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  1. After letting P3d creating a new cfg(p3d.cfg)File, it is working for me again. Maybe that will work for you too.
  2. Yes.It is Working now. Curious. Thanks for your help. 👍 Ralf
  3. Anyone able so Download the Zip?It creates only a empty File. Ralf
  4. Excuse my English.German here. :-) I have another Problem now.Setting a Refresh Rate of 30 Hz doesnt work anymore with PMDG Planes(747,777).FPS jumps between 29 and 60.Resulting in a lot of Stutter.Works fine in the Stock Aircrafts. Tested with 4 different Drivers.376.33 ,378.92 ,382.05 and 384.76
  5. Maybe this one : http://www.flightkeeper.net/. Using it for all of my Flights. Ralf
  6. StickOverrideBank and StickOverridePitch Entrys.Should be in the panel.cfg.Set both to zero and try.Should look so:IGFLy <-- in square BracketsUseSplash=0AutoLandEnabled=1ShowFOMsg=1ShowAdviseMsg=1StickOverrideBank=0StickOverridePitch=0LoadManagerAlwaysEnable=1MinAutoRudderAltitude=20.0Its on the Bottom of my panel.cfgRalf
  7. Sorry my mistake!The Entry should be in the panel.cfg under the Section IGFLY. Hope this helps? Ralf
  8. >I tried looking for that but I was unable to find it.I will take a look in my settings tomorrow and let you know.And yes,the PT-154M is a Masterpiece!
  9. If i remember correctly you have to set the entrys:StickOverrideBank and StickOverridePitch to 0 in the aircraft.cfg . Good Luck Ralf
  10. Thank you very much Samy!:-wave Ralf
  11. >should i or shouldnt i...hmmmmmmmmm:-xxrotflmao Ralf
  12. Hi! 9V-SPI.ZIP + 9V-SPM.ZIP still in the Library,iff you meant this! Ralf
  13. I think you mean the 757? Quotet from the Website :"Boeing 757 Professional 2006Contains 3x Aircraft Models with 80 Professionally Painted Liveries, Fully Featured Panel, Sound Set, Setup and Load Edit Utilities and More".And there are also a lot off "User Edits" available on http://www.phoenix-simulation.co.uk But you will have to create an Account! Hope this helps Ralf
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