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  1. Great! Will this be the final X-Plane 11 version?
  2. Everybody seems to be trying to guess the price for this addon, as an owner of one copy for X-Plane, I know this addon have lots of polygons, what is the hardware requirements for MSFS? is it posted anywhere? Can we guess on that too please?
  3. 🤣🤣🤣 you made my day with this! that's why I'm happy with default planes for now in MSFS, for the serious stuff I fire up my other sim.
  4. I'm considering ultimately in doing this. What problems did you encounter?
  5. Saw the whole thread, thanks again for pointing it out, yet to try that one. Don't get it why the normal procedure of moving the app from the settings wont work, I'm not so comfortably with many files leftovers in drive C if I do that procedure manually.
  6. Everything is set according to that reddit post, still no luck but many thanks.
  7. I can't move my MSFS installation from my C SSD drive to a new dedicated D SSD drive using Apps & Features in Settings and I'm getting "We couldn't move Microsoft Flight Simulator the operation did not complete successfully. Try again in a bit. The error code is 0x80073d0b, in case you need it." BTW the new empty SSD drive is NTFS formatted and working properly. Not sure is this topic must be here or in another place, please help. Thanks,
  8. Hope the real weather could model the strong crosswinds SEQM is famous for in the dry season about to begin.
  9. Yay! I love that plane! Had a chance to fly in one in 1990, so how good is that dev? I must be extra careful with my next purchases from now on in MSFS after a recent big disappointment.
  10. In a nutshell I'm loving this plane, finally took the plunge and purchased my copy, yep best Carenado release for MSFS so far, lovely sounds! I got the v1.0.1 from the store so don't know what fixes were made.
  11. XE is really great. Was fine for me with 1080p, I recently upgraded to Gsync QHD monitor and frames tanked, hope v1.17 in the works will improve performance with new spherical buffer being worked on.
  12. On the fence... So, in a nutshell, is this product really good?
  13. Agree with you Martyn, excellent product, updates, support, quality and very decent price for what we get, thank you.
  14. Hello, This is exactly what I was about to ask, I locked at 30 frames in nvidia inspector with vsync on (almost always getting those frames), inside MSFS settings, frames set to unlimited and no vsync with a standard 27" 1080p 60hz monitor but there are the occasional mirco stutters that I would like to get rid of. With a 144 or more Hz G-sync monitor, and with frames still locked at 30, would I benefit with that kind of gaming monitor? Please help with this because I'm seriously thinking in upgrading my monitor. Thanks,
  15. Is it just me or the hotfix also fixed the messy taxi lights and billboards? I never read the full hotfix notes.
  16. I must admit that since I got Xenviro (and if you are lucky enough to run it pretty smooth) I almost not touching MSFS. God how a good lighting and cloud system may be a game changer, although XE have it own quirks.
  17. Excellent news! a classic propliner low and slow for enjoying the beautiful scenery, not to mention in the challenging Andes.
  18. Sadly the only way for having a basic 787 right now is upgrading the MSFS edition. In first time I knew if I bought just the standard edition then I would be asking my self all the time about the extra planes if worth or not (this is so subjective to each), I don't want to open a super mega thread if the extra planes worth or not but I least I'm calm knowing what I got and ended my debate before it could start. Anyway my own experience, at first for me the 787 was almost unflyable until one update ruined the virtual cockpit shadows and finally the immersion was totally killed and I never touched the plane again. Now with latest updates Asobo fixed VC shadows and the plane is a lot more flyable, almost enjoyable.
  19. I think your description of the performance of the FBW Airbus seems credible to me compared to stock Airbus, at least I remember some numbers like yours, I definitely think something happened to stock Airbus regarding climb performance with latest updates.
  20. The stock Airbus likes to climb at 320 kias in managed mode, it seems that the cost index parameter has no effect in this model (but I could be mistaken).
  21. Glad I'm not alone on this, I'm noticing this behavior since the update that spoiled AP.
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