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  1. My Asus Z87 sabertooth motherboard died last year, so I know the struggle. It's one thing to know for certain which hardware component failed (like memory, monitor, etc...) but the guesswork and troubleshooting can be painful. At the time it happened I was hoping it was simply a DVI cable gone bad, as the monitor was just showing no signal and the computer itself was still humming along. Upon closer inspection I noticed that only 2 chassis fans were spinning, so the pc was apparently in some kind of half sleep mode or something, but I could not easily diagnose as I did not have access to an extra monitor or any other components to test. After shutting down the pc, I noticed the computer would power on but would not POST. I was in flightsim hiatus at the time, and since I mostly used my Ipad to browse the internet and had barely used my pc, and was not in the mood for a drawn out pc troubleshooting project, I avoided the situation I was in, for almost 2 months! I was ultimately motivated to get back to figuring out what was wrong, as part of me was worried that I may have suffered a power surge issue that destroyed a component(s) or worse, irreplaceable data, so I wanted to know for sure what happened to get some closure. Long story short, one of the error indicator lights was showing a serious hardware fault, and after SOME extensive research I made an educated guess that the mobo just died. I bit the bullet, found a used Z97 sabertooth board online and low and behold, I got my beloved pc back! I had my head in the sand for the better part of 2 months partly because I lost interest in simming for a few years prior to the incident, but mostly because I was afraid to confront the fear of seeing data I may not have backed up potentially lost and I didn't want to shell out the money to get a replacement part. If tablets/ipads/smartphones did not exist the sense of urgency would have been much greater.
  2. I am heartened to see they are adding Powerpack functionality.
  3. Hi Bryan, I am a long time user and fan of many of the FS2crew products, and they have all given me a trouble free experience. Unfortunately, I have started having this issue as well. First Officer will carry upon the required tasks, but I get no aural feedback from him. Sometimes the sound will kick in during some tasks, but 90% of the time the FO is silent. I have tried numerous workarounds, including the suggestions listed in this and other threads, and I have uninstalled and clean reinstalled twice so far, to no avail. This issue is a real head scratcher for me. Could it have been a windows update?
  4. IIRC, go to the cameras.cfg file and change CycleHidden=No to Yes for this camera
  5. I'm so happy to see this topic, as I am in the same boat myself. After being on the fence for a while about switching over to SSD drives for the OS and P3D, I decided to take advantage of the recent Black Friday sale on Amazon to buy 2 500 gb Evos as the price was finally right for me! I was considering getting just one 1tb drive (for about $250 vs $260 for the 2 separate 500 gb SSDs) but I was concerned about having both P3D and the OS on the same drive. I figured that the main reason everyone had said the two should be on separate drives is a result of the older mechanical platter drives and fragmentation, but I was curious to know if its ok to install the OS and p3d on the same SSD drive. I don't regret my decision to get 2 separate drives (just incase of drive failure, though the odds are probably very low for that to occur), I guess I am just curious at this point.
  6. God bless you Tom, your website has contributed to some joyous moments for me in the past few years. I'm shocked to hear of this news, I was sure you had more time. My condolences to your family, I am at a loss for words really. You have been incredibly selfless in your contribution to our niche community, its never going to be the same now.
  7. I've been one or two NATs where traffic was flying very close to me on my route, at least in the initial part of the crossing near the western shores of Ireland, it was quite exciting to say the least. And on many of the non oceanic crossings, I would have to punch in a route offset to avoid conflicts if I got to close and we are on the same flight level. There's nothing like watching a string of traffic lined up on your same route on the ND. The only thing needed to make the experience perfect would be if the AI crabbed into the wind. As it stands now, they are constantly blown off course and correcting their paths, so you don't see perfectly straight contrail formations. Also, it would be really neat if all AI followed the east/west odd/even flight level rules. To be fair, I'm thankful that MSFS has AI that is as good as it is now, I would have died for this type of AI behavior in X-Plane when I used it exclusively pre-2008.
  8. Yep, I forgot to mention that you would need to delete the relevant traffic.bgl file, located at Microsoft Flight Simulator\Scenery\World\Scenery, lest you want to see duplicate flights.
  9. Hey Mark, that is the beauty of the Powerpack module. It was released by the developers specifically to expand upon the built in UT2 airline database, as they know they cannot possibly offer all the airlines/cargo carriers of the world. So all you need to do is make sure you have some prerequisites taken care off, namely, you are in possession of three .txt files for the impacted airline named aircraft.txt, flightplans.txt, and airports.txt. You open up Powerpack to import the flightplans.txt file, and allow PP to convert the 3 files into a usable UT2 database file. Then open UT2 and assign the aircraft listed in the newly created databse file to models/paints in your simobjects folder (which could be recycled from the packages you installed via WOAI, or you have to locate on the web and install yourself) and you will now have WOAI or other alternate flightplans handled by UT2 in FSX. You could just install the alpha india or WOAI schedules by normal means outside of UT2, creating the traditional traffic.bgl files in your scenery folder. However, with UT2 handling that traffic, you can take advantage of the many ways it allows the user to increase performance, by suppressing the drawing of ground traffic at airports when you fly over a specific altitude, and that traffic will now fly real world routes using real waypoints, like we all do in our user addon aircraft. This takes work of course, so for me, I only import WOAI or other schedules into UT2 if they are a major airline. I tend to use traditional .bgl traffic files not processed by UT2 for cargo carriers or obscure airlines that I rarely see. And for all GA traffic, as there are tons and tons of paints in each file that would be an exhaustive effort to assign in UT2. As mentioned before in this thread, assigning new airlines or replacing the missing paints in the default UT2 schedule can be very addicting, and at one point was a sub hobby of mine in addition to just simming. But if you have the time or inclination to handle the massive work involved, UT2 is heads and shoulders above the rest of the competition, including freeware offerings like WOAI, for the simple fact that all the major carriers are included, and the models look great because they are largely the same models used by WOAI. And the schedule uses airlines flying their real routes and times in the real world, which the other 2 payware competitors do not offer as they fly fictional routes.
  10. As much fun as it is to speculate on the cause of the disappearance, I look back on these past 3 weeks and feel exhausted by the coverage and theories that were thrown about. I agree with some folks here, that it's time to just sit back and let the experts do their investigation, because ultimately a proper explanation will be determined. I can't believe how foolish some otherwise respected journalists appeared with some of the theories that were put out there, either intentionally or not, in an effort to get ratings. To use this tragic event as a vehicle for the "ultimate reality show" when so many innocent lives were lost is pretty sad and insensitive. Yes, I have participated in the discussion here and elsewhere, but in hindsight, I feel ashamed for some of the things I have said, when like the media at large, I had no factual basis to base my opinions on. I am not speaking for anyone other than myself, I just wish to express my condolences for the families of the missing and hope that the authorities can get to the bottom of this mystery, and not be distracted by some of the insane conjecture.
  11. The idea of recalibrating the yoke was just a joke, on this forum only. It would fit well on a site like The Onion.
  12. Well said. I have been caught up recently with the hijinks in our U.S. congress and their inextricable link to big money influence from the 1%, and recently, the widespread discussion of income disparity and climate change, and I always wonder why there is not more outrage by the general populace. It's very simple, the average American is just too comfortable and distracted by garbage like Miley Cyrus and Dancing with the Stars to give a hoot. Some may even say the 1% are behind an intentional effort to keep the general public docile, but I'm not going to get into all that, I've had enough of all the conjecture thus far on this particular incident. It is too early to say this is the news the world has been waiting for, but it sure seems headed that way. I wouldn't want to be in Indonesia's shoes, there is no way an aircraft the size of the 777 should be able to penetrate their airspace undetected on their military radar, even with the transponder off. They had critical information on the flight path change, but sat on it because "no one asked us"??? To think, if they came forward earlier the search perimeter would have been narrowed down sooner, and if this is in fact the flight's debris, so much time and effort would not have been senselessly wasted. One thing for certain, this event was a huge embarrassment for the emerging Asian economies, as their contributions to the SAR effort was rife with confusion, incompetence, and possibly intentional head faking to save face (Indonesia?) It appears the stable developed economies like Australia, the U.K., and the United States provided the best intelligence and resources to putting an end to this long and frustrating search.
  13. Sad to say this, but the idea an unstable individual with experience with any properly simulated 777 addon could easily control the aircraft, assuming they manage to make it into the cockpit, is very feasible. Not to be a "turncoat", but if I was an investigator or asked to provide input, the idea of looking for passengers on the flight with ample flight simulator experience is very tempting. How they managed to shut off the ACARS I can't figure out, unless said person was possibly a mechanic. Food for thought.
  14. I would love to know if either pilot was an AVSIM member. It's a known fact in the community the captain was a PMDG T7 owner, I can't help but think he perused our forums at some point.
  15. Yeah, I remember reading about this event first on Reddit, and one of the posts mentioned the captain's intensive interest in flight simming. http://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/1zur6k/malaysia_airlines_plane_loses_contact_malaysia/cfx9hrq It's always a joy to hear that real life pilots enjoy simming in their offline lives, as too often I fear the overall pilot community and the general public as a whole see simming as a joke or simple game. According to his Youtube account, he apparently owns the PMDG 777, it would be hard to argue that he wouldn't, and I'm sure he put in plenty of time practicing in his free time. Professional simulator time is so expensive, so I am sure PMDG can tap this market for real life professionals. FSX and the PMDG T7 can be especially valuable for long haul crew who spend most of their careers in cruise, I like to imagine that folks like the captain of this flight have an edge over their peers if they maintain their proficiency with constant practice at home with the same study quality addons we mere mortals enjoy. This incident is one of the biggest mysteries out there in recent memory, a puzzling event that has captured the interest of both aviation fanatics like ourselves and the world at large. Very tragic.
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