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  1. Hi, I am using LNM on a windows PC but want to change to a Imac, after i installed the MAC OS version i can not get LNM to read the simulator (P3Dv.4.4) Main directory on the Win10 Flightsim PC. The message says "can not find recourses/default.data" The simulator that is stated is only XPL and the scenery.cfg path is greyed out. (i know that has something to do with simconnect, but it is working already on a second PC) So i already have a good connection between the P3D PC and a second win PC running LNM. The littlenavconnect program on the P3D PC does see that the LNM on the imac is connected. Any idea's? Thanks in advance, regards Ben
  2. Robert,Download completed, validation works fine now.Problem solved and thanks for your efforts.Regards,Ben.
  3. Hello Robert,This "covering fire" is not fair.....not expected from a man of your rank....pretty disappointing.Things can go wrong, even at PMDG (like with my version of the queen last week) do your best to solve them but keep up in good businessmenship.Nothing wrong with my email, receiving lots every day without delay.Actually i have never had any complain ever about not being able to receive any mail. It is actually your support server sending messages that as of Nov 15 it is out of use.......You are not talking to a 15 year old screeming for attention here....Yes i have critics but kept it clear, honest and not below the belt.Anyway....Fact is i am downloading a new install right now, due to your personel action of today. Thanks for that.Pretty confident that the new version you sent me will work out.I will keep you informed.Regards,Ben
  4. Bump !Another two day's have gone by....still no solution yet.Purchased an paid a week ago......but no show.....Waiting until somebody solves the validation problem.Hopefully support doesn't forget this guy....Regards,Ben
  5. Hi Tristan,Good luck on your validation.....i purchased a week ago and still cannot validate !Regards,Ben (anxiously waiting until somebody from support solves the problem)
  6. Hello guy's,Thanks for your comments.PMDG seems a professionel and decent company that is NOT what i am affraid off.But after purchase i still can not install the product.It is not that i can't wait for a few day's (ofcourse i can) but the purchase and my first remark about my problem was 4-5 day's ago.Support asked me just one question until now.....about what i filled in into the installer and that's it......no solution....no further contact.....yet.Very disappointing.........I don't even know if they are working on my problem right now and what's the status.Kind regards,Ben
  7. Hi Vin,Thanks for your reaction.I am NOT able to validate so the system still doesn't work.Support only generates a automatic answer saying that the email and webservers are out of use due to technical problems as from Nov 15 !!I strongly appreciate your reaction but it won't take away my complain.Hopefully someone else can.Kind regards,Ben
  8. Hello dear PMDG,As a privat pilot i (and probably you all too) know the term "good airmenship".As a businessmen i also know the term "good businessmenship".I wanted to install the queen on a second PC so i purchased the queen for the second time.After payment i downloaded the puchase and tried to install.This wasn't possible.Writing an email to support@pmdg resulted in a automatic generated answer that as of 15 november web and mailserver is Out of Use.Therefore validation on install isn't possible.On the PMDG website and behind the Support tab it say's "server status normal"....so no problems at all......Isn't it good businessmenship to let purchasing customers know (before Purchase) and prominent on the website that currently there are some difficulties on installing the Queen and it isn't clear when the problems will be over?It is now Nov 24....so nine day's server problems occur apperantly...why is it that one has to find that out only after purchase and not before?I saw someone asking questions about the validation proces wich wasn't working for him too.He got the answer on this forum to contact support@pmdg.This is strange....because there is nobody there....and he also will receive a automatic generated email that validation isn't possible as of Nov 15.I am sorry but i find this a very strange way of giving support.A disappointed customer who paid and can do nothing with his product at the moment.I hope you will find a way of sorting this out and prevent more customers being disappointed.Kind regards,Ben van BoomThe Netherlands.
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