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  1. Old and low frames, forget about it...
  2. No, I am not concerned, I was just thinking that after 62 pages in the preview topic, with a cold and dark cockpit screenshot and the rest only liveries, we could have some more information also about the systems, given that it's the most important side of an aircraft...
  3. The blue statement above absolutely does NOT apply, because I was not asking for more images, details, etc., I was just wondering why, in all this time, there has been no information about the systems! You don't have to share anything about that? So this mean that systems are not yet implemented?? The statement about Rome incorrect?? Now tell me that it is not true that when the FS9 scenery was released, in February 2013, Aerosoft stated "FSX version soon"!!
  4. I have been banned from Aerosoft forums and my posts cancelled because I had commented that there is not yet a single screenshot nor any information about the close to be released (after many years of development) CRJ900 systems, only exterior screenshots with liveries (which tell me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the airplane) and because I was surprised that nothing is yet known about an FSX sceney that in february 2013 was due to be released "soon" (after being incredibly released only for FS9). Aerosoft, you will not get my money if you don't accept criticism, above all when it is directed to things NOT REAL that you say, and that deceive your customers! By banning andcancelling my messages you admit that I have cut you to the quick about a policy of yours that you know that is going wrong...