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  1. Adrian123

    Favorite Widebody - real life experience?

    Hands down. 787!
  2. Adrian123

    X-Plane v11.05r2 is out

    I'll stay with 11.26r2.
  3. Resolved by manually downloading and installing the Garmin Trainer 6.50.
  4. Installed the GTN 750 2.5.4 . The installer stated it would download the new trainer and install it but it never happened? Did i miss something?
  5. Adrian123

    Aerosoft Airbus A319 Professional Install

    It uses the remote addon xml installation.
  6. Since they are identical, the simulator and RW data andFor liability purposes, I would think it highly unlikely.
  7. Adrian123

    757 retirement - Boeing’s significant mistake?

    Why not just "Buy" a RJ division! Boeing to take over $4.75 billion Embraer unit, targeting Airbus-Bombardier
  8. Must have had a bad experience. Never had a problem. Yours may just be a bad experience which even happens, on occasion at my car dealership. Sorry.
  9. I would suggest the Aerosoft support forum. They are responsive and helpful. But, until then, I would uninstall, turn off all Virus programs and reinstall as Administrator.
  10. Adrian123

    Why is FS Tramp so unknown?

    IMO, Because today, there are better flight planner/moving maps and one or two are free. or donateware
  11. No. It is dedicated Garmin navdata.
  12. Adrian123

    Waiting for the 'Bus?

    "Voicing an opinion? " And opinion is what it is. Glad your clarified and qualified your statement.
  13. Adrian123

    who stole the plane

    Only thing proven is the poor state of Mental illness in America today and its just keeps getting amplified!
  14. Adrian123

    Recommendation on a non study-level Boeing for P3dv4?

    Let's see, was that Push Pull or Turn? 😉
  15. Adrian123

    LM-100J Aerobatics at Farnborough Airshow

    Cork screw the pilot claimed...