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  1. Cheers, thats the point in the right direction i needed. Downloaded the texture files from here, and installed them in the p3d/textures folder. No more black autogen buildings around Hamad. http://forum.iflysimx.com/topic/1359-p3d-v3-black-autogen/
  2. I followed this installation guide, added the scenery manually but all autogen buildings in the area are black. How do i fix this?
  3. I submitted a support ticket to Alabeo. You Cant remove it, its displayed because you do not have Carenados SVS installed. So Alabeo are pushing a product, that will leave a message on your PFD until you buy another product...
  4. The G1000 manual included with the addon is outdated with the release of V2.0 & 2.1. I have issues with the G1000 since 2.1 and the PDF manual doesnt mention any of the messages Im getting on my PFD.
  5. How do I get rid of the TER ERR Message on my PFD? Never had this prior to 2.1, and I do not own Carenados SVS.
  6. Chaps, After months of not using this aircraft, Ive noticed its updated to v2.1, so i uninstalled and re installed the later version. Can anyone let me know what was changed please?
  7. I have some really really old FS9 shots somewhere, I'll have to dig them out, but IIRC, desert night textures in FS9 were quite dark, as you'd expect.
  8. Chaps, Never noticed this before (probably my lack of flying in the desert at night) But my night textures have a green hue / look like grass at all altitudes, but in the day, theyre normal... Whats going on? I never had this in FS9...
  9. Resolved. Read the manual again, and re-read it. Now ive found out what it was, i feel like a dunce aha I kept forgetting to twist one switch aha.
  10. Nope, RWY 01 for FUE/GCFV. Doing a spot of island hopping around the Canaries. Just the GS indicator. I have had it working in the past. (before i re installed flightsim after a Windows re-install) When re installing, i used to same installer i kept as a backup, so the model versions are no different between windows & FS installations. Ive checked youtube, and some people have the GS indicator, and others do not, like myself, and i cant for love nor money work out what i am not doing. Ive tried programming different approaches in to various airports via Default GPS, or the FMC and carrying them out respectively following the GPS, or LNAV. Its bugging me, because ILS works fine, perfectly executed approaches and landings, just no GS Indicator. **Edit** Just checked some old screenshots from before my windows and FS re-install...no GS indicator is shown in the shots I took then, so its not a re-install issue. Theres something im just not doing in the sim.
  11. Chaps, Recently, the GS indicator diamond has not been showing up on the PFD on my RJ. Ive had it show up in the past, and seen it shown in Videos of other RJ users whilst carrying out an ILS landing. What am I missing, what have i not done? Several flights now i carry out successful ILS approaches, but the GS indicator does not show.
  12. Sweet. I look forward to your work.
  13. Chaps, had this add on since release, and only just noticed this... when I press L to turn on all lights, my wing lights come on, illuminating the leading edges. however, I cannot find the switch for it in the cockpit. Hence why I have never noticed it. Ive tried looking at what switches move when L is pressed, and the ones I usually flip, are the only one that move, none of them turn the wing lights on... any idea where the wing wing light switch is?
  14. Chaps, Just wondering if any repainters here are in between projects / looking for some ideas. Recently getting back into simming, and flying out the A332F from CLS and looking for paints. There's a couple of these out there already, but not of high quality (textures dont line up between two halves of the fuse) One i'd like to see is; >DHL (UK) with RR Engines And just throwing some suggestions out there, as the world needs more A332F repaints for the CLS Model; Again, all with RR engines Fedex TNT UPS Cargo Logic Air List could go on, name a cargo airline and make a fictional paint lol. regards Liamr685
  15. Cheers. Will try it when I next load up my PC.
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