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  1. It works fine now after editing cfg file, when I talk to Pilot2ATC by pressing space bar, will not confuse FO Thanks
  2. For "Better Pushback" the keystroke will initiate the "pushback planner" which is not working good with VR so far, I tried Jardesign Tugmaster, no keystrokes. So I'll stick to the default careless pushback guy for the time
  3. I'll give it a try ... Now here are my settings And for GHD, I found a ready made set for the Zibo 737 in HERE
  4. Thanks, I managed to set Voxkey to do it. Now I can give commands like “pushback to right” or “pushback to the left” for the defualt XP11 pushback services. I also use it for calling defualt ground services, or the Jardesign GHD. I’m a happy simmer now
  5. First of all thanks for the fabulous support in my first day wiyh you as customer. Nice addon, keep the good work. I’ll give the Voxkey a try. I’m disabling MCE atc, and using sapcebar to talk to Pilot2ATC , fine with me, just wish if the sapcebar will mute FO
  6. OK, so is there a way to program Vox Scrips for s keystroke to do this?
  7. Thanks for the reply... I'm flying in VR so I prefer not to access any menus, I'm usin Pilot2ATC with IVONA sounds (the same sound selected it to MCE FO and work amazing), and great job by the way, can't fly with out it. Stuart, I'll try JAR GHU, but how can you give voice commands to MCE to start Better Pushback to start
  8. I'm using Zibo 737 in XP11, when I try to contact the ground, the aircraft just jumps to a other location !!! Is there a help? Can I use the default XP11 ground services and "better pushback" plugin for the pushback?
  9. Hi everyone I was having a problem with Ivona sound packs in P2ATC, it crashes as soon as the speech starts. I found that the problem was in my side and sloved it, just like to share this with you. I’m use a utility program called “Process Lasso” to limit all applications on 1 core of the CPU only, the 3 remining reseverd only XP11 to boost the performance. After opening all cores for P2ATC, Ivona sounds is working like charm.
  10. Thanks Dave, I'll pass this to Zibo and hope to have something worked out
  11. Hi Dave I really enjoy Pilot2ATC, I fly on XP11 using Zibo 737 in VR. It would be more immersive to use the Mic button on the top left of the 737 VR cockpit as PTT. In P2ATC setting I can assign keyboard or joystick only. I already talked to to developer of the aircraft and he asked if you have a command for the PTT. If this didn't work, can we map any button on the VR controller to do that? Thanks in advance