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    I've been here on AVSIM off and on since mid 1997. Gone through a half dozen user names at least. That's just for those who seem to use someones join date or number of posts as some kind of litmus test to determine the value of one's contribution.
    I've been flying in the real world for 30 years, been flying with Flight Simulator for 32 years. I have 25 years in the airline industry under my belt and I started my aviation affliction with a stint in the USAF when I turned 18. I enjoy helping people out with FS where and when I can, but even more, I love to help people learn about aviation and encourage people to use Flight sim as a tool to enhance their education and abilities.

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  1. Thanks, Mel. I'm going to play around some more over the next couple of days. I appreciate all the advice. I'll just keep at it 'til I get it right. I might actually get to a point where I can release some of these airports I'm working on. :smile: Cheers!!
  2. No problem, Mel. I've been a bit busy too, these last few days. I have found time to work with SBuilder though. I've figured out the calibrated maps and I've been working on learning the other features and going through some tutorials. I found that the autogen that I've done with SBuilder works fine as long as it's not over photo scenery. Annotator seems to be the only program that does custom autogen that will appear on top of the photo scenery. The downside to annotator is that doing autogen is a bit more laborious than it would be with SBuilder, but the results have been great so far. At the moment, I'm working on doing textured poly's on the airport, but I'm having a little issue with getting my ADE runways, taxiways and aprons to sit on top of the SBuilder created poly's. I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong. Not sure if it's a layering issue or a draw order issue as it regards textures. My plan was to do the poly's in SBuilder and then do all the lines and other enhancements in ADE and/or Object Placer. The only other confusion I'm having with textured poly's is figuring out how the X-Y tiling numbers work and how to control the direction of some of the textures. I've tried some of the runway textures and they seem to cut across the runway at an angle rather than along the same heading. Hope that made sense, lol. So when you have a few minutes, If you have any more suggestions or tips, I'm all ears...or eyes, as the case may be. :smile: Cheers, Jeff Oh btw, I've always relied on my memory but, like you, I'm coming to realize that may not be a viable long term solution. LoL. I'm thinking about buying stock in Sticky Notes!!
  3. Mel, thanks so much for the step by step. I'm going to try this out over the next week or so. Once I get the hang of creating the airport poly's, I think I'll be in good shape. I'll certainly post back if I run into any snags. In the meantime, I've figured out the process of adding custom autogen to my photo scenery surrounding the airports. I've been using the annotator program from the SDK to add trees and buildings in the right places within roughly a 5 to 10 mile radius of the airports so I now have that depth and texture I was looking for on departure and landing. It's the best of both worlds with photo scenery for my flights and custom autogen for the immersion on or close to the ground. Thanks again for your help!! Cheers, Jeff
  4. Thanks Mel. Looks like I'm going to have to dig into the books again as I never did manage to get a handle on SBuilder. I see a pile of hair on my desk, in the near future lol. Cheers!! Seeing how this topic has progressed, I think it's a great start to a permanent FS9 scenery thread. Given that new scenery products for FS9 are not usually on the top of commercial developers list of things to do, I think it would be nice for us to have a place for us FS9'ers to help each other out with making and sharing our own. I certainly don't want to re-invent the wheel here as we do have several scenery creation forums, but having a thread that is specific to FS9 may prove beneficial to many of us. Peter, I hope you don't mind my broadening your topic a bit. :Big Grin: Cheers, Jeff
  5. Great post, Mel. I've been dabbling in photo real scenery recently with FSet and that's something I'd like to figure out how to do. That is, finding a way to place the scenery down as an airport polygon. Not so much to include it in the airport scenery itself, but more for alignment purposes. I've noticed that some airports are off just a little bit when they're sitting on top of the photo real stuff, but I haven't a clue how to add it to ADE with the correct position and alignment. I'd also like to be able to add some of the autogen trees around the perimeter of the airports so I don't have that "you can see to the horizon" effect. Ed Cox did it with his Glens Falls airport (KGFL) and it strikes a perfect balance for use with photo real scenery.
  6. Really looking forward to this one!!
  7. Shez is a freeware developer. That's actually a nickname. His name is Shehryar Ansari, and he does a lot of nice stuff. Do a search in the library. Cheers, Jeff
  8. Great!! Glad you got it worked out. Cheers!! :smile:
  9. Hehe...got that too!! John and Holger did some great work that really set the standard for freeware when it was released. :smile:
  10. Thanks for the tip. I have Vancouver covered pretty well with Vancouver+, and of course, I have all of Holger's stuff on up into Alaska, but I will be eventually looking at more sceneries along the coast to bridge the gap between the two. I know I have CYBL which is really nice. I just need to grab the rest. Cheers, Jeff
  11. Phil, the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that you still have some of the old version's files in your FS9 root directory. You're right that the configurator thinks it's still installed. The "Add SweetFX" button appears exactly where the Remove button is. Try clicking the Remove SweetFX button, let the program do its' thing, and then go back into your FS9 root folder and make sure that all of the SweetFX files are gone from there. If not, then delete them. After all that, try to go through the process again as I outlined and see if that fixes it. Cheers, Jeff
  12. It's no big secret that I favor general aviation type flying more than the "point a to point b" airline flying. So I'm always looking for the well done regional and little ga type of airports. I recently came across a couple of really nice packages from Lauren Robison in the AVSIM Library. Montana Unleashed - A nice collection of 28 airports in Montana as well as Spokane, WA (KGEG). All of them have a lot of character and evoke that "little airport" feel. Plenty of eye candy and no impact on frame rates from what I've seen. Installation is a snap, too. Download in two parts. http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=Montana+Unleashed! If you happen to own the Payware FZ02-Portland, you'll want to take a look at this two airport addon for it. Equally well done and it fits in with all of that other great scenery in the area. http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=FZ02+Portland+&CatID=fs2004scen&Go=Search Cheers!!
  13. There's AI SMooth http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=+Michael+Sagner&CatID=fsx&Go=Search and AI Separation http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?do=copyright&fid=86786 I've used them both for a couple of years at least. Set up right, these work really well together.
  14. As far as I'm concerned, Jim, no I wouldn't move it. Provided they are shots of, and are relevant to, FS9 and comply with all other screenshot rules. My goal has always been to show the strengths of FS9 on its' own merits,and not relative to other platforms. I just thought it would be nice to have a place for folks to show off the best of FS9 without the old "Mine's better than your's" bashing that so often follows. I may actually pin this one so that there isn't a need to start another one. Cheers, Jeff
  15. Actually Dillon, I posted it here because it was specific to FS9 and how it looks today compared to how it all started out, not how it compares to the other platforms out there. FS9 is, admittedly, the elder statesman of flight sims. But while it does show its age (limitations) in some respects, there have been a few things that have come along to bridge the gap. I think if I had put it in the screenshots forum, it would have ended up as another "us vs them" discussion, and that is not what I was looking for. I've seen a lot of folks saying that they're coming back to FS9 and rediscovering just how good it is, when you consider that most can run FS9 full bore with fewer problems than many experience with other platforms. If anything, I had hoped that it would illustrate what has been and can be done to keep it a viable alternative for anyone having difficulty getting the performance they're looking for from the newer platforms. The flight sim community is more divided today than ever before. With four platforms to choose from and wide differences in expectations of simmers, I think developers will at some point face the possibility that to remain viable, they'll have to develop for more than one platform, or face the prospect of diminishing returns on their products, as it would seem that we are moving further from the idea of a single successor to FSX. Sure, someday we'll all move on to something new, but that day isn't here yet. I'm still hopeful that a few savvy developers will see a value in jumping back into a FS9 market that has been, with some exception, all but forgotten by the commercial guys. At the end of the day, IMHO, XPX and P3D will only divide the FSX community as it would appear the FS9'rs have pretty much made their choice. I think that's why this forum has been pretty quiet when it comes to "The great Flight Sim successor" debate. As it was when FSX was released, you'll see some hardcore FSX'rs stay with what they have and some will jump ship to the other alternatives. Is this a good thing or something to be feared? Only time will tell. And all the FS9 vs FSX vs P3D vs XPX vs DCS arguments in the world will not change the inevitable outcome. It is what it is and it will be what it will be. All I can say for sure is hold on tight, because it going to be an interesting ride. :smile: Cheers, Jeff And just for giggles and grins, one more screenshot. :lol:
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