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  1. Andrewk737

    New PC - Which RAM?

    Here: Lots of things similar around the net
  2. Andrewk737

    New PC - Which RAM?

    Hi Greg Thank you. I really appreciate the advise because I do not know the answer to my question. Your post is very reassuring, thanks. may I also ask (money no object, must be available) which ram would you use with my choice of new hardware? I do like this mathematical equation, it's something 'almost' understandable! Please can you explain to me the '2000' number? Thank you for you input. As I asked above what's your choice of ram?
  3. Andrewk737

    New PC - Which RAM?

    Hi If I understand correctly, you run a Kaby Lake in a Hero Maximus vIII Motherboard (can this be done out of the box or would I need new mobo firmware?) And you feel C15 is low enough CL? I am currently on 7 8 7 24 2 T with a Sandy Bridge (very old) so the latency these days seems much higher. Is it better to have 3600 and C15 rather than 2666 and C13?
  4. Andrewk737

    New PC - Which RAM?

    Too New, sometimes it takes a while for Mobo updates etc to filter through. There is also talk about Windows 7 not being compatible fully too - don't know if that is all just bull though. Are there any Ram experts around guy's? I need to know about ram CL vs Speed specifically for FSX P3D Thanks
  5. Hi All I am about to embark on a PC upgrade: Asus Maximus Hero vIII Mobo, i7 6700k CPU, 1000w corsair PSU, h80 water cooler, use my existing GTX780 card Ram these days is a mine field - they have mega speeds but the CL are really high. What is the best ram for my build to run FSX and P3D v3.4 Thanks guys
  6. Andrewk737

    St. Helena Island (FHSH) airport

    Hi Carlyle I hope all is well. I have found some time to test out St Helena, I see there are some updates; may I politely request: Can you provide the most recent links to the download/s? I am unsure what are the newest and see there are updates, what would be the install order? Thank you Andrew
  7. Andrewk737

    St. Helena Island (FHSH) airport

    That's awesome, exciting, really looking forward to this. Carlyle, you demonstrate the best of the FS community; Thank you for your excellent efforts.
  8. Andrewk737

    St. Helena Island (FHSH) airport

    Wow, I stumbled across this thread by accident! Looks like so Much fun; superb looking work - very well done indeed. Can't wait to test my skills, may I ask is it released yet? Thanks Andrew
  9. Hi Martin Thank you for answering questions in this thread - I do hope this one does NOT get missed. I am pretty sure I've read most of this thread and seen nothing about 'Autogen Popping'. I have quietly been watching this thread and hoping you would fix this old fix issue. It is with 'PROFOUND' dissapointment I see this ugly phenomenon still exists in the DTFS simulator; I watched the new video closely. My question is, are you guys going to do anything about it? I sincerely hope so. Thank you
  10. Andrewk737

    ProSim 737 Flight Model.

  11. Andrewk737

    More Advice Please

    Hi Guys KLGA - Imaginesim or Drzweiki As the title suggests and how is performance? Going to buy but not sure which! Thank you
  12. Thanks for the Heads Up
  13. Andrewk737

    ProSim 737 Flight Model.

    Yes, I use it! The FM (AFAIK) is very close - Ryan Air training captain came and had a go! The FM does not have a panel, it is solely for use with the Software Suite. BTW They will let you try a demo if you ask them.