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  1. MarkJHarris

    Recall modify

    I'll had my cent too. He is correct in that it illuminates. I've flown TC-SNY and G-GDFD, the first and second 800s to ever fly and they (still) do it too.
  2. MarkJHarris

    737 night flight how to switch on the lights

    We're pretty lucky that an aircraft on stand at a major airport is likely to have sufficient overhead external lighting to floodlight the apron. I've only once had to use the torch on my phone to get to my seat. then it's just muscle memory to reach for the battery.
  3. I've finally found a) the two wires that had been trapped and snipped inside the joystick, so they all now working. b) the diagram online for the actual number of each joystick and throttle button. Printed it out and it will make assignment a lot easier. I have been working on my Joystick extension, and it's very much work in progress. Far too much travel right now, but, I can shorten it with the R/C car shock length and position adjustment. Springs are far too soft too but that's ok on the UH1. We'll get there soon. It's awesome in VR too. Just waiting on some better quality shocks and stronger springs and I'll be happy.
  4. OK, maybe I'm a numpty. It would be nice if when you're trying to set up your HOTAS for the sim, that you could actually click the button you want to add rather than having to guess or refer to a drawing of the joystick buttons every time. Your thoughts? Plus why is ED forums such a word not allowed at letting you reset passwords. I am a human, yet it refuses to let me in!
  5. MarkJHarris

    Brakes overheating to easily?

    I do the same at MAN on arrivals from deep late flights. Reverse idle only and Autobrake 2 on 05R and 3 on 05L/23R.
  6. I'm sticking to my Rift. And saving for the new one when it comes. If they manage to get all the features in that are on the prototype now- it will blow the market away!
  7. MarkJHarris

    Differences between the NGX and the current real 737

    Also I think you mean U12, not U14. U13 is the latest release specifically for the Max. U14 AFAIK isn't out yet. Our aircraft all have U12 on board, but some have Geo Descent and some don't as Options.
  8. MarkJHarris

    Displays off if I forget to turn APU off

    StearmanDriver is indeed correct. It's a feature to save the LCD...Lowest Common Denominator, commonly the worst pilot in any given company! Without trying to waggle my finger at you, it does show that SOP training has it's place. Please do try to stick to a regular flow pattern and use the supplied checklist to prepare your NGX for takeoff. There are Supplementary Procedures for No Engine Bleed and pressurised take offs too. Well worth using them. Put simply You would always select Engine Generators on after start. There really isn't any circumstance where you shouldn't, save for a MEL limited departure with a faulty generator where you would typically leave the APU on and get it to supply the failed side. There is only one model of APU used on all NGs, and it's a very reliable and powerful unit- far better than previous 737s. It very rarely goes wrong, even then it's normally a fouled plug. The NG runs cooler on the ground with 2 packs on rather than 1, clearly the APU is more than man enough for the job! I've sat in 52' heat in South Eastern Turkey with no complaints about the air conditioning....
  9. MarkJHarris

    Take-off trim setting

    It is indeed corrected. Not only that, but it's the master if there's any discrepancy in performance calculation software usually. You set Flap, Take off M.A.C. setting (or double click in NGX unlike the real world) and select your Derate, assumed temperature setting and it will generate a trim figure.
  10. MarkJHarris

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    My apology it took three pages to get to it...
  11. MarkJHarris

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    It's not difficult. As said, just pitch smoothly up to about 15' and at the same time push the thrust levers up past vertical. Call "Go around- Flap15". At a positive rate call for gear up. Now fly REF+5 speed which is already bugged. If you take a look during the approach, you'll see the 15 marked speed is about this. It's more or less the V2 speed so a little faster but no less and you'll be fine. If you give it about 85% you should find the trim is about where it was for a steady F30 VREF+5 with about 60% set. Funny that... These designers know a trick or two... In the real world, we do generally ask for Flight Directors to be "recycled". That's the SOP call. Don't over control or be aggressive in either power or pitch and all will be nice and relaxed.
  12. MarkJHarris

    Ice Detectors

    To be honest, the 737 is not really bothered by ice. Since I've been flying it it's the least of my worries. The Build up on the windscreen wiper is the clue, and on the outer slat if you give the wing system a quick go. Engine Ant-ice is put on if entering cloud as an SOP anyway, until the SAT is -40 then you turn it off. In descent, the easiest way to get rid or prevent ice buildup is to speed up! 280kts gives a nice Ram buildup so that when you pass -15' SAT , your TAT is well above 0'. then as you continue descent, slowly wind the speed back again, keeping TAT above 0' as long as you can. Problem solved usually.
  13. MarkJHarris

    Multiple Autopilot Failures after T/O?

    Weird one. What FMA modes do you have selected on departure? What altitude you you first try to select Autopilot? What settings are in your FMC, in terms of selected thrust, de-rate and assumed temperature? More information needed. What I can tell you is the autopilot will only engage when the aircraft is in trim.
  14. MarkJHarris

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    Probably more a mid life crisis I'd think. I miss the hand flying and really run my Sim rig just to get the kicks I used to. Now flying DCS mostly, far more fun....
  15. MarkJHarris

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    I know! I know.... My last sentence is the bit that is meant to let you know it's not necessarily better flying a real one. Once, maybe, but day to day the low life in the back do make it tiring and less enjoyable. Some passengers are lovely, probably most, but when you get trouble, you really do wish you could be somewhere else....