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  1. Hi, not sure if all settings like the Toliss wonderful A319 but at least you can control and save sound settings separately for all planes using a lua script named "B2VolumeControl", look at the org.
  2. I dream with the 30 fps minimum with all the default clouds.
  3. Or perhaps like those wedding cakes you take at the end of the party you know, your portion wrapped in aluminum foil and store it in the fridge for some days and then is much better when you eat it. Let's give some days to the devs to iron those issues. I still don't have the v2 but I will once they update the plane.
  4. Saw that too, I'm just dreaming about the Connie with those lovely PBR reflections.
  5. I love the historical weather mode, for that reason I consider AXP essential plus the other great features.
  6. Yes 93 is kind of a fisheye view, it is a very subjective matter and depends entirely on observer, perhaps the 75 value is the most used, I'm happy with that value too and is more or less similar to what I was seeing and used to in my FSX days. Not sure if greater value may decrease frames because you're seeing more wider view.
  7. Good thread, just what I needed, so also wanted to ask how much benefit is to have Windows in one drive and X-Plane solely in another drive, I'm not running in SSD just yet, my drives are 1 TB for system where actually X-Plane is located and have a spare 1 TB empty drive where I'm planning to move my X-Plane folder, your opinions will be appreciated. Thanks,
  8. My favs: Citation II from Carenado Premier Jet from Carenado Eclipse 550 NG from Aerobask and something bigger the Embraer Legacy 650 from X-Crafts
  9. Also ActiveSky XP and latest SMP v4.8 not bad at all too, giving it a new try.
  10. And looks fantastic! in the org, any early adopters?
  11. Nice to see JF extending more add-ons to XP11 not just aircraft (best GAs BTW).
  12. Great news on the SAAB Goran, any news on the DC-3? Thanks!
  13. Great news Airfighter! Is it possible to lower a bit the gloss of the instruments? Sometimes the glass panels look too white or washed out, anyway is just a preference. Many thanks for such a gift for the community.
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