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    Low vision, looking for a real (near-PMDG quality) Airbus add-on. Molecular Genetics & Evolution, Rush, building computers
  1. Hi all, I downloaded and installed the 747v3 last night. During installation, there was a box that popped up saying some Microsoft software had to be installed. After a few seconds the box message changed and said it could not reach Microsoft and try again later. I searched the PMDG forums but didn't find any clues. What software failed to install, and how do I get it from Microsoft? Thanks in advance, dan davison
  2. lensman

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Tom, We've never met but AVSIM has meant a great deal to me. To say I was stunned by your news is an understatement. I've been in tears for the last 30 minutes. The primary thing is to take whatever time you need to be with your family and friends. Everything else is a very distant second. I can state this because I was just diagnosed with cancer six days ago. Wow did my priorities change in a day. Thank you for AVSIM and everything you've done for our hobby. You are in my prayers, and Godspeed. dan davison
  3. lensman

    777 won't steer after landing

    Just tried it again - yes, AT and AP are off, FDs off, flaps up, The plane will respond to F1/F2/F3/F4, but not the throttle on the joystick. Nose landing gear still doesn't turn, so I can't get off the main runway. Thanks for the hints, any other ideas? dan davison
  4. lensman

    777 won't steer after landing

    Hi Peter and Pau, Yes, the autopilot is off -- that siren drives me crazy. I will double-check the auto-thrust: I'm 99.9% sure it's off. Thanks! dan davison
  5. lensman

    777 won't steer after landing

    Hi All, I apologize for asking this, but what is the trick to getting a 777 steering after it lands? I remember this being asked after shortly after it was released, but a bunch of searches did not turn up the original thread. In brief, I land OK, slow to a high-speed turnoff, but the nose wheel doesn't turn. The throttles also don't work unless I use the F3 and F4 keys. The throttles will then move in the cockpit view and the plane will roll. The joystick will not turn the front wheels, though. The brakes are not on, taxi and landing lights are on, no smoke or overtemp from the tires, I know it's something simple, but I dunno what it is. Thanks for any help! dan davison There should be a signature here, but the way life is going, who knows.
  6. For three days now there's been a headline that is mildlly inappropriate. Shouldn'tOncourse Sotwarebe Oncourse Softwareor is AVSIM now trying to appeal to a different audience :-(Thanks,
  7. Hi,4.I just downloaded, activated, and tried RCV4.3 Is there any way to change the colors and font size of what the manual alls the "adventure" wondow? Right now, even if I undock it and put it on the second LCD, there is not enough contrast for me to see what it says.I could best use yellow on black in a large non-serif font. I have started listening to the manual but at 300 pages, that's three weeks of listening. I couldn't find anything yet about changing colors.I realize this second request is a long shot, but is there any way to make the input screens black and white instead of black on grey? As with the pmdg pdf docs, there are some things which are not treadable graphics) even when enlarged. sorry about typos, this computer screen reader will only read MS apps.tia,danp.s. for those who haven't tried it, the latest adobe reader has excellent text-to-speech. still doesn't read graphics, though.
  8. Hi Kirster,I checked the manual for the large LCD (Hann-G) and played with the nVidia driver. The maximum resolution on it is 1280 x 1024 via the driver. The manual doesn't list any higher resolution either. Thanks for suggesting I check.dan
  9. Hi,Thank you for the suggestion. I really don't know. I'll check the doumentation & post back here. I don't think I've ever been "offered" a resolution of 1680 x 1050 by the monitor driver or the video card. (I'm in another room on the computer which has a better screen reader).More soon,dan
  10. Alex, Again, great suggestions, thanks! I'll make those changes later today and let you know what happens. AFAI can tell, there are no overlaps panel overlaps between monitors. The just-plain-old video performance goes down if the desktop is stretched.The light flashes appear to be random, and so far are only on the main monitor, and when the focus is on the main monitor. I almost always leave the mouse on the main monitor except when using EICAS or the CDU. However, I'll make the setup as you suggest. I see the eye MD on Friday to check on the eye pressure, so I'll ask about the 6' range glasses. I will have to go back to the documentation to find out what the stabilizer is and how it's controlled. There do not appear to be any clickable points on the stripes or immediately above and below it.Thanks again & more soon,dan
  11. Matts, Bill, and Alex.Wow. I have the 22" LCD at 1280x1024 and the 15" LCD at 1024x768. Mats - for a given flight, the undocked displays (PFD, ND, MCP, and FMC) *are* kept across sessions. I've named a special saved panel state but not tried it yet. Running with 2 monitors the frame rate is cut in half to about 10 when Alex's hardware acceleration decrease is added, and there is no stuttering. I'm getting what looks like flashes of lightning on the primary display but they happen in clear weather, turbulent weather, and real-world weather. It's only very mildly annoying, but not enough to set of my seizures. I didn't spread the desktop across both screens because both would turn white (except for "reverse video" of the characters in the red font. The screens stay white for a minimum of five seconds, and sometimes almost 2 minutes. When the picture comes back, no flight time has elapsed, though.I found a way to maginfy the MCP. One of the counselors at the low vision center at the hospital told me about a "Powertoy Taskbar Magnifier" which can be downloaded from Microsoft for free. (It took FOREVER to find it with the screen reader on). It magnifies the area around the pointer (like the MS mouse Bill mentioned) *and* you can set the amount of magnification (1x, 2x, 4x, anything more is pretty useless). To paraphrase Alice B. Toklas about Oakland, there's no there, there. The magnified letters, numbers, dials are just not readable. I have no idea what the "bank limit" is set to. Alex mentioned that the (long-lost-to-me) stabilizer setting is to the left of the throttles. Don't bother magnifying them, there's nothing to see. Well, all I see are the letters "APL". I will have to scan through the manual (with the screen reader, sigh) to find out how to change the stabilizer setting. The eye surgeon made an interesting suggestion today. I have "continuous" bifocals, and because the cataracts are all attached to the ciliary strings at the bottom of my field of vision, he suggested wearing my glasses upside down. The optics don't make sense to me, but it definitely helps. Do all y'all think it would be useful to collect this thread into a page on the wiki so that others with low vision don't have to go through the extended experimentation we did? Mats-who would I ask to do so?Oh, one question: the "Stall" and "Overspeed" messages in red text just slightly overlap the second monitor (which is placed on the right). Is there a way to move those messages, maybe on top of the "parking brakes/simulation paused" message area? I looked at various .cfg files and tried to look through the wiki but having to use the screen reader all the time means such lookups are s-l-ooo-ooo-w. (not been a good couple of days, maybe the eyedrops are working). Again gentlemen, my deepest thanks and please enjoy a virtual beverage of your choice on me. Best,dan davison
  12. Hi Alex,If I wasn't sure I would crush pins I would be hooking that second screen up right now. Patience, dan. I took your pic and enlarged it a lot and there's things there I've never noticed before. What is the white stripe on the left-hand-side of the throttles? I thought it was a sign, but in your pic it looks like it might be something important.Do you get the same frame rate with 2 or 3 monitors as with 1? Not that I care, since I'll take 10 FPS if I can actually see the whole thing. Thanks a lot, and pray for those monitor pins. I may not be able to wait. arggghhh. But many, many thanks!dan
  13. Alex,Holy frijoles! That is amazing. After seeing (well, sort of) your setup I called a friend and he's going to come over this weekend and help me add the second screen - the 7900 will do dual monitors. I have an old graphics card but I'm not sure if I have an available slot for it. I might be able to see in VC mode. I've never been able to do that. What is the black thing overlapping the left edge of your keyboard? A paper holder? (Sorry if that's insulting - vision not very good this morning). Did you need a special driver to get the three monitors to play well together? Also, is your resolution set to be the sum of the pixels across all three monitors (for example, is it 800x600 or 800 x 1800?).I'm going to buy one of those swing-arm round lighted magnifier things and see if that does any good for viewing the MCP. Maybe it will cut down on the number of times I ask the ATC to "say again". Hmm-if the kneeboard is un-dockable, I can resize that and read the ATC info in the "messages" section. All my computer equipment is bordering on the geriatric, but the low frame rates in FSX don't bother me much because they give me more time to better see what I'm doing. I probably spend more time in pause mode than I do sim-flying.Thanks for the great ideas!
  14. Hi Mats,I didn't realize the PFD, etc. would magnify larger than the resize-to-the-bottom-of-the-MCP function on the taskbar. After trying a looonnngg time last night I was able to get the "undock menu" function to show up on the larger displays (when they pop to the top of the screen). The PFD, MFD, ND, EICAS, and CDU will all undock, so they can be enlarged. I knew that some of the information displayed existed because it's mentioned in the manual, but wow. I hadn't seen a lot of the EICAS info before. Of course, when they are all large enough to see, there's no outside visibility, so a friend is coming over this weekend and we're going to set up the second screen. I'll park all of the gauges on that one. I'm not sure why, but I never was able to get the CDU to enlarge. With the help of my kids, they were able to find the (one pixel wide?) resizing border. Now it is undocked and when enlarged to one-third the screen I can fully use it. Do you know if there is a way to leave the display enlarged and squish the keys down? Or "undock" the CDU display portion only? Lastly, any suggestions about the amazing invisible MCP? I know what some of the buttons do (VOR, MAP/PLN/APR, and the ND range adjuster) but there's more there but I can't enlarge the pictures in the PDF enough to read what's there. I've given up on whatever is at the very top of the overhead. It's too dark and even undocked and enlarged it's not visible. (ditto for the manual).Thanks very much for the suggestions - any others would be welcome.
  15. Hi Bill,I haven't ever heard or seen the magnifiying mouse advertised. I just looked at MS' web site and it says *The Magnifier is not compatible with Direct3D