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  1. The 650_750 combo download can be somewhat daunting to find. basically you go to the purchase page to download the updated installer or I quess Wrapper I should say..
  2. Another thing to try is disabling Turbo Boost in the BIOS.
  3. Thanks Rob, disabling ASUS 270K TurboBoost worked. I can get off the fence post now.
  4. I sure would be much easier in the interface and FSUIPC is brilliant! One of the items Xpalne has done well.
  5. I have the same setup as you Scott. Get "Micro" stutters, not really pauses but very minute stutters in quick turns. Tried everything here and there everyone suggested and things you couldn't imagine. Both P3DV3 and 4. Xplane 11 is smooth as silk. I'll set here on the fence post and read all the suggestions. :) . Unlimited, Vsync on seems the best for me.
  6. On the subject of FSUIPC, i use it mainly for throttle controller settings for different types of aircraft. I could probably do without it if P3D were to implement the capability to assigning different Axis, button configurations per aircraft such as X plane has done.
  7. To say FSUIPC is "Not essential" is very much dependent upon how one uses their sim. For my usage, it is 110% essential.
  8. I'm not sure anyone is asking for that or at least I am not but,as in Xplane, the ability to update with Navagragh or Aerosoft would be a move forward. But then again, that would require default FMS and Gps's to be able to use it. That would require much internal programming?
  9. I had/have 5.123a. Had the same issue as with 5.123c.
  10. I did. same issue. Like to know if it is perhaps an setting or something on my part? Need to verify. I've done many of theses updates following procedures and never had issues unless of course an add on is no longer compliant.
  11. No joy. Still the same 3sec looping with 5.123c. Thanks
  12. Thx, i'll do that. Just installed latest last night. :) _Didnt fix it with 5.123c.
  13. Yep, that's the case. 3 sec delay pauses. Disable FSUIPC module 5.123a and all is well. Back to previous version as FSUIPC way more important than any gains.
  14. Have/had the same issue. 3 sec delays/pauses. Only resolve is to disable FSUIPC 5.123a. module
  15. With FSUIPC installed, bad things are happening for me. Is it me or can that be confirmed?