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  1. I think that you can do something similar, the KML file are just coordinate with the SDK you can create a path to follow on the sim. So dig in the SDK Scenario Tools maybe you find something, I will have a look and report.
  2. Thank's for help but following all advice like, place a flight plan done with LittleNavMap inside \ Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D \ F1TGTN \ FPL, updating Garmin trainer to the last version didn't solve my problem. I still can't get the magic button to show up.
  3. Just want to ask if I am the only one that is unable to import flight plan in F1 GTN 1.11 Garmin Trainer 6.21 using P3D 4.1 in W764. Unfortunately, the support did not come to a solution on my side. Maybe someone has some hint.
  4. I purchased after it became available because finally we got rid of old fs9 code aircraft, at list I hope so. All this word not allowed ancient ai traffic that you are uncertain of the provenience don't do any good on P3D, I see good result in terms of performance that doesn't slow my system. One thing that I don't like is the fact that using Vpilot doesn't reset to the present traffic after connecting to the Vatsim network I always need to do it manually. Another small annoying aspect is the crash of UT utility at the beginning or at the exit from P3Dv4.1 But is not the only one, even ChasePlane do the same.
  5. I don't know but I have using CP since the beginning and never had big trouble apart the crash everytime I quit P3D. But today after takeoff with PMDG 747 in P3D 4.1 changing the view it hangs the simulator and stays frozen until I close it.
  6. This is more my opinion,I don't know about IVAO in US, but I see a bright future for metioned networks and I think it will grow, having audio in CTAF\unicomm like in the real world and finally a quality audio will change those akwards situation. IMHO the only aspect thet I don't like about networks is pilots using text that all the purpose, I would rather disconnect if audio is dramatic.. I am an event coordinator of a european region, I believe that if you follow the event calendar proposed by every region, you can have a lot of fun fliyng online. Its' even worse if you try those overload events where you could get on holding and need to go to the alternate. Following forums like this can inspire you to find good coverage. I also seeing many twicher doing live or recording video where those networks start to get known more nad more. Another topic more then a wish it would be killing those region idea and organize resource of avoilable ATC by cover continent by week, like let's say we got 10 CTR, 10 APP, 30 TWR then we cover Half europe, next week we cover the other half then africa then russia then middle east etc. I know that atc get training for every region but after a while atc can train and get knowledge of every continent, and finally we will have more coverage.
  7. Lugano LSZA IGS RWY 01 steep approach 6.65°, Courchevel sloped runway even Meribel, Reggio calabria LICR LOC A RWY 33, NICE LFMN Vor DME AZUR SALEYA RWY 22 L\R
  8. I have GTN_Trainer 6210 installed But on garmin this is the latest version I reinstall the latest but no change
  9. Hi Bill If you have any news please reply here. Thank you. Fabrizio
  10. Hi Is the 23TH of september still no info on this?
  11. I have the same problem where is located the folder for storing the FP Ok I got [P3D installation folder]\F1GTN\FPL But no Flightplan / Menu / Catalog / Menu / Import and my flile are .gfp format On simforum there is no support!
  12. Nope, is right in operation center!
  13. Hi. Any news on this?
  14. Doing so dosen't work, so no go! You need to point the directory, but this is no good.