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  1. I find they do work sometimes but not always. Like it loses focus?
  2. Xp12? Ya right..then I will be able to retire with Medicare! 🙂
  3. Roll back to an older working release. 461.92 for me.
  4. Calling this junk a yet thousands by a Cartoon 737 in MSFS?
  5. "This will very soon be made available to our shop, affiliated shops and Microsoft. "...NOT YET?
  6. Starting to sound like commercial developers. Don't release broken things, FREE or not! Causes more confusion than not.🙂
  7. There are some issues with the starter ignition staying activated on one version, dont recall what. Not a big deal
  8. So why release a faulty AP and not wait until it can be fixed?
  9. Kinda like weather Radar? 😉 " It's not realistic and it will never work."
  10. Hopefully, addons get better! IMO, an average introduction. FS version is better.
  11. Guess you have never used CS757 Vnav? 🙂
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