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  1. The McDonnell 188 (Breguet 941) https://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/51/936
  2. HI I lunch the software and the update start then the software need to reactivation but didn't uninstall and then I endeavour with trouble getting back the password. Finally the number of activation has been exceeded for this activation code but I remember I did only once's. How could i exceeded my license. And all this problem came not from my side, my only change was to have P3d v5 installed but didn't reinstall or change anything. I lost 20 min include writing this post.
  3. Yep but the aircraft maybe is not Pv5 compatible maybe in aircraft.cfg there is something that doesn't workout. Some time even Q400 have the tendency of jumping. If you can let me know which aircraft is it?
  4. Not happening with HF1 and the F35, maybe is your aircraft?
  5. Nope they totally left without new improvement same for Topcat. Last update was on February 2019 and then only support for day by day trouble. I also believe that it didn't make interest to still update. At the end Simbrief is more convenient LoL
  6. I have the Saitek yoke and I want to do this mod but today the Leobodnard is expensive for shipping could the Arduino Nano Every be used instead? I need to use a skectch to program the elevator and aileron wondering if I will get the same result. Is there any other cheapest card in commerce that can be used? thank's for advice
  7. That is a game changer as developer finally have to build with real terrain morphology, I dunno about dynamic in airplane side, it's a real matter.
  8. Well I hope you didn't buy expressly, in any case is the best developer of the world IMHO enjoy SFO.
  9. Hi than'k for reply The addon is Flightbeam KSFOHD on prepar3d V5 Ok after several test now it works fine and if I uncheck and check "Add static aircraft" all the traffic vanish and populate and as it should so I believe it was something in my side. Great tool and great support.
  10. Hi first tank's for your tool and your passion, I just installed and tested but got this funny concentration of AI on PV5 and Live traffic 2.00B01 over KSFO
  12. First be sure to run P3DV5 in admin mode. a) Browse to "%AppData%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5" b) Open Prepar3D.cfg in a text editor such as Notepad in admin mode imperative! c) Find this entry under the[GRAPHICS] section: TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD= 2048 d) Change it to: TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD= 4096 e)save it. As suggested if other software add-on have control check them.
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