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  1. Hi Pepe Have you figure it out how to solve this problem? Thanks Daniel Sfondrini
  2. Thanks I've been looking for something like this for a while, working perfect in Prepar3d 2.5. Be sure to create a "ipcReady.lua" file not a "ipcReady.lua.txt" file Best regards Daniel Sfondrini
  3. Kyle, Dan, thanks for your reply Yes I've tried both the 737 and the 777 on the same airport (my home airport) with vPilot and ASN working and with the 777 I've never had the crash. Ryan from PMDG's support, told me to try this option, but the problem is still happening. I've forgotten to tell you that with the the same configuration and scenery, in FSX, the 737 doesn't crash. Try adding these lines to your Prepar3D.cfg [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=14 I honestly don't know that it'll even do anything in P3D, but this fixed the freeze thing for a lot of people in FSX Thanks Daniel Sfondrini
  4. Hi Kyle, thanks for your reply. I'm not running any antivirus, and that freezing problem happens only with the 737 while taxiing. I've tried leaving the plane at the gate for half an hour and it doesn't freeze. I have never experienced that on the 777. Thanks again Daniel Sfondrini
  5. Hi, I hope you can help me I've a problem with the PMDG's 737 on Prepar3d 2.5 (latest version) I start with the long panel state, everything works as it should, but after all the FMC's configurations, pushback and start up, one minute after starting the taxi towards the runway, the sim freezes. I'm still able to hear the engines running but everything is still, no crash report but it doesn't recover. I've to close the sim with the force close. I've the latest FSUIPC version. The FSUIPC autosave option is off. I've ASN Next and vPilot working over a network. It doesn't happens with the PMDG's 777 My specs are: Windows 7 64bits Asus sabertooth Z97 mark 1 i7-4790K 16GB of RAM Samsung850 EVO SSD EVGA GTX 770 This is the crash report: Source Prepar3D exe Summary Stopped responding and was closed Date ?5/?29/?2015 11:54 AM Status Report sent Description A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows. Faulting Application Path: C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Prepar3D.exe Problem signature Problem Event Name: AppHangB1 Application Name: Prepar3D.exe Application Version: 2.5.12945.0 Application Timestamp: 55145f5e Hang Signature: 3b97 Hang Type: 0 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Hang Signature 1: 3b97e33e20a30b123e3556e32d07c8f8 Additional Hang Signature 2: 5b24 Additional Hang Signature 3: 5b249bc375a4551a559766d976b8b16d Additional Hang Signature 4: 3b97 Additional Hang Signature 5: 3b97e33e20a30b123e3556e32d07c8f8 Additional Hang Signature 6: 5b24 Additional Hang Signature 7: 5b249bc375a4551a559766d976b8b16d Extra information about the problem Bucket ID: 50 Thanks in advance for your help Daniel