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  1. This means that if we connect to NZ VPN the metars would be ok , or MSFS will disregard it anyway?
  2. I also found this link for the same document , but has search capabilities and better looks. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/2119142/Honda-Hondajet-Ha-420.html?page=17#manual
  3. It was a favorite upon launch. v2 brought AAU1 avionics in to the mix, an di couldn't stop flying this little bird this weekend. Marvelous job! P.s. As always if you need the photos at full res , see my link in the sugnature.
  4. My preference list for now is A310,737,A320 ... I think that 737 is the one that is closer to reality and systems coverage though.
  5. Hi people! I have been flying almost exclusively the A310 by IniBuilds, since it came out. Here are some of the shots i have taken of her. I have a thing with heavies so naturally she got my attention.
  6. For now it is only in the Marketplace. No issues for me buying from there. I don't know if it will come out elsewhere since it looks like they are avoiding piracy via Marketplace.
  7. Thank you. All these are from my MSFS setup. I have a free gallery on my sig where you can see and download original sizes of them.
  8. From top to bottom: LGAV,NZGT,NZWN all payware for MSFS
  9. For me nothing is missing. Just the buildings are not "close to their real counterparts" and they are more generic buildings, but they are not missing. MSFS without Photogrammetry is like running our old sims with Photoreal everywhere and buildings autogen. I fly airliners more than VFR but i do not feel that i am missing anything. Now the photogrammetry that affects performance in MSFS "seems" to come from the photogrammetry that is added from World Updates and not all photogrammetry. Deleting the photogrammetry from the World Updates and leaving photogrammetry ON from General->Data option improves the performance as it would when you disable Photogrammetry all together. This suggests that something is wrong with World Update PG. BUT after so many years i am getting too old to spent my time adjusting FS, i disabled all PG and i am a happy man. Metrics: PG ON, FENIX A320, KBOS payware: FPS 24 PG ON, PG World Update deleted, FENIX A320, KBOS payware: FPS 41 PG OFF, PG World Update deleted, , FENIX A320, KBOS payware: FPS 41 I can now maintain 30 Locked FPS anywhere with VATSIM heavy traffic.
  10. Well the new update of the Fenix A320 with the combination of me disabling Photogrammetry gave me the breathing room i needed to enjoy it to the fullest.
  11. The new HondaJet for MSFS is quite good. At least it made me put CJ4 and TBM in the hangar. It has some quirks but they are being worked on. The one that annoys me is the tendency to mess up the lateral ILS interception, although i think it comes from Asobo / WT G3000.
  12. ... but here i am. Descending to Corfu LGKR Arriving at Ushuaia Over Greece Landing at Athens new Scenery for MSFS Landing at Chania LGSA RWY11
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