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  1. Hello all, Currently flying LFMN-LICJ on the NG. Standard route, SODRI6A dep and GIANO2B arr with VOR-Z 07 approach. There is a discontinuity in the missed approach route (Navigraph AIRAC 1605). I canceled it and was on my way to Sicily. During cruise the FMC froze and I was unable to modify the route (directs). Apparently, what happened was that canceling that discontinuity made the FMC freeze. To unfreeze it, I simply uploaded my route again and made sure to not touch the missed app segment. Thats it! I don't know if it is a Navigraph bug or a NGX bug, but thought it would be useful to report it here. Mods, please feel free to delete if already discussed. Happy flying, Alex
  2. Hi, I have recently got a problem concerning the PMDG 777. I bought the 777 in the Spring 2016. I have only been able to fly it three-four times. It worked great. It was wonderful to fly, but some weeks ago, the minute I got in the air, the sim started freezing for about 10 sec every one minute. It is very annoying. When I'm on the ground, everything is fine, but the minute I get airborn, the freezing starts. I'm not very good at the computer, but I opened the task management and discovered that I used 100% of the processor when I was flying, and when the sim froze, the percentage went down to around 50-60 %. I am using around 50-70% of the RAM when I am flying. This is the only aircraft that has given me these problems, therefore I haven't flown it in a while. Hoping some of you guys know what I can try. My specs are: Lenovo H50-55 Windows 8.1 64- bit Processor: AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G 3.10GHz 8 GM RAM Thank You
  3. Hi, I have the Bundle PFPX + Topcat, but I'm having a problem. PFPX freezes all the time I try to set the Aircraft Performance File to integrate with Topcat. I made a video to show what's happening: https://youtu.be/6oDkdJldo54 Anyone had the same problem? Any idea how to solve it?
  4. Hi! I have a serious problem with my 737NGX - P3D version. I use it together with FS2Crew and simserver but otherwise vanilla P3D v3 Sometimes (not always) when i choose gear up or gear down the aircraft freezes (displays, control surfaces, gear). When this happen in gear up one way to fix it is to click the left PFD to get it as a separate window, the aircraft then suddenly returns to normal. When gear down that does not help but sometimes it has helped to do the same with the FOs right PFD. Is this something known and/or how do I fix it permanently?
  5. Was it ever found out what causes these odd freezes of FSX with the 777? Or better yet was there a fix? I have been away from FS for about 2 years and recently after a system upgrade and a fresh install of all things FSX and and operating system I got the itch. The first few hops around Europe were fine. I then decided to hop over the pond from London to Chicago. Half way over the Atlantic I get that freeze I forgot about. FSX completely freezes but the sound keeps playing. This lasted about 5-6 mins before it carried on like nothing had happened. Can't remember if the same thing happened on the next hop from Chicago to San Francisco The next few hops were fine from San Fran to St Louis. St Louis to New York and then New York to Bermuda. Tonight I decided to do the BA2232 from Bermuda to London Gatwick and sure enough, 2:30 mins into the flight as I am barrelling along in the Jet Stream (winds are very favourable tonight) it happens again. Froze for 5 mins and then continues as if nothing happened. The fact that it is not crashing FSX means it is not the end of the world but it sure is an immersion killer. I have done some searching on the web about this and indeed here but all I read is a lot of hearsay and cobblers frankly. No definitive solutions or explanations on what causes it. It does not seem to happen with the NGX and I am not sure it ever did for me. I downloaded and ran some sound monitoring thing I saw in another thread to see if it was audio driver related. I think it was by Ryan. Anyhow I can't read what is happening because when it happens I can't alt+enter out of FSX to look at it. I can bring up the Task Manager but can't bring up anything on my Task Bar or access my desktop. As soon as the freeze stops though I can see it immediately and see no spikes of any kind. I am running Active Sky Next on a separate laptop but unsure this is the cause. It used to happen when I ran Active Sky 2012 too. Maybe a networked thing but who knows. What I am getting at here is has this ever been tracked down? If so what is it? I will get about to posting a ticket about this maybe tonight but probably tomorrow but just wonder is this still happening to people? Anyhow, I am still thundering along in the jet stream although the tail wind has dropped from 140 to 80 now. Left Bermuda at 23:55z. Its is now 03:48z and miss management says I will arrive at Gatwick at 05:44z. 46 mins early. I have missed this hobby...... It's good to be back :wink: Regards all. P.S. excellent upgrades on the 777 since I was gone by the way. The radar is just fantastic. Looking forward to seeing this on the NGX.
  6. Hello everyone, I have just done an fsx reinstall from an old one which kept crashing. I thought that by installing to the C drive, I could fix these problems, but to no avail. Every time I load up the aerosoft airbus x at an airport, everything works fine until all of a sudden, the entire game would freeze. No "not responding" boxes, app crash view does not produce any errors, and neither does windows error reporter. The game just freezes, it doesn't even cloud over with white like some others do. At most times, the CPU will max out to 100% on all cores. It only happens with the aerosoft airbus at European airports. I use some Aerosoft airports and UK2000 EGLL. System is intel I7 4770K overclocked to 4.1. EVGA GTX 750 1gb. I have followed all the steps in the guide, nothing worked. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello everyone, I have been having this problem for a while now. When I try to fly the Aerosoft Airbus at UK2000 Heathrow, the sim will freeze sometime between startup and takeoff. I can't even takeoff! Everything will be working fine until suddenly, the sim freezes but the sound keeps going. I have rebuilt the cfg many times and applied only an affinitymask 84, highmemfix, and forcewindowedvsync=1. Everything else works fine. Along with this, the safedock systems have disapeared along with their support poles at the non gate stands at UK2000 Heathrow. Please help! 1251452
  8. I normally close and open FSX in windowed mode so that I can move it to my main display. I run 2 screens and Windows 8.1 on a 3.9GHz dual core processor. This normally works fine with DX10 fixer from Steve. Recently an annoying thins happens at 19:56 most evening. FSX freezes momentarily and returns to a windowed mode with anything I had on the 2nd screen loaded on top of the cockpit display. Have tried to find something running in the background such as an auto up-date in another programme but no luck yet. Any ideas please? Alan
  9. Hello, I am aware this is a recurring topic for many users. I have searched the last four days tirelessly on this forum, and another approximate 15 forums. I am having no luck. ISSUE: When loading FS9 it gets to the Splash Screen then stays there. I have to CTL ALT DEL out of it to stop the program. This happened 4 days ago. I exited the program because I was upating some scenery files in my library (again nothing that was a new addition that the program had not had before at some previous point) and I exited the program and when I went to start it up it just stayed at the splash screen. Sometimes it will load the scenery files then freeze, other times it will just freeze right away. I have tried the following things: System Restore Read and tried all of these suggestions from MS http://support.microsoft.com/kb/837195 Verified DirectX is up-to-date and not missing files Checked for problems with my NVIDIA Card and tried to update it but was unable to. Deleted/Replaced/Renamed FS9.CFG Attempted to modify some of the entries in the FS9.cfg that were previously reccomended. Tried the NO CD replacement of FS9.exe, that one cant find the program. Tried the flight1 registry repair but it cannot find my FS9.exe. I know where it is, the repair tool can't find it. Tried doing a hard boot in safe mode on my computer. Used the event viewer to try and see what is going on and it has numeruous DLL file error reports. No new software was added anytime near the vicinity of the start of this crash. Also the most recent add-on items worked fine for several weeks up to the crash. Other Items of Note: Re-installing is not an option for me. I can't find the other 3 disks anywhere. For some reason I am now getting a message that "Weather.dll is not working properly but other features will be available, the following feature will be disabled". - Still after getting the weather.dll message above, it just stays on the permanent splash screen like normal. I am SO desperate for help here. I don't know what to do. As I said before, I don't know where my other 3 discs are to re-install the game. If I had them I would have re-installed from scratch without a second thought. I know this sounds crazy and lame but this game has been such a huge part of my life the last 9-10 years and I can't imagine what I am going to do not being able to play it anymore. It's extremely depressing. Every night when I get home from work at the airport I go straight to FS9 and start up a flight. I AM BEGGING SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!
  10. Hello, been using FSX for a few years now and keep having the odd problem with it, but usually managing to fix it. This time, i'm having to post a question of my own because I can't find a solution elsewhere. As far as I know, this hapens with any aircraft, in any location. What happens is that whilst running the sim, whether taxiing or flying or whatever, it keeps freezing completely for a few seconds at a time, then it all continues again. The only thing I can think of to compare it to is like a video stopping to buffer. (I'm not saying that's the cause, it's just a comparison). Any ideas? PC specs: Windows 7 64bit Intel i7-3930k CPU 16.0GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 650Ti GPU Running FSX with Acceleration In case it makes a difference; i use REX essential plus with overdrive, and UK2000 Heathrow scenery, but i've used these for a while with no problems, so I don't think it's that. Also, if i open a second view window (picture in picture style), I get some very odd wall-like textures glitching about on the second view window, which is another issue I'm having. Thanks EDIT: After a bit of playing around with settings, i've fixed the issue now. In case anyone else gets this issue, mine was fixable by removing the framerate limit on Nvidia inspector.
  11. So I was looking around to see if there were any freeware airports for Dallas-Love Field in Texas since I fly for Southwest Virtual and that is my home airport. I found one that was pretty easy to install. It came with it's own installer and allowed me to set whether the cross runway 36 was active or not. It added a bunch more buildings where they should be and I assume updated a few AI paths for taxing and added more gates. It did not change textures on anything. Long story short. When I take off from this airport or while I am taxing to a certain part of it the game will pause for 2 full seconds (usually while taxing to 13R or when I take off from 31L, at the end just as I start the climb out. When it unfreezes, textures turn black around the end of the runway for a second then refill with the ORBX textures that is suppose to be there and the game returns to normal. I always thought that it was FS Global Ultimate doing that so I didn't reinstall it on this latest build but now I see it was this add-on airport. I uninstalled the KDAL addon, rebuilt my Facilities Index and SceneIndex directorys, cleared the shader cache and reloaded FSX but the problem is now stuck there. It still pauses now when I am lifting off or taxing on that side of the airport. What evil wicked file did the uninstaller leave behind or modify that is causing my game to pause at this point over the airport? It never does it at the other end of the airport and does not do it at any other airport anywhere. Something is STILL left over from this add-on airport that is making the game lose it's mind for 2 seconds. What could it be? Where do I need to look? I really need to get rid of this freeze. I fly out of KDAL all the time and this is really distracting.
  12. I've got a fairly new machine which I used to sim race constantly on but i've pulled back on that habit and decided i'd give good ol FSX a whirl on here but every time, without fail, i'm about 10 seconds maybe 30 seconds into a flight my entire machine freezes. I can't ctrl-tab can ctrl-alt-del can't do anything but hold the power button and shut down the machine. This is mega-frustrating as i'm not exactly running an ancient machine here. I've tried turning up and down the sliders, not running the game full screen, making sure the computer is nice and cool...nothing is overclocked or non standard I guess. I've looked in the event logs and have no idea what i'm looking for...seriously, this is frustrating. I've been running iRacing and rFactor on this computer with fairly robust graphics with little if any freezing whatsoever so there is something in FSX that doens't like my machine... I really have no idea where to go with this. I'm assuming I should be able to run FSX with some tweaking, but the sheer volume of problems I see posted in this forum are entirely overwhelming...i figured i'd see if anyone can get me started. I'm not even sure where i should begin as i've never had FSX running on this machine previously. Here are my system specs Windows 7 64bit- fully patched as of this morning, prior to even installing FSX 2 ATI Radeon 5700's, crossfire enabled, 12.3 drivers (I did roll this back from the 12.6 drivers already - the problem happens with both drivers) FSX + Acceleration pack CPU Type QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550, 2833 MHz (8.5 x 333) Motherboard Name Asus Rampage Formula (2 PCI, 3 PCI-E x1, 2 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR2 DIMM, Audio, Dual Gigabit LAN, IEEE-1394 Motherboard Chipset Intel Beachwood X48 System Memory 8192 MB (DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM) Can someone please just help me figure this out? Where on earth do I start to trouble shoot? It's a new install and a clean version of windows...i've no idea what to do. Thanks.
  13. I am very pleased with the NGX so far. It has great performance, no crashes/ CTDs and all the system work as it should (to my knowledge). But there is one problem though that I cant understand. During landing, right before coming down on the runway, the whole sim freezes for about half a second or a bit more,and then resumes without any further problems. This problem is first and foremost aesthetically displeasing as it takes away the pleasure of a smooth and perfect landing.Secondly it is practically very dangerous as it seems to activate, immediately after the freeze, all of the control movements you added during the freeze, resulting in loss of control. Why does it freeze/stutter like that? It seems like something (NGX? FSX?) is loading something to prepare for something during a landing scenario. Maybe there are some special sound files being loaded. Maybe NGX loads some special ground mode files to handle ground operation (like break temperature, wheel steering...) If this is a NGX problem then I hope it will be recognized as a problem and then taken care off. Robert
  14. Hi all, I was trying again (unsuccessfully) to get a complete flight in with the PMDG737NGX. This time, KDEN-KDFW. In cruise, about 600 miles from DFW, the sim apparently froze. No mouse clicks, no change-of-view would occur. The speed and altitude info vanished from the both CDUs. There was no data in PROGRESS, and all the other usual CDU places. The autopilot would not shut off, the A/T would not shut off. Setting a heading in the MCP and hitting "HDG SLT" had no effect. The a/c just kept going on the course when everything froze. The ND and PFD did not update. This is the first time I didn't get a CTD, though. I could not re-load the flight (all screens blank) although the a/c did keep flying on the same course. (I've never yet been able to load a saved flight, or panel state, or both and have the displays appear). I obviously have zero luck with this a/c (no completed flights, all CTD or ending oddly, as described here). It figures that after waiting so long I'd be in the 0.5% that have trouble. So it goes. Any suggestions are welcome! dan "lensman" davison"
  15. Hello again, I have had real problems with Google Chrome web browser over the past 3 or 4 days not playing YouTube videos back properly. There was no audio, and the playback would freeze up after about 10 seconds. These same videos played back perfectly using Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox. I am posting this here on Avsim because I blew a ton of time discovering the 'fix' - and in the hopes of lessening someone else's pain - and wasted time. Some folks chose to "opt in" to the HTML5 player trial on YouTube, but any videos that had ADVERTISING EMBEDDED would NOT play back. Since I wanted to be able to view ALL YouTube content without interference, the HTML5 trial was a non-winning solution. The problem has to do with Google Chrome using automatic Flash updates - the 'latest' (Aug 3rd) Adobe Flash Player update has a 'bug' where 5.1 and 7.2 speaker playback within Windows 7 causes the Adobe Flash Player to crash in Google Chrome (freeze up after 10 seconds, or play back with NO AUDIO heard). The temp workaround is to go to your soundcard in Control Panel (properties) and change your sound card properties to STEREO SPEAKERS instead of 5.1 or 7.2 surround-sound speaker setup. Instantly, the 'troubles' are solved. I wouldn't want to bore anyone with all the troubleshooting I did (to no avail) prior to discovering this out on one of the Google Chrome forums. Let's just say as an IT manager, it was both nettlesome and embarrassing at the same moment. If you don't use Chrome, or you don't watch Videos from Mimeo or YouTube or some other sites within Chrome, you're already gone from this post. If you DO use Chrome I can recommend this as a good temporary solution 'for now' until Google engineers have their way with Adobe (maker of Flash). Of course if you are running a big dog surround audio system on your PC, you may not wish to forfeit that benefit for the sake of 'fixing' Chrome. In my case it was a non-issue, I only have stereo speakers and a subwoofer. For the record, I am a big fan of Chrome, partly because the 'sandbox' technology that Google employs within Chrome to protect against hackers is appealing to me. All things considered, I have been satisfied with Chrome for quite some time, though I also have IE and Firefox on my PC. Until this problem occurred, I regarded Chrome as 'bulletproof'. Sigh.
  16. Hello, I'd like to thank you first for taking the time to look at the issues I have with this product. 1)After noticing a series of freezes over two flights, I have applied the recently released hotfix. Before, I could release the monitors and controls from a freeze by switching between views ("A", "Shift+A"). In my second flight, this was no longer possible. The aircraft was uncontrollable. Strangely, I could hear the autopilot off buzzer, but she wouldn't give me back control over primary steering equipment. I had to close FSX to recover from this mega freeze. These problems have not occurred after the hotfix anymore. 2)FSX just crashed on me over "problem event": "BEX". I was on approach for LIRF with LNAV and VNAV controlling the aircraft when the error occurred. So far, I haven't been able to fly without any errors. This is a first for me, I've been a PMDG customer from the beginning and never had these types of problems. I run a PC featuring Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 processor @ 2.84 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 64 bit system, ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series 1GB GDDR5 RAM. Please advise. Let me know in case you have specific questions Best regards from Frankfurt/Germany PatrickDelta Virtual DVA 3188
  17. Okay Ive been pretty much trouble free with the NGX - runs smooth even into complex scenery Here is my issue - Ive also included the Freeze fix items at the end and submitted a ticket with it Landed at EGBB (night flight from EGLL)27R dep at EGLL on WOBUN2G Sid to DTY then HON followed by my own headings to position for ILS runway 33 which was set up as approach - Dual autopilot controlled to 4 dme then manual landing using HUGS. perfect landing of course! Turning off the runway - I started to clean the aircraft up - so selecting flaps up - turned landing lights off - taxi light on - stobes off = FD's off and clicked on to start the APU. I used the HUGS for landing also which I stowed on turning off (note this has no display on it following below error) At which point I was unable to steer any more - also advancing the throttles(they are mapped to FSX not fsuipc) - they dont physically move on in the VC and the engine display doesnt show any increase either. If I press F4 the engines spool up fully. If i move my lever which is mapped through fspuic for reverse i hear the engines go into reverse but again no indication on the display that they are. All click spots are clickable - I can change MCP heading, course etc. I can change the range of the ND - but although the click spot for the ND mode works and moves the actual display doesnt change. This said the FO Range wont change like the capt does - but turning the TFC button will turn the range rings on and off for the FO. Landing Lights switch functions but doesnt actually turn lights on or off. FMS I can select all pages on the CDU but if I go into PMDG Setup and then aircraft - I just get a blank page. Also if I try and enter text then although mouse indicates clicks it doesnt produce anytext - until I change a page and then what ever I was typing before now appears in the scratch pad - if i type further nothing else appears again until I change the page on the FMC again. The center console as lost abilty to switch radios - but the HGS control works the Transponder controls work and light dimmers work. A. Your ORIG/DEST and your flight plan. EGBB-EGLLB. What pages did you have open on both FMS screens at the time of the freeze? Captains had legs page fo had menu pageC. What phase of flight where you in when this happened? Taxiing off the runway following landing see description aboveD. A COMPLETE list of addons that you have installed, to include:D.1. Scenery At point of issue I was using UK2000 EGBB and Horizon VRF scenery - I have loads of aerosoft scenery - Flytampa, FSdream scenery etcD.2. Applets (such as anything from your VA, VATSim clients, FSUIPC, etc) Fsuipc, wideFS (running over network), AES,(with remote running over network) EZDOK, TrackIR, Go flight software for GF-LTG (gear lever/flap/trim controller)D.3 Weather engines (ASE, etc) ASE - REX textures installed but dont use rex during flightD.4 Scenery enhancements (REX, etc) GEX, UTX, REX,(we do not care about your airplane addons- those are not a factor here)E. What applets were you using at the time of the freeze? (FSUIPC, VATSIM client, ezDoc etc) Fsuipc, wideFS (running over network), AES,(with remote running over network) EZDOK, TrackIRF. Please provide a list of your traffic, autogen and display settings Traffic 0 autogen Dense - Display CFG same as Introduction except water on low 2xG. An accurate description of your hardware I2600K clocked at 4.6 8GB 1600mhz ram -FSX installed on its own SSD Drive - Windows also on its own SSD driveTriple Monitors running on ATI 6900 card using eyeinfinity at 5040 resolutionH. An accurate description of your windows platform (Win7x32 or Win7x64, etc) Windows 7 Ultimate 64I. Let us know if you want to be included in any test dlls we offer to affected customers… Please always happy to help and test.
  18. Hi flightsim community! I did quite some hours on the 777 and the 737NGX... and all of a sudden - with no apparent reason or changes to my system or the installation - the autopilot behaves erratic. It happened twice on a 3hr flight from EDDL to LGAV. At one of the last waypoints - short before reaching the T/D - the autopilot flies straight on instead of following the LNAV profile. First I thought it was FS2CREW in the 737 NGX that killed the A/P. But nah... tonight it happened again in the B777. All other applications seem to disconnect or fail. This goes for EZDOK, FS2CREW (in the 737) and TrackIR. I don't know if this is happening EXACTLY at the waypoint or somewhat before but ALWAYS at the end of a annoyingly long flight. I usually have no OOM issues or other probs with the FSX. I used the default "cold and dark" state of the B777, on a networked PC there's FSCommander and FSACARS running via WideFS. On the Host PC OPUS, TrackIR and EZDOK. I never had this issue before. Not with the B777 or this particular airport or any other airports. Does anyone has the same or similar issues? I just found that guy that said, his bios-clock was off game and that this was the culprit... but mine is fine (or is it??! Damn! :( ) Thanks in advance and happy landings! Cheers, Peter Mueller
  19. Hello I've got the problem where fsx will start up and freeze on the splash screen. Weirdly i get the music running but nothing happens it eventually ends up not responding. I've done the usual fixes i.e. delete the logbook, delete cfg file etc. My specs: Intel Core i5 4960K 8gb RAM GTX970. fsx deluxe I've made no change to my pc recently. Played fsx last night. As soon as i'd finished and it was all closed off shut the pc down. Came to my pc today. First thing i did was load up fsx and got this error. Cheers Nick
  20. Well,I use PMDG 777-300ER and everything was fine yesterday. I made a flight from LTBA to KJFK without any issues. Today, when i try to enter the cost index to FMC for another flight, FMC just freezed. I closed and restarted the game and tried to request that informations instead of entering manually. This time, when i clicked accept button, all entries became invisible. They just turned to blanks. I couldn't see any indent for any attribute. I even tried my last flight which i flied yesterday and all that FMC things were operating as normal, i get the freezing problem. Btw, all VC works without a problem, only FMC freezes. I also tried to delete the aircraft and reinstalled it. Nothing has changed. I amthinking of deleting the whole game and reinstall it again tho. If it wont help, then i will be done and not waste any more time on this.
  21. HI I already asked to Aerosoft forum but no luck I have Trondheim and UTX Europe It happen on winter, mostly on final, no matter which runways you use you can even see the tower and then FSX freeze and the only option is to kill it in Task manager. I have set HIGHMEMFIX=1, I did also check the texture folder with dxtfixerx as suggested on other thread in the AE support forum I also disabled UTX Europe but no change. Is there anyone experience this and found a fix? Tank's for any hint.
  22. Hi, I bought and downloaded the NGX today and with my first two testflights it came up that on my systemi have a stutter of 10-11 seconds (the display freezes for 10-11 seconds) every one of two minutes. Anybody experiencing the same problem? I run the MD11 and jetstream flawlessly on this system......so that would rather not be the problem, FR on the NGX are very good actually. Regards,Ben
  23. Hey, I am using the trial of pilot2atc along with x-plane 11. I am experiencing so many problems I can't even list them all here. First off pilot2atc freezes when connecting to the sim, and is inactive for about 30 seconds. Then I choose sids, stars and approaches and validate, but as soon as I hit file it freezes for 10 seconds again, sometimes completely stops working. I also get lots of error windows when doing random actions like sayit... also sometimes when using PTT or sayit I just get no response from the radio, and it freezes after a few seconds. Today that happened, and I waited 10 minutes, until suddenly a window opened telling me that the program does not respod and windows can try to restore it. I did that and it unfroze again, but the map was completely white. I don't even know what bug to describe here, i am just getting so many. Also when opening windows like config, grmr help I sometimes get these errors and those options do not work anymore. I even tried reinstalling, and suddenly when loading got a message that microsoft sql server was corrupted. I eventually managed to get it working again by entering "sqlservr.exe -sSQL2014" in cmd in the sql directory. It seems there are fundamental flaws in the basic program code, i don't know if it's windows 10 that's causing it, my sim or something running on my computer (tried ending other tasks already). Is anybody experiencing the same? It is extremely weird, and I would love to use this tool. For me it is absolutely unusable like this. Greetings, Elias
  24. Hi everybody. i just uninstalled the 1.08.0005 and installed the 1.08.0015 in my p3d v2.5, because i had some problems with this verion, hoping that they are fixed now. But now i have new issues. Installation was fine. no problems. i put the GNS into my carenado C340. When i tested first it freezed when i tried to load an activate a flightplan. I mean the Gauge freezes, not the sim. So i wanted to test only with a direct to a waypoint. But in this case the gauge freezes as well. in the moment i clicked on "activate" it freezes. installed the gns as admin and did everything as described. below there is my panel.cfg (commented out the original GPS Gauge) Hope you can help me. good night Rico [Window Titles] Window00=GPS Window01=Manual Window02=Control Windows Window03=INFO Window04=Autopilot //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window00] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=491,256 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=794 window_size= 0.340, 0.336 window_pos= 0.010, 0.645 zorder=0 //gauge00=CarenadoG430!GNS430_nc1, 0,0,491,256 gauge00=MPI_GNS!GNS430, 0,0,491,256,1:2:225 gauge01=C340!Toggle_GPS, 111,37,274,163 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=700,700 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=793 window_size= 0.401, 0.535 window_pos= 0.590, 0.020 zorder=5 gauge00=C340Manual!manual, 0,0,700,700 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=351,123 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=796 window_size= 0.231, 0.108 window_pos= 0.010, 0.240 zorder=5 gauge00=C340!Control_windows, 0,0,351,123 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window03] file=info.bmp size_mm=345,157 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=1 ident=142 window_size= 0.290, 0.176 window_pos= 0.010, 0.020 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window04] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=573,286 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=143 window_size= 0.250, 0.166 window_pos= 0.010, 0.370 gauge00=C340!Autopilot, 0,0,573,286 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_c340_1 gauge00=C340!Panel_annunciator, 3,114,286,106 gauge01=C340!DME_Screen, 3,1,286,111 gauge02=C3401!Clock, 367,367,143,143 gauge03=C340!autopilot, 3,222,206,102 gauge04=C340!Annunciator_Panel, 291,1,218,364 gauge05=C340!AOM, 0,430,365,79 gauge06=C340!Prop Sync, 321,368,20,20 gauge07=C340!Annunciator_Test, 344,368,20,20 gauge08=C340!Low_thrust_lights, 2,391,362,36 gauge09=C340!RPM_Lights_right, 211,223,77,35 gauge10=C340!Prop_sync_light, 211,262,36,36 gauge11=C340!Fuel_tank_light, 251,261,37,37 gauge12=C340!Gear_clr_light, 5,328,104,58 gauge13=C340!Gear_transition, 113,329,93,57 gauge14=C340!RPM_Lights_left, 211, 302 ,77,35 gauge15=C340!elt_light, 299,368,20,20 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$C340_WXRadar gauge00=WX_Gauge340!WXGauge, 0,1,510,321 gauge01=C340PRESS!C340_PRESS, 3,326,24,25 gauge02=C340PRESS2!C340PRESS2, 36,323,28 gauge03=C340!Cabin_Altitude_goal, 309,324,200,85 gauge04=C340!Auto_taxi_onoff, 124,333,20,20 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit03] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_c340_3 //gauge00=CarenadoG430!GNS430_nc1, 2,160,326,173 //gauge01=CarenadoG430!GNS430_nc2, 2,335,326,173 gauge00=MPI_GNS!GNS430, 2,160,326,173,1:1:-1 gauge01=MPI_GNS!GNS430, 2,335,326,173,2:1:-1 gauge02=C3403!Radiotrans, 2,78,331 gauge03=C340!RadarAltitude, 330,330,178,178 gauge04=C3402!FuelFlow, 341,160,168,168 gauge05=RadioADF!RadioAdf, 3,2,299 gauge06=C340!GEM6, 346,0,161,158 gauge07=C340!Toggle_GPS, 72,181,182,113 [Color] Day=255,255,255 Night=223,215,182 Luminous=255,255,255 [Default View] X=0 Y=0 SIZE_X=8191 SIZE_Y=3743
  25. Guys, After a 3 year long break from simming, I recently came back into it, with installing FSX on my new PC. Everything was running fine, but I had to Re-install windows 10 a month or so ago... Now I re-installed FSX yesterday and it keeps freezing randomly, anything between 5 mins from the start of the flight, to 20 mins into the flight, usually when I reach my cruising altitude, or just before. I have little addons in FSX at the moment; UK2000 EGCC, EGGW & EGLL CLS Airbus Collection Long Haul, A340-500/600 & B747-200/300. Now ive tested it in different aircraft to make sure its not addon specific, and it still freezes. Ive gone through as many fixes as possible on the forums, but still no breakthrough. >Tried a complete re-install and removal of old registry entries. >Set all settings to minimum and gradually increased them. >Made sure FSUIPC was installed. Any idea as to what is going on? It was fine prior to my re-install of windows 10. PC: OS: Windows 10 Home Premium 64Bit CPU: Intel i7 4790K MoBo: ASUS Z97 Pro Gamer GPU: nVidea/Gigabyte GTX980 RAM: 16GB (2x8GB) Corsair 1600C9 Vengeance DDR3 1600Mhz PSU: Seasonic X-850 80+ Gold Monitor: ASUS VG248QE 1920x1080, 144Hz, 1ms -Liamr685
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