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  1. Wailbal

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    You have to add them manually one by one: - Tap on the “Ai Aircarft (x)” on the top right of the aircraft selection menu - If you have aircafts listed there, tab on “Edit” beside it - Select “World Traffic (Other)”, you will not see this option if you don’t install WT3 properly. - You can add more aircarfts as you like the same way - Make sure to untick “Randomize aircraft each flight”, just as the 1st picture in beginning of this post. Enjoy
  2. Wailbal

    Aussie FO

    Hi Russel is my Australian FO for a long time in Emirates airlines, see the video: It is Ivona voice available from couple of sources, you can find him and test here, select Australian English then Russell : https://speech2go.online/
  3. Wailbal

    Eclipse 550

    Showing on EFIS working on the default aircrafts like the SF50, but not in the Eclipse 550
  4. Wailbal

    Eclipse 550

    Thanks for the explanation, but I couldn’t manage to make it to work. But anyway, for this particular aircraft I found a way that suits me, since I only fly in VR: - I use the RXP GTN to cover the right screen (since I don’t use it), and this 750 is the main one for navigation - The default GTN, I use it for charts and checklists only - I use the “Black Magic beta plugin” to interact with the touch screen in VR, for autopilot As shown in my video here.
  5. Wailbal

    Eclipse 550

    How is this done, is it automatic or should I do something in the settings?
  6. Wailbal

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    This information is new for me, thanks
  7. Thanks Dave for the reply, this will do for now. It would be nice to add those features in future updates
  8. Hi Dave I use your product a lot, but we want some more excitement, it tried to look for that feature in the documentation, but couldn't find it. Is there a way to have "emergency situation", like reporting "mayday", "declaring emergency", "request victors to nearest tower" or " rejected takeoff" when a failure occur on the airplane, or even "sick passenger on board, request returning back" . Is it possible? Thanks Wail
  9. Wailbal

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    Do you see traffic around you or in TCAS radar? If no: please use the guide above to set the ai traffic on If yes: maybe you haven’t got into a situation to trigger the call out as Dave said, keep the traffice slider in WT3 to max to increase the chance
  10. *** NOTE: For recreation use only **** I'm no pilot and no relation to aviation but VR open for us something we loved as simmers since childhood, another full VR flight, this time a VFR short flight at TNCM (Princess Juliana Airport) in pattern, no FO this time, just me doing all tasks in VR, from walk around, checklists, communicating and of course flying the Beachhead Baron 58 (XP11 default) with the REP (Reality Expansion Pack) controlled by Pilot2ATC and World Traffic 3 in the AWD TNCM scenery, then also VR replays for the landing. Software: - Simulator: X-Plane 11.20r4 - Aircraft: Defalut Beechhead Baron 58 with Reality Expansion Pack (REP) - ATC: Pilot2ATC (V2.5.0.2_x64) - AWD TNCM scenery - Traffic: World Traffic 3 (V3.1.9) Hardware: - CPU : i7-7700K OC 4.8Ghz - GPU : GTX 1080 - RAM : 32 GB - VR : Samsung Odyssey WMR - OS : Windows 10 Enjoy Wail
  11. Wailbal

    Assigning arrival gate

    Thanks gentlemen, I’ll give it a try
  12. Wailbal

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    It happened to me once, there was a plane on the runway, as it started rolling the ATC asked me to lineup and wait. It didn't happen again, with many variation I tried
  13. Wailbal

    Assigning arrival gate

    On arrival at KDEN I asked ATC to taxi to gate B27 (which I have Autogate moving jetway and digital guiding system within the scenery) and it did, as the video shows But what if I want to set a couple to gates that it will taxi me to any one of them when I plan the flight, it is possible?
  14. Hi everyone Do you try to let the ATC direct to to a particular gate on arrival on the planning stage?
  15. Thanks for that, I was about to open a subject for help on this. It wasn’t doing this before, I didn’t know what happened to let it act like this, but I try your advise.