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  1. privilegue

    VNav not working

    In the off chance other people reading this, for me it is always the PERF page that i keep forgetting activating :) After that usually VNav starts to work.
  2. privilegue

    [P3Dv4] Error Unable to connect to activation server

    So for some unknown reason, I did what I should have tried before. I activated a VPN service and all of a sudden I could authenticate and activate no problem.. No idea as to why since I am sitting behind a business line and some proper infrastructure (managed by me) and I am 200% sure that precisionmanuals is not blocked on the firewall (hardware). So I dont know why but now it's activated, not going to question it either.
  3. privilegue

    [P3Dv4] Error Unable to connect to activation server

    Yeah found it myself and opened one thank you. I hope they can help, this is getting weird since I cleaned up absolutely everything and there is def. nothing blocking the connection on my end.. (or at least it shouldn't) what IP is the activation server running on?
  4. privilegue

    [P3Dv4] Error Unable to connect to activation server

    After complete fresh reinstall of p3dv4 still the same problem. Remember no other addons just clean p3dv4 and pmdg. Thanks.. (found the ticket section on precisionmanuals and opened one..)
  5. Hey guys, so after several reinstalls i am about to lose it here. I have read through all other threads related to this but cannot find any answers that would help me. I have restarted several times as well. FlexNet 64 is running ok no problem. No weird things inside of my hosts file either... The only thing that has changed for me is my hardware - mainboard cpu and gpu, so all other addons I am running asked for reactivation and they reactivated just fine.. I am about to reinstall P3D from scratch (which is a MASSIVE PAIN) with all the addons I currently have... pmdg is the only one that refuses to work.. I am getting to "Creating Context" and then it goes to error where it claims it cannot connect to activation server. Thanks alot,
  6. "Product Module 737NGX P4D.dll" has failed to download after 3 attempts. Please try again. ---- Keep getting this error, internet connection is fine as it has no problem downloading and getting all these other files? Anyone? Thanks
  7. So as per title, When using a XBOX One Controller and assigning like say the Y Button to a preset view, the view does not change anymore. This feature was still working fine a week ago (so with the initial p3d v4 update). Other controller inputs like buttons on a Saitek Throttle Quadrant are still working fine. It is like the button presses are not intercepted when the simulator is in FOCUS / ACTIVE. The xbox buttons do work when I focus on Chaseplane and push them.
  8. privilegue

    VERY Bad Reviews so far on Steam

    Please stop with the Early Access excuse it's gotten real old real fast. If you had half a brain you'd realise that Early Access is an excuse of Indie Developers to get Money in so that they can continue working on their software / game. It's gone far from the original intent of being truly "early access" or a BETA for that matter... So far FSW is a massive let down in terms of performance and pretty much everything else. The menus are annoying, the sound gives me ear cancer, the performance is outrageous (15-20 min loading screens on average)... I'd have wished for them to work longer on it and get it into a much better state, to me right now it looks and feels like they tried to beat P3D v4 which is well under way, and rushed it too quick. Does it have potential? Sure but without proper dedication this isn't a title that is going anywhere, but hey shouldn't complain competition is good right? Right?! Well it's no competitor right now.
  9. privilegue

    737NGX CTD on loading

    No need to be condescending, I got that the first time, was just trying to show to @downscc that it shows active nothing more.
  10. privilegue

    737NGX CTD on loading

    See image it shows active...
  11. privilegue

    737NGX CTD on loading

    Ah thank you very much. My confusion came from the operations center as it mentions me having 737NGX FSX:SE installed but does not say that its compatible yet. So I was under the impression this was already implemented. Thanks.
  12. privilegue

    737NGX CTD on loading

    Hey all, I am running FSX:SE and all seems to be ok. I have enough RAM and my RIG in general is good enough to handle anything I throw at it. Details: i7, 32GB RAM, GTX980 - Addons that are working: OrbX Global OrbX Vector OrbX OpenLC Europe OrbX EGHI FSGlobal 2010 FTX compatible PMDG 777 REX4 + Softclouds OpusFSX ezDok AS Twin Otter AS Airbus A318/319/320/321 + FS2CREW Airbus AS Mega Airport Dublin + London Heathrow + Barcelona AS MyTraffic 2013 FSDT KJFKv2 + Chicago O'hare BlackBox A330 + A340 prologue 0.8 FSUIPC (registered) eiresim LEAL RealAIr Duke Turbine v2 Polish Airports v3 SteveDX10 Fixer So here is the issue. I can select any airplane and sim will work fine, but as soon as I try and load 737NGX even with default house livery I get a CTD and am forced to close FSX. I have updated everything via Operations Center. So I would love to fly some legs with the NGX but right now thats just not an option. 777 is fine but what is the point when flying short haul. Thanks for any help
  13. privilegue

    737NGX CTD on loading

    IGNORE THIS --- I received 503 error multiple times when trying to post new topic, so please DELETE this one
  14. privilegue

    Anyone get p3d v2 to work with ezdok?

    Ok I am completely confused now, sorry. You talk about exe.xml having some sort of info for ezdoc? What info and where do I find this file?? Sorry about all this but I am completely lost right now. Heck I will pay the person who can clearly explain step by step on what to do please. e.g. Goto folder x -> do y , and so forth
  15. privilegue

    Anyone get p3d v2 to work with ezdok?

    Thank you, what if I only wanted to run P3d?