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  1. Thank's but maybe I was not clear after updating to 4.2, I can't load the 747 directly as all others are reporting and also since this update I receive a CTD with the 747 upon exit P3D. I believe you have enough internal resource to find out the solution, I will wait patiently. Thank you
  2. Just to report that the patch didn't fix the problem, on windows 7 pro. And if I swap the F22 with the 747 I can fly normally, but when I close P3D I get a CTD.
  4. Just reinstall the client and content, I can report CTD with the 747 selected!
  5. I was looking for an instructor station for XP 11 and came up with Simtoolkit, did you manage to use it with IXEG 737? As suggested I run the aircraft and then active the approach but after load, the aircraft fall and I can't control. So it doesn't work, any experience or suggestion?
  6. Can someone post PFPX setting for the airframe? This is mine for the 400F
  7. Will the 732 be developed for V4 platform and what feature will include, there will be a price upgrade for the previous owner?
  8. I think that 600k is overpriced or not? I would more spend on this one. LoL
  9. Order at the end are not money in the bank account and with $31mm loss is really difficult. The whole 380 is a failure, everybody knows it or I am wrong? Is just debts for Airbus after all investment and delay.
  10. All the C program is the survive of Bombardier if they don't succeed it will be the end. They have 360 orders for C series but for the Q and CRJ they only have 43 CRJ orders to deliver. It's a little bit short for survive, they also have $31mm loss, so let's hope for them a good airmanship from Airbus.
  11. Bombardier has been bought by Airbus so it's not going to happen, PMDG will stick with Boeing and there is plenty of room to fix and develop further. The first release is the 748 then 737 MAX then 77X and maybe a fancy aircraft like it happen with DC6 but we will see first the old Jetstream J41. I have a dream, that one day LoL
  12. Thanks for help both of you
  13. Sorry question Did you add Amsterdam_LC in the library as add-on.xml if I do it the afcad goes below the scenery so the aircraft is below the terrain.
  14. Hi CTRL+F12 and follow the request. You can't use voice to active GSX.
  15. Wow nice one! More, seems you know how to do it!