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  1. Just completed United Airlines UAL918 from Washington DC to London Next will be Air New Zealand flight 1 & 2 - Auckland - Los Angeles - London - Los Angeles - Auckland
  2. Today we've transferred across from Gatwick to Heathrow and we are off to Tokyo Narita as BAW005 Dan Whiting
  3. 2hr34mins into the return leg back to London Gatwick from Las Vegas as British Airways 2276. Currently heading North East along Lake Superior and Thunder Bay. Dan Whiting
  4. Today we're heading from EGKK - London Gatwick to KLAS - Las Vegas as BAE 2277 Dan Whiting
  5. Coffee mug is refilled, we're now going to head back to London Gatwick as BAW 2152 Dan Whiting
  6. Today we're over the Atlantic heading for Bridgetown in Barbados as British Airways 2153. Currently heading towards N39W020 at FL360 with a crosswind of 90knots, 2830nm to go Dan Whiting
  7. Currently over the South Atlantic as British Airways, flight 245 from EGLL to SAEZ Dan Whiting
  8. 14 Minutes out from Toronto heading to Hong Kong via the polar route as Air Canada 15 Dan W
  9. Mid way through DAL201 - FAOR to KATL Dan W
  10. 2nd full flight, This time as Delta Airlines, DAL16 From Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles
  11. Just completed my first full flight in the 777F. KLAX - EDDP as SOO97 (Southern Air) Danny Whiting
  12. Thanks so far for the replys :) I have updated my list to include the Z68 Board, Corsair H100 water cooling and a second HD for windows/ programs One other question... Would the GeForce GTX 590 3072MB be preferred over the GTX580 ?
  13. Morning, Ok, so sitting at the drawing board so to speak... Im after a new system, I would like to build it myself...never done it before so thought, why the hell not. Have been sitting on the sidelines of the FS world, since my last PC died on me, around 11 months ago, now the twitch is starting to stir again. Just after thoughts and opinions, advice, guidance, etc etc So far this is what I have on my this.... - i7 2600k Sandy Bridge (I see some of these listed as 'unlocked'... any difference to ones, which dont mention this?) - ASUS P8P67 PRO motherboard - GeForce GTX 580 1.5GB Graphic card - 8GB ( 2x4GB) Corsair Vengence 1600Mhz RAM - WD Caviar Black 1TB HD - 7200rpm / 64 MB cache - Coolmaster storm scout case - Corsair HX 750 PSU Now, would liquid cooling be advisable? If so, - Corsair H70 cooler sufficient? And - Windows 7 Ultimate - 64Bit So please, your thoughts?
  14. So, Where in the FS9 / FSX world is your MD-11?Mines just pulled back to the gate in Houston (KIAH) after a round trip to FNLU (Luanda) as World Airways 1000/1001Also recently completed a round trip as Lufthansa Cargo, going:- Frankfurt - Nairobi - Johannesburg - Nairobi - Frankfurt, and also:Frankfurt - Seattle - Los Angeles - Chicago - FrankfurtNext stop is South America.So where are you heading?Dan Whiting :(
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