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  1. RC1 this week? So how's the AA and blurry texture improvement? if any? with very similar configuration in XP11 I'm getting a very nice AA result definitely better than XP12. Yes I know is beta and maybe I'm missing something.
  2. Is the size of the bigger textures in 4k.
  3. Hi, what is the difference between the DC-3 and DC-3 enhanced? Yesterday I reinstalled my whole MSFS copy to a larger dedicated SSD drive and saw that the DC-3 with its classic and retrofit panels were installed, however there is an additional 6gb pack DC-3 enhanced not installed in the content manager. Thanks in advance. Ok found the answer! No need for replies thanks!
  4. Such a wonderful plane! for free! I had the chance to visit it in Long Beach when I was 15. Regarding the systems, there is a nonfunctional AP, is that correct? Is there a way to turn AP on for long flights?
  5. For me because of the fluidity perception, that good sensation of having enough hardware, maybe is a very kinesthetic feeling of joy, relax, peace of mind, etc.
  6. I'm seeing an eye adaptation improvements, I don't use VR, so that fix is both modes? with and without VR? I can finally look my panel normal and the outside not so bright as before. If that was fixed, was a great fix.
  7. Hi, Did they fix the upper panel light shimmering?
  8. Hi Paul, Is that your repaint? It looks amazing! Now that the plane is in the marketplace will buy it.
  9. Oh my! my jaw is on the floor. A 4090? would need to find pipes to be connected to my PC toaster fans and make them go somehow outside my house. I don't think my room a/c can deal with that beast.
  10. Yea! Not a bad idea… will order one swimming pool as a cpu cooler. 😂
  11. Thanks God for the a/c in my room, with the toaster required to fly these simulators the room ambient temperature is always raising.
  12. Not a seasoned XP user here (let's leave that to the XP Tigers here) but I understand that f-act/sec is you're actual FPS, for cpu and gpu times the lesser values the better, for example in your readings, your gpu is struggling a little more than your cpu and maybe the gpu is the bottlenecking part, the other parameters I'm not sure.
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