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  1. @Bobsk8, @SierraDelta I agree. But what about sceneries for airports? I do have also <10 aircrafts and basic mods. But you cant stay at that number with airports.
  2. One thing that i have learned good enough all these years with Flight simulators is to keep them stable as much as i can and focus on how fluid it runs and not the FPS. My setup is far from being top notch. (i7-8700k, 16GB RAM, 1070 8GB).I am from the “lucky” ones that did not experience CTD since the very first install of MSFS. Not until recently, with the last World Update. I started experiencing CTDs. I have spent the last days trying to figure out and eliminate the single (or not) cause of my CTDs. I have been reading the experience of other people with varying setups and varying cases where they got their CTDs. Tried all of the solutions around and checked many combinations. Until one week ago i had 650+ mods installed, including everything: Aircrafts,Sceneries,Liveries (not many of them),Utils. And everything worked ok. I concentrated to my cases and tried standard debugging procedures to eliminate and narrow down the cases and pinpoint the root cause(s). It would be rather tiring to outline all the different combinations that i tried , but here are my assessment of the situation currently, and what i am doing to have a CTD free experience: I couldn’t find one or more mods that create the issue! And that led me to another way of thinking for the solution. MS/Asobo are trying REALLY hard to make things better and create a state of the art Simulation and i am extremely happy about it… BUT the current situation shows that they rushed to publish the product. What happens during the last updates are signs that they are moving to the right direction as the are finding bugs and mistakes in the implementation. They do NOT choose to let things as they are and create yet another buggy flight sim. They are dropping or substantially changing implementations and adding features. Of course this big rate of changes , may affect backwards compatibility to the MSFS that it used to be one month before. On the other hand the rushed release is backfiring for many reasons. First because it is not finished. Second, there are much more people that discovered Flight Simulation and the community grow daily. Development tools are somewhat easier now than what they are for P3D/FSx etc and many people can jump and start developing… or “developing”… I will stick to “developing”. Lack or change of standards in every update , are not protecting the novice and new developers and i am afraid that the result is that we are full of free and payware mods that may look beautiful and give us what we need, but they are not well-behaved from developing standards point of view. Take a look for example in the common “modellib” issue. There are still well known payware sceneries that do not adhere to the naming standard! Microsoft / Asobo and the Community Developers are going forward in dark waters and that is something that will continue. That was eventually my assessment and here is what i am doing to be able to fly with MSFS. First of all , i am using exclusively MSFS Addons Linker program to organize my mods. I have directories in multiple drives with at least the following folders of mods: AIRCRAFTS, LIVERIES, BASIC_MODS. I haven’t categorize the sceneries and i will explain why. First of all i categorized AIRCRAFTS and LIVERIES in order to be able to enable / disable them easily. I foresee that there are going to be conflicts in these areas as we progress to the perfect MSFS, so i must be able to enable the ones i need to fly. BASIC_MODS contain the mods that are common and don’t create problems. Like Season Trees mod e.t.c What i do when i want to fly? I simply enable all AIRCRAFTS, LIVERIES, BASIC_MODS + ONLY the airports that i will need for my current flight. This has worked for me for the last days and i am happy being able to fly.
  3. Thanks. There is no post processing on the images. I am using Nvidia Freestyle with custom shader settings. You can find my settings here and also the link to the nvidia freestyle settings: http://www.estassinos.com/nvidia-freestyle-shader-settings-for-msfs/
  4. I dont know but yes it sounded like a good idea for a quite-erly-before-they-wake-up flight.
  5. Yeah i saw the comment this morning!!! thanks for noticing!
  6. This morning, i woke up early and had some time to fly a leg for my VA. the leg was EGLC -> EGPE (Inverness). Everything went well and as usual i recorded the flight in order to get my screenshots after i land, which i did. During the captures i had some problem with both Live Weather and REX WF.. The weather was off and i tried to correct manually. Happy enough i took the shot which i post below and put it in FB/reddit etc. with description something like "First coffee of the day at Inverness". People liked it but some of them (strangely not many) started to joke as to when EGPE got parallel runways. I checked and indeed this was EGCC and not EGPE. I got crazy for quite some time in order to find out how this happened. Absolute crazy. Bottom line: When i loaded the recording i accidentally loaded one of my previous flights which ended up in EGCC 😂😂 I am getting old guys (actually tomorrow i am turning 47) Here is the capture:
  7. Read the manuals for this girl. She is from those that need special treatment to get her right..
  8. ILS Z 03L at Athens (LGAV) with A320 FBW mod. A320 has gone a long way. Thanks FBW!
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