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  1. Is this a bings maps textures update worldwide? if this is the case, the results are horrendous, the updated textures are of lower resolution in many areas and not in sync with the houses or buildings on the ground in several areas. The new colors also don't blend well with other areas, this is the case of the area I fly the most, my country, Ecuador. Previous textures, even if outdated, were nicer, crispier and with better colors. Btw, I'm not planning to use the google maps utility. Can anyone please confirm if this is the case?
  2. Hi, ok, that was also my situation with my previous 2K monitor, not so crisp inside cockpit textures. For testing reasons then, I configured in the NV control panel a custom resolution up to 4K and used it with my 2K monitor and wow! crisp cockpit textures! The 4K graphics were like shrunk or compressed in the 2K monitor, that gave some sort of automatic AA, improving more the whole graphics quality, it is a very interesting experiment if you have the hardware capable of moving 4K graphics. Maybe you could try it with your 1080p monitor to see if your inside cockpit textures are crispier with that trick. With 4K, your crisp textures issue will be gone.
  3. Sometimes, when bored and with lots of time I connect my PC to my LG OLED 55 inch room TV, those with 120hz gaming mode and wow! the HDR is amazing! the rest of the time I use my normal 4k LG monitor with HDR off, even if capable, but OLED technology is from another world.
  4. Hi, I can't paste my screenshot of my settings but a 4090 (like mine) with 1080p resolution is a total waste in the first place. This card is for 4k graphics, are you using a 4k monitor? If you are able to afford a 4090, for sure you may get a decent 4k monitor very cheap. In fact, imho, XP12 and MSFS are designed around 4k resolution. Anyway, first check that your texture quality should be at maximum, you have 24gb of VRAM. Don't use FSR supersampling, set to OFF. You're AA setting could be at 2x MSAA, anything more would be a waste of resources until XP12 improves that in v12.10., this is what I use for 4k resolution. And finally, set the anisotropic filtering at 16x. That's for starters. Good luck.
  5. INI stepping on the toes of FBW, first with the A320 Neo and now with the A380 🤣
  6. Off topic, but that video broke my heart, as a new user of a RTX 4090 I started to understand the hassles of having such a massive piece of hardware. Luckily mine came with the support piece for the card so was easily installed horizontally and well supported with that piece. Also noticed how delicate is the power adapter cable and the legend do not bend the cable how real is, that gave me some headaches because my Corsair case isn't wide enough for this card and had to remove the side glass and left the case open. With the glass on, had the dreadful black screens because the cable was somehow bent.
  7. Ah great and thanks for the explanation, hope to see X-Plane v12.10 soon with all the visual new goodies.
  8. Great! Pardon my ignorance, but what would be the Nvidia equivalent, if any? of that AMD fidelity FX.
  9. So it is most probably that today will be available in the marketplace too.
  10. Ah... Had to set a custom resolution of 4k in Nvidia control panel and use it in my 2k monitor with XP12, it helps, but decreases the frames.
  11. When will be the antialiasing addressed? 12.07? For now, 4x MSAA or the heavier 8x won't make any difference with my RTX 3080ti in 12.06b2, and FXAA with 2k monitor doesn't look good to me.
  12. Hmmm, definitely the clouds seem to be much better. Maybe because is beta 1, the AA may be disabled in some areas. Will see in the next betas or RCs. The textures are crispier now, good, they said to improve the VRAM. And now........ the frames: are doubled! 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Don't know the changelog, must run the updater, won't appear the notification on startup.
  14. I also tested the output dynamic range in Nvidia panel from full to limited (never did that before) in a LG 32" 1440p monitor (no HDR capable) in Win11, and the obvious results was a less vivid colors, in desktop and in XP12, too less vivid colors that I found unbearable for my eyes. The interesting part is that in XP12, is like a feel of a smoother image, with less jaggies and shimmering, however I know that is not the case because I really looked very carefully and those effects are still there. Anyway, it was a good shoot to try, because I really like XP12 and I'm hoping the best for the developers in improving the visual quality in the next versions, for now I'm too flying more in XP11 than XP12.
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