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  1. 737-900 winglet question

    The ABP Split Schimitar winglet are an aftermarket product that airlines can buy to replace the standard Boeing Winglet, itself a licenced earlier ABP product. The inner strengthening parts are shared, so providing the wing is already equipped with the older winglet they are a straight swap physically. Then you must swap the FMC software to cater for the fuel savings they give. TUI are fitting them to a lot of their new and older NGs too. I suspect, after Airbus allegedly screwed ABP over with the Sharklet thing (ABP designed a winglet for the A320 series and Airbus effectively copied it and didn't licence ABP's) then this design is ABP's revenge. They are actually quite different from the MAX's wingtip. LEDs are also mostly retrofitable. Really the only way to gauge an aircraft's age is to check the registration online. The shorter engine shroud on the CFM56-7BE came in mid 2014. LED lighting and removal of the extending landing lights AND taxi light on the nose leg came in 2016. Hope that helps.
  2. 738 NG 40% N1

    Basically you need more umph to accelerate the engine. You move the thrust lever to set the bugs at 40% and the engine will fuel to accelerate to the bug, I must admit I never really notice it much. I just smoothly raise power to 40% and once they both reach it, I press TOGA and look out the front window...
  3. Quik question on DES page

    I reckon your kid needs a boot up the backside if he tries this. Keep up the good work and enjoy your chosen hobby! I'd be very impressed if my Dad was to take up Flight Simming for fun. And I'd help out as much as he wanted. Our outfit don't have ACARS so we use the winds from our OFP supplied hours before. I use 240, 180, 10,000, others use 240, 10,000, 5000ft for the winds. I tend to also use the ant/ice boxes but it doesn't really matter. Where I tend to put more effort in is to descend a little early, maybe 5 nm before TOD. The aircraft will start a 1,000fpm descent and retard partially the throttles. When it comes to the VNAV path it will be easier to transition onto it then. Speed brakes for tailwinds is hokey IMHO. If the winds are in correctly ,the path will cater for this.I can fly VNAV descents to waypoints without using speed brakes at all. This is on brand new slippery SFP -800s. The 737 calculates VNAV path from CF fix on the approach back up to TOD. It allows for slowing down to the F5/F10 speed at the glideslope capture too. Shortcuts and rerouting may indeed require speed brakes but I can do without most arrivals. If you use the ECON speeds for descent, you have the ability to increase speed to help descend. A higher speed, using intervene, causes a steeper angle and allows you to correct for mistakes. Finally, speed brakes are pretty ineffective, unless you are going fast. The clue is in the name. At 220kts clean, they just make noise and little else.
  4. Todays windows10 update (fall creator)

    Nope. Happens whether I do or shut down. I think I might be onto something though. Possible issue with the motherboard or front panel USB3 connection. I connected my iPhone and got the unknown USB message. When I went to device manager the Device Desriptor message was there. When I uninstalled the device, the iPhone charging stopped. Hmm.
  5. Todays windows10 update (fall creator)

    Checked all that repeatedly, but it still happens. MS have had a look and even after their fix it still happens.
  6. Todays windows10 update (fall creator)

    Now I get a repeated Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) coming up. I uninstall it and it returns even after just a hibernation cycle. MS got me to reinstall the latest build of Win10 and it still does it. Occasional freezing of the machine too. Not HP.
  7. Another quirk of the 747

    Normal practice though is to use VHF 1 for all ATC comms, VHF 2 on 121.5 and VHF 3 on DATA. Of course if you work the company I do, DATA is pointless as they won't pay for ACARS service. Thus we can't get weather on it and use VHF 3 for 121.5 and VHF 2 for VOLMET and ATIS and any company transmissions we do.
  8. Another quirk of the 747

    737 doesn't. But then it's a steam driven relic....
  9. EGNM Leeds Bradford Dopek 2W SID

    No idea. It's basically a coding issue I think. Nobody is too bothered as it's close in and most of us are still hand flying at that point. The COTML will slavishly follow the FD but the rare real pilots just ease the turn for a few seconds before continuing. COTML Children Of The Magenta Line. The bane of my life.....
  10. 737NGX sinks into runway due to fuel overload

    Don't understand. That's just full tanks and a 737NG can fly at 77,999kg from most decent runways?
  11. EGNM Leeds Bradford Dopek 2W SID

    Best me to it. The LAMIX is an interesting departure from Leeds, as is the Westerly from 32 through NELSA.. On departure the aircraft goes left, then hesitates or turns slightly right before continuing left. If you begin the cleanup at 1,700' you will accelerate and not be able to make the radius of turn onto the 138 radial towards Gamston. The aircraft tends to redraw the curve and intercept the radial about 4-5 miles after the turn rolls out. Fortunately I may never have to fly from that dump much longer!
  12. Track Line

    I fly a mixed fleet of 737NG and getting into a TRK up aircraft is a pain. In the Preflight checklist, the call of Instruments means I just flip the EFIS knob from plan to VOR- so it goes from TRK up to HDG up and I can read the numbers out! Simple things.... Otherwise, I just forget about it after a while.
  13. EGNM Leeds Bradford Dopek 2W SID

    My Turkish is a bit rusty but I try...
  14. Flaps question

    I flew in Turkey for two years. If anyone can mishandle a plane... they can! It's a -900ER with extending tailskid as on SFP2 package. It's so much easier to touch it down as the landing speeds are far slower than they would be without. At ESB, we hjad a couple of -800SFP2. They always landed like they'd been shot down, till we tried adding 7 kts and then they landed just fine!
  15. Flaps question

    That takes some doing too. I think by the fact you have the HUD I can guess who you both work for. Not many operators use it, and the Sandpit one would leave you too knackered to actually get on a PC and post... To tail strike with Flap 40 you really have to try some! Anyway, this is a sim forum so we really should limit the real world banter a bit. I''ve only been on the -800 for 4 years btw. Turkish firm first 2, then UK operator. No HUD, no Fail Operational and flying the basic model when it comes to options...