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  1. 900's the ugliest of them all IMO. Like a stretched piece of Taffy.
  2. Unless one had been flying it for 17yrs, since 2004. 🙂
  3. People that lazy they cant enter a flightplan in an FMC? These are medium range aircraft and it isn't that difficult or time consuming to manually enter a flight plan. In fact, I find in more immersive. Now if you fly in Europe I somewhat understand it with their somewhat ridiculous 50 airport procedures and 25 million routes. Simbrief, like many things in life today has led to laziness, no thinking involved IMO. Take the quick and easy route! I still use it to generate routes, fuel and passenger loads but manually enter the data. Great TOOL.
  4. I agree. Unlike forums,. I find it to be a chat room basically.
  5. Hate is such a caustic word. To say you hate means misunderstanding and fear.
  6. It's something new an Lord knows society hates new and learning. I'm 70 and have no problem with Discord.
  7. I for one am not a big "Pretty" fan. I'll take very acceptable graphics and great fidelity any day over pretty and faulty..
  8. I was confused. So its in Germany not Baden, Austria.
  9. There is a reason they call her a "Maddog." 🙂
  10. I was. Using 130 knts climb and perhaps 12o0 at that altitude. I fell asleep. 🙂 Checking Flight aware C414. I'm seeing long distance cruise altitudes between oh 15K and 20K. and usually not that high. 30k would be dang close to the coffin corner continuously I would think. One example: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N414EM https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N79FW/history/20220415/2153Z/KGPM/KCDN
  11. Had forgot to arm alt capture one time. Fell out of the sky at 28000.
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