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  1. Yes, the C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\ is on my C drive with those subfolders. So, I should edit the registry value to point to the Trainers folder within C:\ProgramData\Garmin?
  2. The GTN launches and appears fine. No terrain or objects appear on the GTN screen. The trainer is on drive C.
  3. The database for the GTN 650 and 750 does not load. Unable to discern a fix. The following HKEY "WOW6432Node\Garmin\Trainers" entries were found: "BinPath": C: Program Files (x86)\Garmin\Trainers "DataPath": C:Program Files (x86)\Garmin\Trainers "DBDataPath": This line entry is absent; neither the "DBDataPath" nor any related file location reference appears. Other directory and files present on C and D drives: Location: C:\Program Files(86)\Garmin\GNS Trainer\GNS\DB (with subfiles) BMAP.BIN, terrain.adb, terrain.odb, TERRAIN.TBD, worldwide.bin Location: D:\Program Files (x86)\Launcher (with subfile) Aviation_Trainer_Launcher.exe Do not recall during the install if "Databases + GTN" was selected, though I tried to carefully follow all instructions. The database appears to be on drive C:\ although there is a link to the launcher installed on drive D:\, shown above. An installed Reality XP GTN 430/530 works fine with no issue connecting to its database.
  4. The “reinstall” procedure was not going to work. Going to the directory where the 430W was downloaded and launching the install *.exe, the install worked perfectly. Oddly, when I later purchased and downloaded the 530W package, it installed without a hitch from within the F1 install wrapper as designed. I have no idea why there was an install freeze during the first download.
  5. Install worked once I guessed at and launched the *.exe file installed in the RXP directory where the key and other files were lodged by the install program.
  6. unfortunately, the install wrapper will no longer let me do a reinstall, as it doesn't recognize my purchase, nor my F1 credentials, so I am unable to get back to that install screen to see if the alt+tab work around will solve this inigma. My only option appears to be to purchase the program a second time!
  7. Just purchased GNS 430 for xp-11 (and intend to purchase the 530 too). Installation was working (download of the Garmin sim), until the GNS 430 installment screen opened, asked me to wait while the program installed, and then froze without action. Waited about 20 minutes and nothing happening. Then tried reinstall from the install software that downloaded after the purchase. It would not recognize my order, although I have an account with F1 where the order appears. Have no idea what to try next. Tell me how and I'll send a screen shot of the installment screen that froze if that could help.
  8. Adding to Dave’s reply, in addition to radio clearance to enter Class Bravo, and 2 way comm with Class Charlie tower before entering its airspace, assuming the controllers are operating during designated hours, Class Delta also requires two way comm with tower before entry. AIM 4-3-2.
  9. Jeff Kanarish, one for VFR nd one for IFRDuring my pilot training I found this book helpful, “Say Again, Please; Guide to Radio Communications”, by Bob Gardner. More than just a comm guide, the author fully explains every aspect of coordination with ATC, non-towered airports, ground movement, and moving from your parking spot to flying through Class Bravo, and when and where to push the PTT button. My own copy I cut out the book’s pages and scanned them to my iPad as a pdf to keep for reference. You might check with your local library. Mine has hard copies and electronic versions, but it’s a reference you will do well to add to your library. Another source would be two “Radio Mastery” books by Jeff Kanarish, one for VFR operations and one for IFR, very easy reads and thorough.
  10. The GTN 650 download wrapper (for installing to X-Plane) will not find my Windows "Desktop" where X-Plane is installed on my computer. It only identifies drives A and B. The Desktop folder does not appear in either of those. What is required or suggested so the install program will allow me to identify the Desktop folder where my X-Plane folder is located?
  11. I have the av charts now. Many thanks. 🤗
  12. No joy displaying Av Charts. Unable to locate/identify specific setting in Reader DC for exclusivity. Have set it as default app for all pdf's in the Windows settings. What file type is the av chart? Thinking I may have a conflicting setting with Adobe Acrobat Pro on this computer.
  13. Aviation sectional charts no longer display after moving pilot2atc onto a new computer. Adobe Reader DC is installed on the C drive, designated the default program for pdf's. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  14. As a licensed private pilot, my understanding is the CTAF, or Common Traffic Advisory Frequency, is indicated on aviation charts near the airport identified as a small "c" within a circle, or the FAA Chart Supplement (formerly, "A/FD") under the Communications segment . That's the frequency to self-announce on. I'm new to Pilot2ATC, so I do not yet know if the program works this way. The Unicom frequency usually connects with the FBO at an airport, i.e., a commercial business, where you can call for fuel, arrange a rental car, ask for eyes on the sky about current weather or conditions, etc. Pilots will be listening to the ctaf for action by other local traffic.
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