get to this point. I usually fly Boeings and used to think that the Airbus system was simpler, ie you are just a bus driver. It is certainly more automated, but it is not simpler. I would even go so far as to say it is more complex, but perhaps that is because I am comparing a 738 with an A320. Just taking off is a complex task. One surprising (and great) discovery was the fly by wire is great. I came in way too high on the approach and in normal circumstances it would have been a go around. But for fun I kept going and still landed perfectly. Very impressive.
  15. Some good pointers. I think I had the GS set to 300kts, which I think was way too slow. On most of my flights in Queensland, there is (I think) only one Center Controller - and that is in Brisbane a 1000km to the south. There might be one in Cairns as well. It is a big state. A number of regional airstrips don't have tower controllers either. It is not a problem.
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