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  1. Interesting woman. I couldn't figure her accent ('loffong' instead of 'laughing') until I ran another of her vids (labelled 'accent'). She's a brit whose lived in LA for a good while. That sort of thing puzzles me, nerd that I am..
  2. These are what used to be known as "jokes". When did Dawkins' word "meme" become synonymous? :Thinking:
  3. Indeed! I'm struggling with learning the language at the moment as we're planning to relocate to Portugal next year. It can be a tricky language (as Portuguese people keep telling me, usually in perfect English!); but to be honest, I find that the hard part is understanding when hearing it spoken. Brazilian spoken Portuguese is, I find, more easily understood than the European version.
  4. 'I didn't realize that about Portuguese and the "h" . . . ' The letter 'h' certainly exists in the Portuguese alphabet (e.g. "chover" -- "to rain" or "chá" -- "tea"). I guess it's just not there in 'tacometer'.
  5. It's a pity you can't download hardware. There is still something magical about finding a nice juicy add-on for FS, and be flying in it or over it fifteen minutes later, after the PayPal deal is done.. :lol:
  6. Lego is wussy. Real hardcore modelers would have used matchsticks.. :LMAO:
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