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  1. Hi all, I downloaded and installed the 747v3 last night. During installation, there was a box that popped up saying some Microsoft software had to be installed. After a few seconds the box message changed and said it could not reach Microsoft and try again later. I searched the PMDG forums but didn't find any clues. What software failed to install, and how do I get it from Microsoft? Thanks in advance, dan davison
  2. Tom, We've never met but AVSIM has meant a great deal to me. To say I was stunned by your news is an understatement. I've been in tears for the last 30 minutes. The primary thing is to take whatever time you need to be with your family and friends. Everything else is a very distant second. I can state this because I was just diagnosed with cancer six days ago. Wow did my priorities change in a day. Thank you for AVSIM and everything you've done for our hobby. You are in my prayers, and Godspeed. dan davison
  3. Just tried it again - yes, AT and AP are off, FDs off, flaps up, The plane will respond to F1/F2/F3/F4, but not the throttle on the joystick. Nose landing gear still doesn't turn, so I can't get off the main runway. Thanks for the hints, any other ideas? dan davison
  4. Hi Peter and Pau, Yes, the autopilot is off -- that siren drives me crazy. I will double-check the auto-thrust: I'm 99.9% sure it's off. Thanks! dan davison
  5. Hi All, I apologize for asking this, but what is the trick to getting a 777 steering after it lands? I remember this being asked after shortly after it was released, but a bunch of searches did not turn up the original thread. In brief, I land OK, slow to a high-speed turnoff, but the nose wheel doesn't turn. The throttles also don't work unless I use the F3 and F4 keys. The throttles will then move in the cockpit view and the plane will roll. The joystick will not turn the front wheels, though. The brakes are not on, taxi and landing lights are on, no smoke or overtemp from the tires, I know it's something simple, but I dunno what it is. Thanks for any help! dan davison There should be a signature here, but the way life is going, who knows.
  6. Hi,>What's with the avionics on this thing? I haven't seen any problems, other than extreme sensitivityto the order in which startup is done. I always do a cold +dark start.>99% of the time the avionics don't come on at all, so there's>no PFD and no MFD readings. The FMC also won't function>properly.This is the issue, although reversed. If the FMC is notprogrammed properly and in the correct order as specifiedby the developers, you will not get the glass displaysworking.>Is this panel full of bugs, or is there something I'm supposed>to do? I'm following everything the manual says and nothing>happens.OK, a few questions to get started:1) on cold&dark, are you following every step, in order, on *their* checklists? It's not the same as the PMDG 747X startup.iFly C&D is extremely sensitive to the order in which stepsare done. I learned how to do C&D on the iFly, and the experiencetransferred well over to the PMDG. The only differences that cometo mind this early is that iFly doesn't model the window heat,wipers, storm, and bright/dim switches.2) Does the FMC not come on at all? Have you re-installed iFly?Be sure to completely remove (or rename) everything the iFlyinstaller leaves behind (rename the iFly folder "iFly.1", e.g).Then check the registry for any leftovers (I think the path isHKLMSoftwareiFly....) and remove them. Always back up theregistry first and set a restore point, too. 3) Have you downloaded and installed the latest nav database fromplanepath.com? Check the info on the "IDENT" page.4) The iFly FMC input route and MSFS Flight Planner routemust not disagree, IME. If you are just transferring MS Flight Planner files into iFly, be sure to use "convertpln" by Ingo Stoeckel (in FSX misc files section of the library).The iFly FMC will add legs to the route that MSFS is not awareof ... when I don't double-check I usually wind up in trouble(ascending during landing, heading off on the wrong course).5) although the steps are slightly different, I highly recommendthe PMDG Type Rating Course, first lesson, on startup. All thelessons are well written and explain a whole lot more than theiFly manual does. If you have the PMDG 747 manual, use chapter12 to deal with the iFly FMC. You can only get the manual ifyou buy the airplane, but the Type Rating Courses are free(Thanks, PMDG!) in the Downloads area. 6) My most common cause of problems with iFly is skipping stepsin their checklists, or rather, skipping ahead.7) There is one condition where you can do everything rightand still end up with blank flight displays. I don't rememberthe solution off the top of my head, but search the entireFSX forum (from the top) with "ifly" to find the thread. Wehad a discussion going elsewhere and then Tom created thissub-forum. I couldn't figure out how to transfer thosethreads over here.8) Make sure you are only using the FSUIPC4.zip that comes withthe iFly, and pay close attention to version numbers.Hope some of this helps,dan
  7. Hi George,Welcome to the forum. AFAIK, there is no separate download of the service packs. I justhad to download the whole shebang again.While the learning curve is brutal, just pick one area to deal withat a time. You might also want to look at the "PMDG Ops" and PMDGcustomer support pages (www.precisionmanuals.com). Their manualis proprietary (i.e. you have to buy the PMDG 747X to get it) butthere is a lot of useful information that will map onto the iFlyversion. I particularly recommend their Type Rating Courses. Part 1is about starting the plane. It goes into more detail than theiFly documentation does. Oh - definitely print out the checklists. You will need them. TheiFly 747 is really sensitive to the order in which things are done.If you skip over one "minor" checklist item, the plane may notstart. Early on, I turned on the yaw dampers too soon, and couldnot the the plane off the ground.So, follow them exactly, and ask questions here - that's why Tomset up this forum.dan
  8. >If you are trying to start from cold and dark then there are>some problems with this version. When you first install the>747, you can get all engines running, but even then it takes>some coaxing. Yes, it sure does. I always start from "cold and dark" if I can.If I remember correctly, the Boeing manualsays not to run the starters for more than 10 minutes, and it took much longer.>After the first try, it changes the autosave.RTE file in the>IFLY directory and I have not been able to restart properly>from then on. So I saved an original version of autosave.RTE>and each time I want to try a cold and dark, I reload it. Is there a copy of the original autosave.RTE in the iFlyfolder(s) or do I need to download the whole package again?>I have emailed the authors and they are aware of the problems>and said they are going to change it in the next version.I think I'll email them and let them know about this forum.Thanks!dan
  9. Hi Dave,Happy New Year, and keep your head down!>Have you considered this could be a weight and balance issue? Duhh. No. When flying a 744 that is nearly or fully loadedI automatically set the rudder trim at 6 units if the FMCshows the COG to be 21-26%. I will check the FSX payload and fuel diagram now as part of preflight. >Wish I could help you but I'm still trying to get her off the>ground. If you posted, I either missed it or slept through it(*). Isthere anything we (i.e. this forum) can help with? The learningcurve is brutal, and I had to really closely read the entire manual multiple times. If one blinks while going over a check-list, the aircraft can be left in an unflyable condition.My nemesis while learning was the power and hydraulic panels(left side of the overhead). I either had no drive generatorsor no hydraulic pressure on one engine. Then I'd turn off theAPU or external power and everything would go dark & away wouldgo several hours of work.Oddly enough, except for forgetting things like COG, I nowhave the logic or rhythm or something like that down andcan get the thing started and taxiiing (note I didn't say flying!) in about 15 minutes. Of course, that took about9 months.Let us know if there's anything we can help with, keep yourhead down over there, and have a safe, and very safe, 2008.dan "lensman" davison(*) A heart attack on top of lung disease gives me lots of time to read. So it goes.
  10. Hi all,When the 744 reaches cruise altitude, most of the timeit "hunts" +/-300 ft from the MCP- or FMC- commandedaltitude. This is FSX Deluxe, SP1, latest iFly download. I've tried- real-world weather- completely clear weather- FL190 to FL330 in 10,000 ft steps- 250-320 KIAS in 10 KIAS steps- with and without spoilers- 1/4 speed to 8X speed (simulation rate)Once it starts, changing FL, KIAS, flaps, spoilers, andsimulation rate doesn't seem to help. One other potential clue: sometimes the up-and-down (pitch?)starts immediately on reaching cruise FL, other times onlyon a FLCH during ATC-commanded approach. Possibly related: on a descent to VGZR (Zia Intl, Dhakar)the ATC-commanded descent from FL210 to FL020, at 250 KIAS,I reset the FL on the MCP, hit FLCH, and instead of holdingspeed while descending, the plane just drops like a stone.The initial part of the descent is OK, but it never levelsoff at 2000 ft, and just speeds up to over 500KIAS and hitsthe ground. ECON DES is correct, KIAS and FL on the LEGS pageare set appropriately. The autopilot and autothrust are onand do not shut off. Sometimes if I catch it at FL010 I canwrestle the aircraft into level flight but I doubt any of thepassengers are still alive and the wings probably havebroken off. Any help on these problems would be welcome!Thanks,dan "lensman" davisonP.S. I realize this is probably a PEBKAC, so please be gentle!p.p.s For old-time software support techs, that'sProblem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
  11. Hi all,I still get CTDs if I have a "senior moment" and change views from the menu bar. However, I have found two ways to change views with aminimum of CTDs:1) Use the keyboard and only the keyboard. - I haven't figured out how to do Options|Simulation Rate| from the keyboard - "R" is listed but apparently doesn't cycle through the sim rates2) A new utility, freeware (thanks TweakFS!) appeared in the AVSIM library two or three days ago. It's called "Menu Mate for FSX" by the folks at TweakFS (specifically Fermin Fernandez). If I had the faintest idea how to get the link, I'd paste it in, but sign into the library, search "FSX Utilities" with the word "Menu" or "Menu Mate", and the utility will appear in the first few hits. It lets you go directly to the menu item you want without using the menu. Sorry, the documentation explains it much better. I've had about 50% less CTDs since I started using it. 3) Don't upgrade to the very latest and greatest driver (forceware or catalyst). For my card, a 7300, the last two driver updates have halved the frame rate and drastically increased the the CTDs. I apologize for not having the version number handy, but if you constantly update your video driver you may want to wait. The exception is if you have installed the Deceleration Pack from Microsoft - nVidia is constantly tweaking their drivers to make it work better with the pack. Given the discussions in other threads about the growing pains for video drivers + Acceleration Pack, it's your call...best of luck with it. I'm going to wait a few more months before installing it. lensman aka Dan DavisonDell Dimension 8400 P4 HT 3GHz, 2GB Ram, 1TB disk, nVidia 7300, Saitek AV8R; usually running Autosave for FSX and FS2Crew.
  12. Hi all,Sorry for the long delay in getting back to all y'all. I've beenhospitalized a couple times, which really slowed me down. Somewhere around the end of August I received a "get-well-soon"present of a nVidia 7300 that wasthe maximum my Dell Dimension 8400 power supply could handle.Amazingly enough, the CTD on resolution change still happens, andcontinues to happen. However, the CTDs are very specific. Theyseem to happen only if simconnect is in use. CTDs do not appearto happen if FSIUPC is in use (e.g. FS2Crew). Another kind persongave me FSX Deluxe, which has multiple different simconnects, soI need to keep looking at that.With one exception, the CTDs have decreased greatly after themost recent nVidia forceware update. I don't have the numberhandy, I'm on a Mac at the moment.Thanks all,dan "lensman" davison>I just installed ATI7.5 driver package. Now I also can join>the club on Crash To Desktop. My previous driver set was 6.9>with no issues. Will try 7.1 which I never installed first and>then, if necessary, regress to 6.9 . I noticed that 7.5 does>absolutely nothing for my lowly 9800SE card anyhow.>>Dick Boley near 5G8>>>>>>>Good news (for now), I found out that the Catalyst 7.1 are>>stable. Every driver newer than version 7.1 gives problems.>>How to do this:>>>>Go to the control panel/add/remove software. Remove the ATI>>software using the Express uninstall function. After that go>>to the control panel/system/device manager and manually>remove>>the display driver.>>Download the Catalyst 7.1 driver from ati.amd.com and>install>>it. Now you should have a stable system again using FSX.>Note>>that other application can have problems (Second Life won't>>start at all for instance). The real solutions of course has>>to come from ATI, which I already sent an email about this.>>Hopefully version 7.5 does not have these problems anymore.>>>>Regards and good luck,>>>>Rob>>>Regards,>Dick Boley>>A PC, an LCD, speakers, CH yoke
  13. Hi all,I saved the mission on the approach to the runway. When I resume and "fly the gauntlet" the runway is missing. Time of day doesn't matter,but I do not want to restart from Narita if it is avoidable. ****Yet Another SPOILER******** SCROLL DOWN ************When I land in the cave, I wind up smasking into the back wall.That runway has to be there somewhere. Any help would be welcome.Thanks,dan
  14. Hi all,I have a random problem with the secret shuttle mission. More than half the time I never get the "descend to 6000 ft" message. I also will get the message "we're too far north" after I've received "the gear down, flaps set, on short final" and clearance. The parts that fail, in no particular order, are:1) after the turn up Immigrant Valley (heading 010), nothing more except the radio EMI.2)on heading 010, at FL140, after clearance to land and "just keep on heading 010 for now"...and nothing further3) on heading 010, FL140, cleared to land, gear locked and flaps, ... no descent, no turnI can strong-arm the thing into landing, taxi to the parking spot, but never get a "mission completed" or the wry comment from the stewardess.I've run this mission dozens of times, but I can't figure out what trigger(s) I'm missing. Thanks for any help!p.s. Anyone know if the designer worked for the US Dept. of Energy late in the cold war>? That landing comment is pretty close to one I used to hear often. I could not stop laughing the first time I heard it coming from my PC. Talk about deja vu!
  15. Ah, that triggers a memory. The problem started about the time Microsoft pushed out an automatic update that included the ATI drivers. That messed up a lot of things, and I rolled back the driver. It still didn't work, so I downloaded the latest driver set from ATI and installed that. The number of CTDs went down, but did not stop. Thanks for the insight that it's a change of resolution on crashes. I'm going to go back to my November through January monthly driver backups and see if one of those will help the system become stable. When I do I'll report the driver version here.danDell Dimension 8400, 1GB, 3GHz P4 "HT" (looks like 2 processors)700 GB disk, ATI Radeon X300/X550 series 3/2/2007, version 8.351.0.0, digitally signed: Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher
  16. Hi all,I have a new problem with FSX. Everything worked fine for the first three or four months. Then, for no obvious reason, on view changes via the menu bar I randomly have CTD. There is no time dependence - it may crash while setting up free flight, or after 3 or 4 hours of missions or free flight. I removed Documents and Settings/.../FSX folder, did a "repair install" on the program, but the CTDs continue. Again, they only happen, when changing views off the menu bar.Is there any known fix for this?Thanks very much!
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