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  1. Insufficient fuel is often associated with what you put in your reserve box. Can't help with the bindings.
  2. Nice video. I can see you're flying about in the low speed warning zone. Had that once when an F/O tried to expedite climb at ATC request with the pitch wheel. Autopilot disengaged the moment it started flashing. I took control and smoothly sorted it but he was a bolshy sod and needed a lesson as he was ignoring my advise. No danger whatsoever I might add. I'd not let him get that far.
  3. Also on furlough here. I'm pretty lucky in that I'm a 737-800 jockey. i use P3D, NGXu and FS2Crew to give me the Flap Operator. PMDG are a lot better in terms of programmed failures and stuff. I also invested in control loaded Brunner yoke and pedals. Gives me a good quad workout on V1 cuts. for flows and QRH familiarity it's a useful tool. For actually poling about, it's quite limited. IMHO. You're a bit more limited with the 787. But a mate on the keyboard while you're on a VR headset is all you need. Take it in turns and as you tend to use automatics far more than me, a mouse and simple joystick just to rotate is all you need.
  4. Hi guys, old topic I guess. but I've decided to let my Cougar go before finishing it. It's in the classified section. Throttle is complete but has the TUSBA board ready to go in with the HALL sensor in it, and the joystick has a 3D printed gimbal system but needs the sensor boards replacing as I fried them (yes I know, feel free to rib me!). Anyway, should be a decent project for someone to finish if they wanted. Seeya.
  5. My Cougar set is available here; http://ebay.us/sJA7Fd?cmpnId=5338273189 Basically, throttle is good to go, just about enough friction still and the MMJoy module enables it to be converted to hall effect and separate USB connection. No Joystick handle, let's face it the F16 Cougar one wasn't brilliant and you'd want to swap it for a Warthog stick anyway. It comes with on of Rel4y's 3d Printed Gimbal set fitted, but the sensor units were ruined (by me, yep) and need replacing. Loads of spare nuts and bolts and the original Gimbals included plus a joystick extension. Brilliant set for someone considering renovating or modifying their or another Cougar set and who flies F16 mostly. Ebay or here, it's available to post.
  6. Excellent. I'm just waiting till our Lockdown finishes and I'll be able to build up my DofReality P6 finally. It's been in the boxes since it arrived in April! Crazy really. I have no motion compensation as yet and only a Rift S to use but with a RTX2080 I can't run a Reverb even if I wanted to. I haven't flown since end of October so it's time to scratch that itch....
  7. Where were they sent from? If it was from the UK, then there's a bit of political nastiness going on right now causing issues. It will be resolved eventually but it's taking a while.
  8. There is nothing worse than products delivered like that. We had a Bread bin that came the same way, huge dent in it. Complained and they sent another right away. I think they are sent direct from the seller that way to save time on delayed orders. if they got to the fulfillment centre the damaged ones would be weeded out and they would be packaged properly. Often they go in bulk to Amazon so packing is a lot better when its 20 in a crate.
  9. I've been waiting a month or so for my Bravo Throttle unit from Amazon. Still nothing on their website under my orders for dates. I expect they'll cancel it before too long.
  10. Just a quick thought, but are you connecting it via the USB ports in the Saitek yoke? If so I'd try one of the main ports instead.
  11. Same message I got. good things some to those who can wait I guess.
  12. Wow. Let's see; As a pilot, logged and either paying for or paid to fly... 20 Hours of DH Chipmunk AEF Flying. Cessna 150/152 PPL studies and 800hrs instructing. Cessna 172PPL and about 20 hours instructing. Cessna 172RG 5 Hours instructing/pleasure. Cessna 182 2 Hours Instructing. Cessna 182RG 3 Hours pleasure. Piper PA28-161/181 1230 Hours CPL training. Piper PA 32-220 35 Hrs CPL Training. Piper PA18 3 Hours of fun. Robin Aiglon. 2 Hours of fun. Tiger Moth. 1 hour of lots of fun. Dragon Rapide. 20 mins of terror. Pitts S2B 30 mins of abject terror and fun -air test and rigging exercise. Hunting Jet Provost Mk 4. 20 mins paid pax flight with some hands on time. BAe Hawk T Mk 1a. 100Sqn fam flight 1 hour of hands on G pulling and general silliness. Schweitzer C300. 1 Hour lesson managed to taxi, hover, climb fly a circuit and approach back to the hover. BAe ATP. 1,500 Hours right seat with Manx Airlines. BAe 146-100, -200 -300. 3,500 hrs with Manx/BRAL, BA Connect and Flybe. DHC-8Q-400 3,500hrs of left seat time with Flybe. Boeing 737-700/800 4,000 hours of flying first with Sunexpress then with Jet2.com, my current employer. Passenger time on; Shorts 330/360, 115 Sqn Andover, Westland Scout, Sea King, Puma, Partenavia P68B, BAe J41, McDonnell Douglas DC9, MD 80, Dc 10, MD11, Lockheed Tristar, Boeing 707-720B, 727-200, 737-200ADV, 737-300, 400, 500, 700, 800, 900LR. B757-200, B767-200, -300, B777-200, -300, B747-200, -400 Airbus A319, 320,321, A330. A340 A380. Embraer EMB145, 175, 195. I'm not the best passenger to be honest. Far prefer to be at the controls.
  13. For tubeliners, I'd recommend FS2Crew. that way you get a Nigel or Nigella to read and action your checks for you! Far more realistic. Ok, maybe sometimes, because their often playing on their phones taking instagram pictures of themselves and posting them when they should be working...maybe too realistic?
  14. I have the TQ6 ADV with the Boeing 737 levers fitted. to be honest I'm not that impressed. The friction is off on one of them and refuses to adjust. Once set up with FSUIPC it works perfectly well. The TOGA and GA functions are great. Having adjustable reverse is a boon, if you can get it working. My main problem is comparison. If I was comparing it to a SAITEK setup, I'd be over the moon. Unfortunately it's difficult to be objective when I fly the aircraft for a living. It's nothing like a real one. Doesn't move for a start. Anyway, going back on to furlough so I'll get some practice in over Winter now...
  15. So, update. No progress for me. My Laptop dumped it's WIN10 and too kall my autocad programme with it. Managed to recover the files but not the program yet. I sold a lot of bike parts this last winter and used the funds to purchase a DofReality P6 motion platform. Since then has come Covid19, furlough and a serious depletion of my funds. Of course Murphy's law applied. The moment I got round to starting to unbox the platform, I got called back to work. Not enough in the bank to take this winter off so this might take some time.....
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