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  1. Updated last night everything ok for now, no noticeable fps drop but indeed more vram usage as some reported and said is for future Vulcan implementation.
  2. alexcolka

    XP Take off Question

    Check your control sensitivity in settings, don't use stability augmentation (set to zero), this slider interferes a lot with the flight dynamics.
  3. This is useful sometimes when lacking pedals or when my twist axis of my joystick sometimes go crazy. My problem with this feature is when with lot of takeoff crosswind the autorudder function also uses aileron and my plane banks on ground worsening the situation. Other than that this feature may be really helpful.
  4. alexcolka

    11.30RC1 Performance

    Hahaha! I almost fell off my chair when I read your post, very good one John! Joke appart when XP reach RC status always performance return to normal at least this is what I saw since a lot of betas before. Cheers
  5. alexcolka

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Let's hope at least after XP 11.30 goes final that some news about future XP developments could be made by the team, I know nothing is certain but we just can hope for some news (as a xmas present?)
  6. Hi, When I see in data output window in XP11 (upper left corner) I see say, 30 deg c in a given airfield but in ASXP weather conditions screen I see 18 deg c in same given airfield, so, is the data output window of XP11 (very useful for me) not in sync with the weather injected by ASXP? Thanks,
  7. alexcolka

    Considering to buy XP10

    Or you could wait for 11.30 to be final download the demo and try it, there are many fixes and improvements coming.
  8. alexcolka

    Carenado in X-Plane

    Once you activate your C90 with your serial you need to reload your aircraft from developer menu or restart the sim then your two mechanics (in fact the pilots) won't show anymore in the external views.
  9. alexcolka

    Active Sky for X-Plane

    Absolute good news, at least a good wind and turbulence depiction is mostly welcome.
  10. Many thanks Airfighter!
  11. You should be good with this script as you now won't have VC shadows then you'll have more brightness overall in the cockpit. It also will depend on specific aircraft, time of day position of the sun, etc, Finally check your gamma settings. When I used this script always had more brightness in cockpit overall.
  12. Hi you may try this lua script, don't remember who did this script, just create a text file with .lua with the following 2 lines: set("sim/private/controls/caps/use_csm", 0.000000) set("sim/private/controls/perf/disable_shadow_prep", 1.000000) You will need the flywithlua plugin located at the org. And your VC shadows will be gone, just remember that you will loose all your aircraft shadows on ground and on plane in external view however you may get a boost in fps. Good luck,
  13. I also see a new type of clouds perhaps? Can we expect a new cloud rendering system with particle?
  14. Hi, instead of ditching the plane I would suggest looking at the proper carenado forum at the org and post your issue, I'm sure the devs will come out with a solution, BTW I don't have the XP11 version of this plane yet.
  15. alexcolka

    PMDG DC-6 X-Plane 11 Manual Install

    Hi Brandon, I did it with an earlier version however don't remember if 11.02 or 11.05 on those days (more than a year ago I guess), the installer went fine, I have a digital copy too so I guess that there is no other way around right now other than having XP10 or wait for the official update soon, don't know about wrapped packages, sorry.