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  1. Hi Ed. (1) No i do not use saved flights. I create a new one every time (2) I have a subscription, and an actual database. tried out with the microsoft database but there is the same issue. (3) I could build a flight plan. that is no problem, but as soon as i activate the flightplan, the GNS Unit freezes Ciao Rico
  2. Thanks for reply. Ok. you're right. i forgot this to edit :-) this was the issue that the gauge couldn't powered up in the GPS window. This works now after editing the 5th parameter for the popup gauge to 794. the other ones i didn't edit, because in VC it should be -1. But the Main Problem still exists. The Gauge freezes when activating a flight plan or a direct to waypoint. Ciao Rico
  3. Hi everybody. i just uninstalled the 1.08.0005 and installed the 1.08.0015 in my p3d v2.5, because i had some problems with this verion, hoping that they are fixed now. But now i have new issues. Installation was fine. no problems. i put the GNS into my carenado C340. When i tested first it freezed when i tried to load an activate a flightplan. I mean the Gauge freezes, not the sim. So i wanted to test only with a direct to a waypoint. But in this case the gauge freezes as well. in the moment i clicked on "activate" it freezes. installed the gns as admin and did everything as described. below there is my panel.cfg (commented out the original GPS Gauge) Hope you can help me. good night Rico [Window Titles] Window00=GPS Window01=Manual Window02=Control Windows Window03=INFO Window04=Autopilot //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window00] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=491,256 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=794 window_size= 0.340, 0.336 window_pos= 0.010, 0.645 zorder=0 //gauge00=CarenadoG430!GNS430_nc1, 0,0,491,256 gauge00=MPI_GNS!GNS430, 0,0,491,256,1:2:225 gauge01=C340!Toggle_GPS, 111,37,274,163 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=700,700 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=793 window_size= 0.401, 0.535 window_pos= 0.590, 0.020 zorder=5 gauge00=C340Manual!manual, 0,0,700,700 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=351,123 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=796 window_size= 0.231, 0.108 window_pos= 0.010, 0.240 zorder=5 gauge00=C340!Control_windows, 0,0,351,123 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window03] file=info.bmp size_mm=345,157 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=1 ident=142 window_size= 0.290, 0.176 window_pos= 0.010, 0.020 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window04] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=573,286 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=0 ident=143 window_size= 0.250, 0.166 window_pos= 0.010, 0.370 gauge00=C340!Autopilot, 0,0,573,286 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_c340_1 gauge00=C340!Panel_annunciator, 3,114,286,106 gauge01=C340!DME_Screen, 3,1,286,111 gauge02=C3401!Clock, 367,367,143,143 gauge03=C340!autopilot, 3,222,206,102 gauge04=C340!Annunciator_Panel, 291,1,218,364 gauge05=C340!AOM, 0,430,365,79 gauge06=C340!Prop Sync, 321,368,20,20 gauge07=C340!Annunciator_Test, 344,368,20,20 gauge08=C340!Low_thrust_lights, 2,391,362,36 gauge09=C340!RPM_Lights_right, 211,223,77,35 gauge10=C340!Prop_sync_light, 211,262,36,36 gauge11=C340!Fuel_tank_light, 251,261,37,37 gauge12=C340!Gear_clr_light, 5,328,104,58 gauge13=C340!Gear_transition, 113,329,93,57 gauge14=C340!RPM_Lights_left, 211, 302 ,77,35 gauge15=C340!elt_light, 299,368,20,20 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$C340_WXRadar gauge00=WX_Gauge340!WXGauge, 0,1,510,321 gauge01=C340PRESS!C340_PRESS, 3,326,24,25 gauge02=C340PRESS2!C340PRESS2, 36,323,28 gauge03=C340!Cabin_Altitude_goal, 309,324,200,85 gauge04=C340!Auto_taxi_onoff, 124,333,20,20 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit03] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_c340_3 //gauge00=CarenadoG430!GNS430_nc1, 2,160,326,173 //gauge01=CarenadoG430!GNS430_nc2, 2,335,326,173 gauge00=MPI_GNS!GNS430, 2,160,326,173,1:1:-1 gauge01=MPI_GNS!GNS430, 2,335,326,173,2:1:-1 gauge02=C3403!Radiotrans, 2,78,331 gauge03=C340!RadarAltitude, 330,330,178,178 gauge04=C3402!FuelFlow, 341,160,168,168 gauge05=RadioADF!RadioAdf, 3,2,299 gauge06=C340!GEM6, 346,0,161,158 gauge07=C340!Toggle_GPS, 72,181,182,113 [Color] Day=255,255,255 Night=223,215,182 Luminous=255,255,255 [Default View] X=0 Y=0 SIZE_X=8191 SIZE_Y=3743
  4. so in case of misunderstanding. i am not angry. i am disappointed about the behaviour of the simulator. now, when i know what the problem is i already wrote to the aerosoft forum, but i want to tell you about my results too. when i am not able to find always the best words for it. sorry i am not a native speaker. and when i write the GNS didn't work then it is the problem what i see. i actually added the information that there is no communication between the CDI and the GNS gauge. the gns input and the calculated results are fine on the display.. i say again i am not angry with you. you did an awesome support. and i told here as well "i will keep you informed", so i wrote the same to this forum again. when you say there is nothing you can do, that the gns works in presence with the Simconnect Client, okay then it is the answer. i created a workaround that is not the best one i know, but maybe the aerosoft developers can change their arbus in the future, so the simconnectclients are not necessary then. so there is nothing more i can say now. if i said something wrong. i am sorry about. i didn't want to do so. but i tried to do the best to find the correct english words. let me thank you for the support. never had seen before such a great support. cu Rico
  5. Hi. Here i am again. I created a clean and fresh installation of my simulator environment. And i guess i found the error, I need to install the simconnect client v10.0.61259.0 to get my aerosoft Airbus working, as told me by the Aerosoft Support. But the Problem is, after installing the client the Mindstar GNS stops working. There is no Communication between the avionics an the GNS Gauge. as i can see because the NAV Inop Flag in the HSI doesn't disappear. Here are some pics about that. 1st pic: the simconnect client is installed 2nd pic simconnect client is not installed: 3rd pic: simconnect client is not installed and the aircraft follows the flightpath But when i told this the support in order to provide some help to locate the problem, he only gave me the answer that the simconnect client doesn't belong to the p3d installation. But this answer didn't help me. I had to install it for the aribus. Maybe you can help me a bit more. if there is a solution. Actually i created a workaround, as i wrote a script which installs or deinstalls the simconnect client with one click, depending on what aircraft i want to use. But this cannot be a solution for a 50$ Product in my opinion. And so i can not imagine to buy the G1000 which i really want to buy. So long Nice weekend to you Rico
  6. Hi these conditions were all given So, here are some updates. i testet the gns now on an fsx installation. same issue. then decided to make a clean and fresh windows and fsx environment. and what happend? it works. Now i will create my flightsim system new. clean windows and a clean p3d. but now i got the problem that my activations are exeeded. Now i have to look what i can do. i asked the support if there is any problem of reinstalling. but he said there is no problem. but now i have no activations left. so i am trying now to figure out if the gns will work within my new installation of p3d. so long Rico
  7. But this wasn't told on the mindstar website. it was pronounced to operate with any aircraft. at the moment i am still in touch with the support team. no succes at the moment. tried to use it in the standard Maule in p3d. no succes. i'll keep you informed.
  8. Okay. But the problem is still within the carenado b200. I will remove both aircraft and mindstar and reinstall again. Maybe tomorrow and i will tell what happens. Thanks for your help so long.
  9. Ok. this is now the panel cfg. of the A2A C182. // Mindstar430 [Window Titles] Window00=Main panel Window01=Clipboard Window02=Mini controls Window03=Payload and fuel manager Window04=Map Window05=Quick radios Window06=Maintenance hangar Window07=Pre-flight inspection Window08=AFK Window09=none2 Window10=dbg Window11=none3 Window12=none4 Window13=GNS 430 WAAS [VIEWS] VIEW_FORWARD_WINDOWS=10,20,RADIO_STACK_PANEL,FUEL_PANEL,40,50,51,52,53,54,100,101,102,103,104,105 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window00] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,768 position=1 visible=0 ident=10 //gauge00=tester!tester, 420, 50, 400, 1000 //Comment for release [Window01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=322,615 pixel_size=322,615 window_pos= 0.0, 0.2 position=0 visible=0 ident=20 sizable=0 gauge00=A2A_C182!clipboard, 1,0,322,615 [Window02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=392,315 pixel_size=392,315 window_pos= 0.51, 0.2 position=0 visible=0 ident=RADIO_STACK_PANEL sizable=0 gauge00=A2A_C182!controls, 1,0,392,315 [Window03] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=649,689 pixel_size=649,689 window_pos= 0.51, 0.2 position=1 visible=1 ident=FUEL_PANEL sizable=0 gauge00=A2A_C182!manager, 1,0,649,689 [Window04] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,768 pixel_size=1024,768 window_pos= 0.000, 0.2 position=0 visible=1 ident=40 sizable=0 gauge00=A2A_C182!mapscreen, 255,1,770,766 gauge01=A2A_C182!map_settings, 1,50,246,232 [Window05] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=187,392 pixel_size=187,392 position=6 window_pos= 0.025, 0.9 visible=1 ident=50 sizable=0 gauge00=A2A_C182!radios, 1,0, [Window06] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,768 pixel_size=1024,768 window_pos= 0.000, 0.2 position=0 visible=0 ident=51 sizable=0 gauge00=A2A_C182!maint_hangar, 1,0,1024,768 [Window07] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,768 pixel_size=1024,768 window_pos= 0.000, 0.2 position=0 visible=0 ident=53 sizable=0 nomenu=1 type=special gauge00=A2A_C182!walkaround, 0,0,1024,768 [Window08] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=321,321 pixel_size=321,321 position=5 visible=1 ident=54 sizable=0 gauge00=A2A_C182!afk, 1,1,321,321 [Window09] Background_color=0,0,0 ident=100 nomenu=1 type=special gauge00=A2A_C182!keys, 1,1,1,1 //gauge01=A2A_C182!cockpitBuilder, 2,2,2,2 //For cockpit builders only. [Window10] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=330,450 pixel_size=330,450 position=5 visible=0 nomenu=1 ident=101 sizable=0 //gauge00=dbg!panel, 144,0 //Comment for release [Window11] Background_color=1,1,1 ident=102 window_size=1.000,1.000 nomenu=1 zorder=100 gauge00=A2A_C182!blackout, 0,0 [Window12] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=650,624 pixel_size=650,624 position=3 visible=0 ident=103 nomenu=1 zorder=99 gauge00=A2A_C182!engine_details, 1,1,650,624 [Window13] window_pos=0.739583,0.000000 window_size=0.260417,0.194444 visible=0 ident=15431 nomenu=0 zorder=99 // This is a popup GNS 430, GPS #1, instance #2, ident 15431 (from ident= line above) gauge00=MPI_GNS!GNS430,0,0,100,100,1:2:15431 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit00] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$reticle gauge01=A2A_C182!code_c182t_r, 1,1,1,1 gauge02=A2A_C182!status1,2,2,2,2 gauge03=A2A_C182!damage, 3,3,3,3 gauge04=accusim_xml!code_s, 4,4,4,4 gauge05=A2A_Accusim!lua, 5,5,5,5 gauge06=A2A_Accusim!AVS, 6,6,6,6 gauge07=A2A_Accusim!events, 7,7,7,7 gauge08=A2A_Accusim!random, 8,8,8,8 gauge09=A2A_Accusim!storage, 9,9,9,9 gauge10=A2A_C182!code_c182t_m, 1,1,1,1 //gauge11=gps!gps_500, 0,0,1065,675 gauge11=C182!avionics, 0, 576, 1024,447 gauge12=A2A_C182!annunciator, 1, 454, 854,120 gauge13=A2A_C182!number, 794, 0, 228,77 gauge14=A2A_C182!aoa_indexer, 993, 79, 29, 58 gauge15=A2A_C182!GPS_MINDSTAR_430, 1, 1, 1, 1 [Vcockpit01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$reticle1 gauge00=C182!lightmap, 0, 576, 1024,447 [Vcockpit02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=1 pixel_size=640,640 texture=$gps // This is a virtual cockpit GNS 530. I think the 530 is GPS #1, we can fix that // if I'm wrong. GPS #1, instance #1 (because the VC must always be instance #1), and // since the VC has no ident= line, we use -1 for the ident. gauge00=MPI_GNS!GNS430, 0,0,512,216,1:1:-1 [Vcockpit03] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$c182_c1_l gauge00=C182_Illumination!c1, 0, 0, 1024, 1024 [Vcockpit04] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$c182_c2_l gauge00=C182_Illumination!c2, 0, 0, 1024, 1024 [Vcockpit05] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$c182_c5_l gauge00=C182_Illumination!c5, 0, 0, 1024, 1024 [Vcockpit06] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$c182_c7_l gauge00=C182_Illumination!c7, 0, 0, 1024, 1024 [Vcockpit07] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$c182_c9_l gauge00=C182_Illumination!c9, 0, 0, 1024, 1024 [Vcockpit08] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=1 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$vc_gxml_l gauge00=C182_Illumination!vc_gxml, 0, 0, 1024, 1024 [Default View] X=0 Y=0 SIZE_X=8191 SIZE_Y=6143
  10. Hi. I have of course selected GPS. I switch back to NAV and GPS sometimes. In the GNS is displayed GPS as well as in the NAV GPS Indicator in the aircraft.
  11. Yes i know how it works. Had used rxp for about 1 year. And i would be happy if gns will work for me too.
  12. Hi everyone i recently bought p3d v2.5 and minstar gns 430/530 the problem is that the aircraft doesn't follow the route which I entered. as well as i want to fly a direct to. dtk value shows the heading to the waypoint. and trk value shows actually 000° and the aircraft fly hdg 000. shouldn't the aircraft follow the desired track DTK?? what did i do wrong? can u help me. p3d v2.5 and A2A C182 as well as the Carenado King Air B200. best regards Rico
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