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  1. ACA857

    PMDG future possibilities?

    Please, for the love of all things holy, can we please have the option of a 2D main forward panel in the 744v2? Pretty please.
  2. ACA857

    2D cockpit - outside view is now too low...

    2.5 or 3.0 looks good on my end.
  3. Please can I get pro/con details to processing & loading a complete flight plan into AS6 -as opposed to- simply manually entering DEP & DEST /ALTN/SPD/ALT?I am looking for any affects these two methods may have on 1. destination weather and 2. accuracy/currency of in flight weather at altitude.If this is an RTFM question, I apologize in advance.ThanksRob.
  4. Will do, and thanks for the help.Rob.
  5. Hi Jim,I am not suggesting to lock in 'old' destination weather, rather the opposite.I suppose I am hung up on the suppression range/altitude. Assuming a suppression range of 100nm / 5000feet, if I am less than 100nm to destination and a weather update occurs, the latest destination weather is supressed - this results in dated weather at the arrival airport - which is what I am seeing and other users reporting as an issue. I am suggesting, in order to have FS9 receive the latest/accurate destination weather without having to re-process the plan or reduce the AS6 suppression range...that AS6 might incorporate a lock to destination distance option whereby range/alt suppression is ignored -only within the destination zone- for the purposes of ensuring latest weather during the approach and landing.I realise there may be a trade of in this scenario where sudden weather changes may occur within the destination lock zone, but I would hazard a guess that most users would prefer accurate weather for the approach/landing and forgive the possibility of a sudden weather shift within the destination zone. Only a suggestion, I dont mean to irritate...but it seems like a simple enough fix as an option that users can choose not to use if they prefer.Over to you.Rob.
  6. >Hi Rob,>>I am pretty sure it is the weather at the time of the plan>process. I checked the manual and that is not clear.>>Thanks!>Jim>>>Active Sky V6 Development Team >Active Sky V6 Proud Supporter>HiFi Beta Team>Radar Contact Supporter:>AirSource Member:>FSEconomy Member: DEST weather is 'locked' as it existed when the plan was processed, then my 7 hour pond hops would result in landing in weather that is at least 7 hours old - assuming I processed the plan before I take off from DEP airport. Say it ain't so? :-)Is there the possibility of incorporating...a new feature with the next AS6 release whereas a "LOCK TO DEST APT DISTANCE" value can be applied which will force AS6 to refresh the destination weather when within the 'lock to destination' distance. This logic might be refrehs DEST airport METAR and 'lock to DEST' AS6 submit to FS9 when range to DEST is =/< lock to distance. This refresh should supercede all supression settings...this would almost guarantee accurate weather at destination when used in conjunction with the already existing option to force destination weather in surrounding stations. This logic does exist in 'other' weather programs, can AS6 apply this logic?Over to you.Rob.
  7. The airports I used for testing are CYYZ and CYOW, both international airports with regular METAR updates."The wx is locked to destination when within the suppression range."ok, just to clarify...what WXR is locked in as the destination within supression range?...the latest destination weather or the destination weather as it existed when I processed the flight plan? From what I am seeing, it's the latter.To compare METAR, I look at what AS6 is saying the METAR is supposed to be compared with what FS9 is actually displaying (shft-z).
  8. I am not knowledgeable regarding AS6...would rather let the AS6 people chime in here.I can tell you that range supression, so I have been told, will ignore weather within the range, thus holding over the airport will mean you will not get the airport weather...until you re-start AS6.This is why I was wondering what the point of setting destination in AS6 is if range suppression forces AS6 to ignore the weather when you get to the destination.Something is out of whack me thinks.
  9. If you look at my posts regarding wind gusts (post name aca856) and also regarding not getting correct weather at destination...there does seem to be something interesting 'happening' when AS6 is closed and re-started. It has been my contention that AS6 is somehow 'clinging' to or clogged up with old data and will not refresh destination weather as expected...or...the range/alt supression is creating problems with updates at destination...unless the user shuts down and re-starts.You were in a holding pattern near destination aiport...that was maybe range suppression blocking the destination airport from updating. Why AS6 lets range suppression supercede the destination weather as processed in the AS6 plan I am not sure, but this is how I understand AS6 works. I did ask in another post what is the point of setting destination airports in the weather processing if range suppression is going to over-ride it...makes no sense but could be an FS9 limitaion I suppose. If you have used FSMeteo, you may recall the destination distance locking option...destination weather can then be forced. I am not saying FSMeteo is better, I am saying it was a nice option to have, easy to understand with the right results.The folks as AS support have been great in getting back to me...but I do suspect there is more to the puzzle/issue than what we have seen so far.In your case, I do notice something I dont see in mine...that is the TAF forecasting comment in the you have that turned on? Rob.
  10. I have applied the settings as noted above.Jury is still out...did 2 flights last night, but could not find any surface wind gusts around to test...What I can say is that on final approach I do NOT get the destination airport weather despite having processed a complete flight plan in FS9/AS6. I turned back on (enabled/checked) Force destination weather and I do see the correct destination weather, albeit forced over a nearby minor airport to my least on one of the two flights I did last night.Forgive me if this is covered in the manual somewhere...but surely processing a plan with a destination airport should somehow guarantee that when within range of the destination airport, the weather should lock to the destination? Another weather product I used had an option to lock in the destination airport weather when the aircraft was within xx NM of destination. Can this not be done with AS6? Please advise.I do appreciate the support effort here.Thanks,Rob.
  11. I will review those sections - thank you for the references.
  12. Hi,I now understand supression range better...but this does not explain what the point of setting DEST airport in the AS6 plan processing if the supression range is going to supercede the up to date weather at the destination.Maybe I misunderstand DEST weather...but I -assumed- if my processed plan has a DEST airport then I should expect to see up to date weather when I arrive at the destination - REGARDLESS of supression range and altitude.Was this a bad assumption?
  13. Hi Jim,I will try this tonight.Not sure how this explains when I re-start AS6 and I get full gusts as reported in the METAR...and correct weather displayed...both airbourne or on ground.? Can I keep barometric pressure smoothing set in FSUIPC so I dont get dramatic shifts kicking off VNAV? I do understand the default/weather off better now, thanks for that.? Set force destination zone off...I assumed the prupose of that was to ensure correct weather at the destination are suggesting to DISABLE this / uncheck it? Please confirm.Just to clarify...when I say FS9 is not seeing/getting the weather, I am using sft-z to see what FS9 is modelling, I also compare to FSUIPC weather log to reconcile. When I say AS6 is showing...I am looking at the AS6 display.Thanks for looking at it, I will report back tonight.Rob.
  14. >Hi,>>Sorry for the problem. Some suggestions:>>Turn Force Destination Weather Zone Off.>Reset FSUIPC to default settings and weather settings off.>>Please let us know,>Jim>>>Active Sky V6 Development Team >Active Sky V6 Proud Supporter>HiFi Beta Team>Radar Contact Supporter:>AirSource Member:>FSEconomy Member: to default settings with weather off implies no wind smoothing (or any other smoothing) will occur via FSUIPC. Should users then also disable the FSUIPC wind smoothing option in AS6?I have found that if there is no wind smoothing via FSUIPC, AS6 wind shifts become very dramatic at altitude and often will kick off VNAV. Also, barometric pressure shifts without FSUIPC smoothing will also kick off VNAV.As to the reported issue of incorrect winds aloft shown in FS9...this is an intermittent issue I have seen as well as others I fly with using AS6. There does not seem to be a rhyme or reason to it, sometimes the winds make it in to FS9 perfectly, others not. What I can say is that when I have seen incorrect winds in FS9 compared to what AS6 tells me I shoudl have, IF I shut down and re-start AS6, accurate winds immediately appear in FS9. Is it possible this all has to do with flight plan processing in AS6? If I dont process a complete plan, but simply process DEP and DEST /ALTN airports in AS6, I see far fewer discrepancies.Anywho, I digress.Rob.
  15. >Hi Rob,>>Let me take a look at things and test out the wind gusts. I>may not have work on Tuesday because of our bone chilling cold>weather, so I'll have some time. I will start a brand new>thread with your user name as the title, because I'll want to>keep your issues straight and it is easier to troubleshoot>that way.>>Thanks,>Jim>>>Active Sky V6 Development Team >Active Sky V6 Proud Supporter>HiFi Beta Team>Radar Contact Supporter:>AirSource Member:>FSEconomy Member: for looking at this...Related to this and the wind gusts is some more testing I did tonight.Set FSUIPC to weather off, created and AS6 processed an FSBuild plan CYYZ-CYOW. The AS6 0100z DEST weather at YYZ departing YOW in the AS6 plan was showing winds 270/18-24. I flew the planned route, 40 mins later I forced a refresh 50nm from touchdown in Toronto...the AS6 METAR display for CYYZ then showed current 0200z (0200z CYYZ METAR winds 260/22g27) correctly. This updated 0200z surface wind did not get in to FS9, I landed with winds 270/18g24, as was the older 0100z weather. Until I descended below ~3000ft, the weather in FS9 was as shown in AS6 display. Into the surface layer, FS9 winds changed to reflect the 0100z CYYZ METAR, 18g24 (which gusted a very weak 18-21 in FS9). It appears at this point the issue is the surface winds not being updated.The plot thickens...I pull off the runway, shut down and re-start AS6. Hey presto, I got the up to date 0200z AS6 weather showing correctly in FS9, winds blasting away as reported for 0200z at CYYZ, 22g27...and I am seeing the full gust in FS9. This is nuts I say to meself.It would appear AS6 clings to the 'older/last' 0100z METAR DESTination surface winds as shown in the AS6 Navlog after the flight plan was processed...the newer DEST surface conditions reported with @ 0200z were possibly not sent to FS9? At least FS9 did not get/apply the 0200z surface winds until after a complete restart of AS6. It seems odd I forced a refresh on approach, got surface winds from an hour old (0100-18g24) in FS9 depsite on approach to DEST airport, AS6 FETCH showing CYYZ surface winds 0200z-22g27. This data/weather info was never shown/sent to FS9 until after I landed and did a complete AS6 shut down/restart & refresh.It's late, I am babbling....clear as mud?And it is freakin' -25C outside...with gusting winds, of course :-)Thanks for taking the time to help!Rob.