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  1. Adrian123

    Shoutout for HiFi Simulations

    Must be something having to do specifically with your account because I don't see it? There is a dowload limit but it's 20. Besides, since buying AS for FS way back when, I have always downloaded the installer from HiFi's website.(full Install). I don't know and I don't doubt you. Wierd.. Thanks though, it reminded me save a copy of the download on my Backup ext. hdd.
  2. Adrian123

    trackir DIY clip

    By gosh. Found a use for all those plastic hanger that just...hanging around!
  3. Adrian123

    Shoutout for HiFi Simulations

    Fspilotshop? All I see is a $4.95 charge to order a CD backup unless I'm missing something, I just downloaded a copy and din't ask for any payments. I have 19 downloads remaining.
  4. I've loaded perhaps a dozen flight plans from Little Nav Map .fms and it works well.
  5. Adrian123

    Alabeo Support?

    Never really complained about their prices. Often wish they charged a little more and provided a HQ dynamics model. The modeler is fantastic.They look great. The systems and dynamics seem to be lacking IMO. The Thranda in Xplane done a great job
  6. Adrian123

    Alabeo Support?

    The do usually respond, but they certainly don't get in any hurry then it is, Read the FAQ. Unfortunate.
  7. Adrian123

    Alabeo Support?

    It's been that way for ages. Your purchase from Carenado/Alabeo aircraft mill and your pretty much on your own.
  8. With today's hacking and security, better get use to it!
  9. I di miss the 'In Sim" capability. Window.
  10. I'll try that Bill thanks for your help. I have it working using an FSUIPC assigned button and enabling keyboard shortcuts in the ini but I'll try a new aircraft folder ini..
  11. Caravan HD. The Not the EX.
  12. Kind of Impo..VERY important! 😉
  13. I see that also. So I shut it off. I don't know what that weather or data references it is reading? So I disables it because I am seeing in the sim what ASXP is portraying.
  14. Odd mine doesnt. But I worked around it. This is not the G100 model?