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  1. Adrian123

    who stole the plane

    Only thing proven is the poor state of Mental illness in America today and its just keeps getting amplified!
  2. Adrian123

    Recommendation on a non study-level Boeing for P3dv4?

    Let's see, was that Push Pull or Turn? 😉
  3. Adrian123

    LM-100J Aerobatics at Farnborough Airshow

    Cork screw the pilot claimed...
  4. Adrian123

    Recommendations for regional payware aircraft.

    Aerosoft CRJ is very good. Never find the PMDG level and they don't pretend to be..
  5. Adrian123

    Aerosoft A318/9

    NOT for 150 bucks IMO!
  6. Adrian123

    Aerosoft A318/9

    greatly admiring the Aerosoft Airbus.I stayed away from FSL.
  7. Adrian123

    Aerosoft A318/319 on Windows 7

    Works just fine on Win7.
  8. Are we confusing Addon Scenery with addon Modules?
  9. I could never get it to work in 4.2, (Graphically) so havn't even bothered with 4.3.
  10. Adrian123

    Throwing in the towel

    I've been using simconnect network since 2007, 2 or 3 years just learning it. The biggest issue I have found is the Computer network setup being correct. I understand the frustration.
  11. Adrian123

    v4.3 cannot find the kc 130

    Cant say for sure but it looks like the Captainsim C130?
  12. Adrian123

    v4.3 cannot find the kc 130

    The C130 is included in the Academic.
  13. What is a default 737 in P3D?
  14. I have a Gigabyte Gaming 5 with a 2600k and 8 mb DDR3 memory. PM if interested. Make a deal.
  15. Adrian123

    P3D4.1 Netwaork pc

    if I recall, there is no manual instructions on networking Rex Skyforce weather engine. There is a topic at the forum for such. Again, if I recall.