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  1. You should be good with this script as you now won't have VC shadows then you'll have more brightness overall in the cockpit. It also will depend on specific aircraft, time of day position of the sun, etc, Finally check your gamma settings. When I used this script always had more brightness in cockpit overall.
  2. Hi you may try this lua script, don't remember who did this script, just create a text file with .lua with the following 2 lines: set("sim/private/controls/caps/use_csm", 0.000000) set("sim/private/controls/perf/disable_shadow_prep", 1.000000) You will need the flywithlua plugin located at the org. And your VC shadows will be gone, just remember that you will loose all your aircraft shadows on ground and on plane in external view however you may get a boost in fps. Good luck,
  3. I also see a new type of clouds perhaps? Can we expect a new cloud rendering system with particle?
  4. Hi, instead of ditching the plane I would suggest looking at the proper carenado forum at the org and post your issue, I'm sure the devs will come out with a solution, BTW I don't have the XP11 version of this plane yet.
  5. alexcolka

    PMDG DC-6 X-Plane 11 Manual Install

    Hi Brandon, I did it with an earlier version however don't remember if 11.02 or 11.05 on those days (more than a year ago I guess), the installer went fine, I have a digital copy too so I guess that there is no other way around right now other than having XP10 or wait for the official update soon, don't know about wrapped packages, sorry.
  6. alexcolka

    PMDG DC-6 X-Plane 11 Manual Install

    Don't know if possible with earlier versions of XP11, maybe 11.02 or 11.05? when DC-6 was able to load without the tricks needed in later versions. You may try to install a fresh copy of XP11 with your original discs if those are earlier versions and not updating the sim, not sure if possible with digital copy of XP11. Good luck.
  7. alexcolka

    Ground speed.

    John use SHIFT T to cycle between speed factors 2x 4x 8x 16x and 0, don't remember if that was my key binding or default, you can search for "ground speed" in settings, keyboard.
  8. alexcolka

    Wind Tamer...

    Thanks for the explanation what happens with the script about clouds re draws, hope you can mitigate or kill that side effect that could kill the immersion in that critical phase of flight when in final approach.
  9. alexcolka

    Wind Tamer...

    I just tested this script for only 5 minutes because I found on my end that this script made clouds redraws too often with default weather and clouds.
  10. alexcolka

    XP 11.20r1 is out

    This would be nicer instead of the running deers
  11. alexcolka

    XP 11.20r1 is out

    When XP12 is released, I guess the priority will be modeling more accurately the physics of the running deers and flying birds
  12. Don't know or not sure about the airliners update but you could search for Zibo Mod for the default 737-800 which is perhaps the best freeware airliner yet (for any simulation in my opinion), is an almost complete mod that competes without a problem with many payware planes. Look at the org. Good luck,
  13. alexcolka

    ToLiss A319 Released

    Sorry 20 more bucks.
  14. alexcolka

    ToLiss A319 Released

    I think I may pass on ToLiss for the price, 10 more bucks and I can get the FF Airbus, however let's see what is JAR doing to his A320, they are working silently in a big update and perhaps may be a discount for current customers in XP11.
  15. I just got this addon, indeed is really top notch quality, is this the standard or turbo version? I can't tell. Thanks,