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  1. Hello Kyle, Thank you for the info. Take care, Alex
  2. Hi guys, I bring this topic up because I experience the very short pause on every takeoff post-update too. Any clue so far ? Any return from the team ? Fly safe, Alex
  3. Thanks for keeping us updated. And Merry Christmas to you and to the team. Best regards, Alex
  4. I tried the SLOW/FAST option and yes actually it works. Thank you!
  5. Hi Ralph, Thank you for your reply. Actually you did understand me correctly 😊 May I ask how you adjust BARO setting by a single digit? Btw I always use the ROTARY option and not SLOW/FAST. Cheers, Alex
  6. Hello all, Unlike the 777 or the 737, the BARO knob we use in the 744 to preset the decision altitude is scaled 10ft by 10ft and the RADIO knob foot by foot. This seems to me kinda odd since most approach charts specify decision altitudes with numbers like 217' or 675' and decision heights like 200' or 700'. Is there a reason why Boeing choosed to do this? Just curious... Happy flying Alexandre Giordan
  7. The only thing I hope that may take PMDG 10 years to cook is a new sim platform. I really hope PMDG is trying to build its own sim platform. One of the main reasons would be to get rid of FSX or P3D limitations regarding flight dynamics and so on. Seriously? 10 years to build A 787 or 757/767 family?... Cheers
  8. Many thanks Kyle for your post. Very interesting. Here in old Europe, we can see more countries making free routings available (Italy above FL340) and some central european countries do not have high altitude airways anymore (Hungary, Austria etc...).
  9. In which direction should I look to correct this? What could cause this? I did another try with the GE variant. At 80 KT, increase in TAT associated with an increase of N1 until 400' AGL. Then N1 decreases back to the green target.
  10. Hi James, Positive. Product up-to-date. I see in the changelog that panelstates prior to the last update (october) should be removed. I use one that I created prior to the last update. Could that be the reason? I will make a new one out of the default. And lets see what happens. Thanks Best regards
  11. Set Override to NEVER and did a quick test. I advanced the throttle to the programmed N1 setting. Problem still there. TO N1 was 105,5%, went to 107,5% before setting back to normal at 400ft (GE variant). Any clue? Thanks
  12. Hello Walter and Kyle, Thank you for your insight I will try and report. Best regards
  13. Hi James, Yes that's exactly whats happening. I do not use any separate throttle hardware, only a joystick. It is properly calibrated but I will try with the keyboard next time. When ready to takeoff, I usually advance throttle to appr. 70%N1 then press TOGA and when the blue line of the physical position of my throttle handle appears I go full throttle and leave it there till TOD. Is that correct? I have the A/T MANUAL OVERRIDE option to IN HOLD MODE ONLY. Don't know if that is relevant. Best regards
  14. Hello, I dont know what went wrong with my profile signature but I have my full name there. My bad, I misunderstood the subject of the topic. Nonetheless, my 747 is up-to-date and I still see an increase in thrust during takeoff roll on all engine variants. Best regards
  15. Hello, Interesting topic. Definitely something unusual with the TO thrust management. At Narita, planned TO thrust setting was TO+56°C and N1 of 99,9%. During accel, N1 went as far as 101,9% then settled back to 101,2% during initial climb prior to reach THR RED height. That was with the GE variant. Best regards
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