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  1. I have uninstalled WT3 and switched to Traffic Global for the FPS gain, which I need in VR. with TG and 11.50B10 still no traffic in TCAS, but I can see it is shown in P2A
  2. Hi Rolf I think none of the traffic can be shown in TCAS with 11.50 as I understood Laminar made changes on the way the AI traffic appears. My post before was on WT3 and I switched to Traffic Global, but until update 11.50B10 still not appearing in TCAS. I've been following the forum here and I think David here is figuring it out, still I love P2A I'm continuing using it, BTW 11.50 still in beta. Regards ,,, Wail
  3. Thanks, Just one small question: If I uninstall, I’ll loose the MCE speech training? Or it is a Windows thing that will stay?
  4. I tried this method many times, but failed (V1.5.0.8) As soon as the BP starts to connect, it disconnect again, I tried many scenarios with MCE and BP even with the option "Keep Mech on push" on/off in MCE or "auto disconnect" on/off in BP, still the BP connect and disconnect, a/c not moving. It works with "Keep Mech on push" off. but the mechanic disconnect I found a temporary dirty trick to fool your mechanic 😜 - I keep the option "Keep Mech on push" off - I give the command "ground are you ready for pushback", to BP will start - When Mech disconnect and BP start moving the plane, I ask "cockpit to ground", so the Mech is connected and he continues with BP - At the end he disconnect by "ground you may leave" but he didn't disconnect BP, I did it manually (ran out of tricks) Please have a look at the video with the process from startup until taxi flow, I'm sure you can spot something to enhance. But I have two more observations : - As you can see, I used the VOXKey to give command for JD GHD "disconnect ground services" and PFX2020 "start boarding" the voice there can it match MCE PTT voice? - MCE flight check in the Toiliss A321 give feedback on up and down, but not left and right Here is the video, and as usual I can't help to goof with some cinematic accelerated takeoff from Dubai
  5. Thanks I'll give it a try, every time I'm learning new things in MCE to add to immersion.
  6. Thanks fir the hint, definitely I’ll use it, it make things close to real, as you can see I used IVONA voices which is closer to human way of speak, with those small corrections make it immersive.
  7. The beauty of MCE that can take the load F/O tasks, so you can enjoy flying as real as it can get. In VR in particular, you don't want to open menus or sneak to the desktop to start pushback for example. I use "Better Pushback" plugin in X-Plane, which is awesome addon, but I wanted MCE to do the job for me, and I came across this, maybe some knew it before in P3D for GSX I think, but here is the way for X-Plane: - Open MCE General tap, tap "more options" - Tap config file, press ok - Go down until you find [MECHANIC] section -Change the value of "PushWithGSXandAES=1", save the file Now in X-Plane, I plan the pushback before get into VR, then I ask the command to MCE "Ground are you Ready for pushback", and the Better Pushback starts. see the video @ 43:21. What I wish: - I think the mechanic hands over to Better Pushback and disconnect, it would be nice to still have his voice "Rotation" and saying "Ignition" - Is there a way to disconnect Better Pushback with MCE? I do it manually Thanks
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh7sC9gjzUY&feature=youtu.be Here is the video for the Toliss A321, I know it's long, but in the description there is the index. I'm sure you can spot things I should do, or shouldn't, but here what I found: - MCE can't control Nav & strop lights (during power up or shut down) - MCE didn't switch on Squak and TA/RA in before T/O flow, also strop light - Even that the mic is muted when I talked to IVAO ATC by pressing the PTT, but sometimes (rarely) the MCE still gets my sound. see @ 49:18
  9. I’m working on a video to explain the full flight, I don’t have the A319, but I can say that MCE is working better with A321 than the FF A320, at least for me. Appreciate the proactive gesture
  10. Yes, it is working with the latest update , thanks so much This takes me to another question: is there a way to update without uninstalling and installing?
  11. When you are inside VR cockpit in X-Plane 11, every single details matters ... traffic, ATC, FO, crew, background boarding and landing music, you just feel there, last thing you want to break your immersion by switching to desktop or remove the headset to do a task your FO should do. I want to show case this plugin which I really prefer when flying VR and online, it is super helpful .. Multi Crew Experience (MCE), what is does; it makes a whole aircraft crew under your command (voice command), a helping hand inside VR, many can understand me when struggle trying to change the squick code , with MCE you just tell the FO and he'll do it for you, check lists, lights and many more ... so you focus on flying. This video streamed and edited for full VR night flight from Madinah OEMA to Jeddah OEJN in Saudi Arabia in FF A320 flight SVA156 in IVAO network with live ATC and traffic, no explanations or comments in video trying to make it as real as it can get, as you know flying online can be overwhelming with traffic, on the timestamp on the video description, you can see how many tasks can MCE handle. Also list of the plugins use in the video. Long video? you can skip to the landing replay @ 44:00 Enjoy Wail SVA156 Watch the video here https://youtu.be/BssDY3FS_dI
  12. You have to add them manually one by one: - Tap on the “Ai Aircarft (x)” on the top right of the aircraft selection menu - If you have aircafts listed there, tab on “Edit” beside it - Select “World Traffic (Other)”, you will not see this option if you don’t install WT3 properly. - You can add more aircarfts as you like the same way - Make sure to untick “Randomize aircraft each flight”, just as the 1st picture in beginning of this post. Enjoy
  13. Hi Russel is my Australian FO for a long time in Emirates airlines, see the video: It is Ivona voice available from couple of sources, you can find him and test here, select Australian English then Russell : https://speech2go.online/
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