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  1. ...for a VATSIM event.
  2. Q400 after some time, and some EKYT for VATSIM event...
  3. ..the tilt shift comes from Reshade.
  4. earthdog

    RealAir Turbine Duke V2 in Prepar3d V4

    Anyone has a tomatoshade profile for turbine duke?
  5. earthdog

    747-8 on the job

    Thank God you uploaded your work in a new site !!! Very happy for your sig :))
  6. earthdog

    747-8 & 787

    The textures are from but unfortunately the site is down.. All my settings here:
  7. earthdog

    747-8 & 787

    yeap i tried this with also mip map enabled and AA up to 8xMSAA and it is still not good. I cant go to SS due to my 1070....In their forums its something that is mentioned by some people so i think they will fix it somehow.
  8. earthdog

    747-8 & 787

    Yes, indeed. No LNAV issues for me and no weather radar CTD also. They have brought out a hotfix for the nosedive also. What it really keeps me from flying all the time with it are the fonts!! They are almost not readable and iam talking on the fonts for the MCP etc not the ones that show up in the displays. Only if you zoom in they are clear.
  9. earthdog

    747-8 & 787

    Some recents from the new 747-8 and the updated 787...
  10. So either EFB or RESHADE for the time being.. Same here, even IE11 saved the login credentials the box appears every time.
  11. its not dxgi.dll for may have d3d9.dll or as i did , opengl32.dll
  12. Maybe its my case too. But i cant find the dxgi.dll in p3d folder....maybe opengl32.dll?