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  1. MarkJHarris

    Using FSUIPC only with Saitek setup for PMDG 737

    Does anyone know if the reverse axis can be made to work on the NGX in P3D? I'm way from my setup for a while so can't check. I don't remember seeing it in FSX...
  2. MarkJHarris

    777 Friction model, will it be updated? or what else can be done?

    For superior read inferior... I know I'm only a 737 jock, but it still cracks me up when new F/Os go through the landing perf data and select AB2 on runways... I do have to remind them that AB2 and idle reverse, or detent 2 for that matter will see them gracefully slide off the end of virtually any European or UK airport. These large aircraft don't stop on a dime, never have, never will. Chris, if you're flying them light, it's not really representative of what they're designed to do. Get some weight in there! You'll find they fly a lot better.
  3. MarkJHarris

    Clean Cockpit Textures?

    Might be the Bombardier term for the selectors? I've flown many types and you can't flush it out when you do a new type rating easily. Doh. Anyway the bits I mean are the two (third one usually lurking on the rear overhead) radio selector and volume panels. There are various versions. Flying two aircraft on consecutive days with the same instrument fit is a miracle.....
  4. MarkJHarris

    Cosmetic and immersive suggestion

    The ideal way to get the NG to correctly follow these things is to introduce speed limitations in the legs page. This keeps it slower in the turns and allows it to follow the lines. Often, such as LAMIX from LBA, you'll see it drawn with a overshoot and turn back onto the radial specified in the SID. By putting a 220B/ in it will redraw it neater and fly it neater too. Just saying.....
  5. MarkJHarris

    Cosmetic and immersive suggestion

    It's probably because the older NGs have seriously slow CPUs in the FMCs that take a few seconds to work stuff out, and also you're trying to drive a heavily modified and butchered 1965 concoction of spare parts with a 1980's computer. Don't get me wrong, I like flying them, solid, safe and reliable. They are however cramped, dirty for the most part and compromised in many ways. Best part of the NG is the drip tray. Look at the bottom of the Overhead panel. on the font edge is a trim panel running full width with three drain lines. This catches condensation in the descent and stops it raining on the pilots. Brilliant idea!
  6. MarkJHarris

    Clean Cockpit Textures?

    radio selector panels
  7. MarkJHarris

    Clean Cockpit Textures?

    To be honest, I've flown 737-800s that had only 10 or 12 hours in the tech log. Even they show some dirt and dust on them. I spend a lot of time cleaning the screens on ours when I fly as I absolutely hate finger smudges. Bit OCD.... Two-part wet and dry screen wipes are the way to go! One nice mod I'd love to see on the NG3 is the modified coffee protected CCS panels. They put a rubber gaiter around all the switch knobs and stuff to keep the coffee out. All of ours are being modified, mid life ones, as the new ones come with these panels already fitted.
  8. MarkJHarris

    Cosmetic and immersive suggestion

    Nice example of the B737NG, but if you've flown the real aircraft, you'd know it really can't follow the magenta line for toffee in the low altitude departure phase. You often find yourself in that initial turn out while still accelerating and it ties itself in knots trying to follow it as speed changes and you clean up. So I'd say it was probably more realistic than not.
  9. Just looked at your video. Yes that is wrong. The aircraft should insert the /-10 custom waypoint ahead of SIRAT and there should be NO discontinuity. Sometimes one crops up, but usually not. However, Adding the SIRAT/5 on top of SIRAT also seems the wrong technique and it should be inserted at LSK2L, the line below. Just my short experience of flying the things for several years.
  10. Yes, that might do it, however, and not wanting to be condescending but; Assuming you are using P3D v4 scenery, then this should be corrected for scenery Nav aids, Magnetic Variation, etc. So actually, the real solution is to get the ATIS, select the correct RNAV arrival, RNAV transition where appropriate, the approach, look at fuel difference between destination and present, subtract the difference from the INIT REF page Gross weight to get landing weight, select the FMC REF speed for landing flap, select an autobrake suitable for distance, then BRIEF yourself. This is how we prevent making an word not allowed of ourselves later on when frequencies don't match or other problems occur. One good element is we run through each leg of the FMC arrival and go around, checking legs and distances, then we sit back, relax and watch a seamless arrival and lock onto the ILS. You actually have to put some work in to make it look like it's done professionally..
  11. Not wanting to offer up a lemon, but there are Runways 12 AND 13 at LEMG... At least there were last time I flew into there the other week. It's normal to land 13 and take off 12...
  12. MarkJHarris


    Have you waited the full 18 seconds shown in the top left of screen for initialisation? If so, then I suggest you re-install as it might be corrupted?
  13. No idea. I guess there will have to be a full -8 type conversion at some point. In house ones from Lufthansa maybe. Anyway, the answer to that lies with PMDG I guess.
  14. I guess you should be aware that Boeing doesn't have a 747-8 course. You have to take the 747-400 type rating and then a difference course.
  15. MarkJHarris

    IRS reset

    Alignment takes a lot longer the further away from the Equator you are. Thus a WestJet or Air Alaska crew may consider a fast alignment, where I wouldn't bother in the UK. There should be an option to fast align in the options on the FMC, so you do a normal one but it works quicker. That would be your best option I would think. Typically, you finish the shutdown checks, and flip the IRS next, then do the tech log, and depending on who's flying start the FMC loading for the next leg, it's usually only a minute or so before you can enter the GPS co-ordinates and then just put everything else in. If you activate it, then put the winds in you should be about ready for the next pre-flight checklist by the time it's aligned and popped back up. In reality, it's never a problem, then again, as I said, we have a batch of aircraft where Boeing have recommended we don't re-align until it's flown 18 hours. The fix for these should come soon, and our most recent arrivals don't have the part that requires this.