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  1. Thank you
  2. No, I am sorry maybe I did not explain myself I formally asking you to reimplement it!
  3. I did request it a long time ago you can check here on those topics. In any case, your politics don't work very well, you add a feature to a product and you sell it, and then you remove it which is not legally by the contract of selling a product. Now let's say that I will not purchase UGCX, I will never see again this very important feature. You can always set in the CDU an option to disable or enable for those who will purchase UGCX or what ever other solution. I did purchase the 64 bit and is still not present. So I formally asking you to reimplement it as part of the product it's a really important feature and also on the near feature release of the queen. I purchase a lot of your product but this behavior is a lack of respect in regard to your customer.
  4. Can someone share performance for the city in V4 ?
  5. I try but you need to dig inside profile and sincerely paying for a tool that doesn't do automatically it's unconventional. Lynda do the same but you need to buy a copy of FSUIPC but then again you need to dig on setting the things. Right know with the plugin from Logitech in P3D V4 it works just add the code on EXE.XML <Launch.Addon> <Name>Saitek Panel(s) Plugin for FSX</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>C:\Program Files (x86)\Logitech\FSX Plugin\LogiFlightSimX.exe</Path> <CommandLine>-run</CommandLine> </Launch.Addon> The radio this way works perfectly. The problem is the multipanel
  6. The old code of spad which was free doesn't work with V4, so the only solution is buying or is there any alternative? I try to read this topic but don't look good I even try to by pass as metioned but not working. Can we compile the old spad code for V4? What other solution work LINDA? Logiteck is working on the driver, at list now we can use all Saitek panel with Logitek driver, but only with default V4 airplane no interaction with custom aircraft. Spad next its payware and for my opinion, it should come with a more easy way to setup, view the price tag. At list after paying I should only install and fly and be compatible with every addon in the market.
  7. Sign with your name, don't dare to paragon any addon with PMDG NGX. Ever!
  8. On vatsim and it's more complex. On Ivao
  9. Yep thank's for the heads-up we are waiting the 737 and we are good to go!!!
  10. well I menage to install LFPG on V4 without headache and dynamiclight are only FR Killer.
  11. WoW, looking great, are you a photographer or amateur in real life? You take the soul of our beloved 737!!!
  12. I think other developer have made the same mistake and then after some mounth you saw plenty of promotion nearly at 30-40% off. So stay tuned on your preferred shop and you will see Fs2crew on sale! I also think that the 777 is so easy to fly, that you don't really need a copilot, on the other end the 737 and the 747 needs are more tasks.
  13. Moving jetways are not that difficult to create and implement in scenery. For me what we really miss, is the ability to be the one who drive, with the joystick, the jetway to the aircraft, or the chance of pushing the aircraft from the gate to taxy. In the actual situation I never use the jetway and I am not intrested. I use only the pushback as it's required as part of the flight procedure, but again I would be more interested of interact with voice and not by button.
  14. I purchased but stuck maybe for a small problem I only have p3dv4 and ut setting dosen't recognize v4 it's total blank, is there anyone that can share the XML of UT-live setting? In anycase after following some hint on UT forum I can see the traffic and even departure and arrival
  15. Flight1 is working on UltimateTrafficLive it's on alpha/beta release so is not official they called softrelease here a video of someone already tested on V4. It's not fully compatible but they are working on. this is the link if you want to buy: The price of UTLive is the same as UT2 ($44.95). You can download one of the coupons below to receive a discount if you are an existing UT2 customer. This is more than a 33% discount off the full version price.