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  1. Good afternoon, Does anyone know if there is an Air France livery available for the Aerosoft a32x professional as I have looked everywhere and I can't find one, pretty unbelievable if someone hasn't made one yet. Thanks. Joe.
  2. Good evening, So a friend of mine is tempted to buy the Aerosoft professional as me and him would love to use the connected flight deck feature, however, I have heard that the servers are down or something like that and mixed comments on it, I just really want a clear answer now, if he buys it will he be able to connect to the same flight deck as me? Thanks and regards, Joe.
  3. Ah, I did verify integrity cache, do you think that is what’s that guy is referring to?
  4. Dave, It was an email support ticket which was replied by Matijs I think his name was, but it wa just through a quite a few emails
  5. -Aerosoft A318/19 (just flight) -Rex 4 texture direct+soft clouds -A few orbx sceneries -Accu-feel from steam (despite never using it) -FS labs Concorde X -PMDG 737/8 NG -Active sky next -Avro rj100 (quality wings) -Quality wings 757-200 -FSPassengers -Ezdok
  6. Hi Dave, Quite a few tbh, I don't really know which ones may cause it to interfere with the Aerosoft though as like I said, I have installed the Aerosoft A319 from Just flight with no problems whats so ever. One thing that is strange though as when going into the Simobjects>Airplanes folder I am presented with all four Aerosoft a318/19 folders filled with stuff, however only one Aerosoft A320 CFM, inside a single aircraft.cfg note with nothing inside it.
  7. ok sorry your right, FSX:SE NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Integrated RAMDAC AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor (12 CPU's) ~3.20 GHz 8.00 GB of RAM 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor DirectX 12 I hope this is all the information that you may require 🙂 Regards, Joe.
  8. WGood evening all, I know this is probably not the best place to post such a thing but I have literally run out of ideas and I am at my last point in regards to this product. So about a year ago I purchased the Aerosoft A320/21 from Steam, it worked perfectly so I decided to go ahead and purchase the a319 etc. Fast forward a couple of months and I tried to load the aircraft up and it loaded eventually and was incredibly laggy to the point where it was around 1 FPS and al, the knobs and switches had blue boxes around them. I have emailed the support and we have tried everything from a simple reinstall to trying to repair .net files and updating drivers and everything in between, Matijs I think his name is, has been great in trying to help but we have both ran out of ideas. I am just putting out a last plea to try and help so any assistancewould be appreciated. regards, Joe.
  9. Yeah saw that FSdeveloper one, shame it was never completed and that other one looks fantastic but is only for P3D by the looks of it, shame really, thanks for the reply though!
  10. Good evening everyone! I was just wondering if anyone know of Reus (LERS) scenery for FSX:SE payware or freeware I really don't mind as long as it is semi-realistic. Really think there should be a developer like Aerosoft or simwings to produce that airport. Regards, Joe.
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