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    As I no longer play in a brass band I like to listen frequently. I belong to one of the local leisure centres where I do a little exercise and swim. Writing odd routines for Excel and flying with FSX

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    Retired over 10 years ago from radio communications as a supposed radio specialist ( its amazing what a lot of bluff can achieve!). No longer play trombone but like to listen to brass bands and sit too long with FSX going

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  1. This advice is a far better explanation than I could work out from the user manual. I did not want to see it on the same pc as the sim was running but on my tablet alongside. This great and works for X-Plane as well, thank you 😂
  2. I am with gfd's comments. There seems to be a lot of speculation when what I, and I suspect lots of others, want is facts. Is Win10 better than 8, or 8.1? Does FSX, either DVD or Steam, function correctly, can I expect graphics issues similar to those I experienced going from 8 to 8.1. Having seemed to have got FSX stable I am hesitant to change. Regards Alan 3miles west EGHH
  3. Thank you for your quick responses. I am exploring what starts up, what I really need and also trying Jim's idea of the resource monitor. Have noticed that Internet Explorer seems to be sat in a suspended state and then FSX crashed although at a different time. Went back to IE and closed it again, re-started FSX with resource manr on 2nd screen. no IE entries and had successful flight through 19:56. Will keep an eye on things and let you know.
  4. I normally close and open FSX in windowed mode so that I can move it to my main display. I run 2 screens and Windows 8.1 on a 3.9GHz dual core processor. This normally works fine with DX10 fixer from Steve. Recently an annoying thins happens at 19:56 most evening. FSX freezes momentarily and returns to a windowed mode with anything I had on the 2nd screen loaded on top of the cockpit display. Have tried to find something running in the background such as an auto up-date in another programme but no luck yet. Any ideas please? Alan
  5. Like wise, using DX10 was the only way I could get FSX to work, have now bought Steve's DX10 fixer and all seems fine
  6. It is sometime since I flew this mission but, as I remember it, I eventually made it by flying back down the valley and, like EasyXjer, circled over clear terrain until I had enough height. It takes time so you have to be patient.
  7. Thanks Jim Your comments about crashes when opening in Full Screen probably explain the odd crashes I have had on trying to start FSX. The strange thing is that in the past I have always used Full Screen starting on screen 1 without issue. Thinking about it my problems only seem to have occurred after I had what I call one of my "I wonder what if..." moments when I went into windows mode and opened a PDF chart of my local airfield on screen 2. Serves me right maybe. Anyway thanks again I will make going to Windows mode part of my close down procedure Best Regards Alan
  8. Hi all Whilst not new to FSX I am new to forums and was wondering if anyone can help me, please? Like Stelios I have set up 2 monitors and until recently they behaved as I wanted in FSX i.e. my main display (display 1) is where FSX opens and then all flying done there. I was using the second display for ATC and GPS. Now FSX opens up on display 1 but after selecting "Fly Now" the resultant flight opens on my second display. I have tried Jim's idea without success. The only way I have found at the moment is before closing a flight is to come out of full screen and drag the Windowed view back to screen 1 as pty1973cm says. When FSX opens next time the flight starts in Windows mode on screen1 and then I select Full Screen and the flight stays on screen 1. Whilst this works it slows down the start of a flight. I have just updated to Windows8.1 but this started happening before this update. Any ideas/ suggestions welcome :unsure:
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