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  1. I don't think I could bring anything worthwhile to your team, but I'd be up for some beta testing if you need an extra hand.
  2. I've subscribed, Dave! I used to be an IFR rated private pilot, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't tell my butt from a hole in the ground nowdays. I've dipped a toe in the online flying world, but left because it was just silly or I was the only one there. I'd like to take my hobby to the next level if I can.
  3. Oh Lord! I feel stupid now. Sad, since I used to rebuild computers and I was actually able to navigate around the skies before GPS became commonplace. Thanks Scott! We seem to be functioning now. Gonna start downloading the Meatwater packs.. that name just cracks me up. any hints or tips on installing them?
  4. downloaded and installed (minus the Meatwater for now). I also downloaded RC4encrypt.exe, and I assume this is the registration key? I fired up Rc4 and it still asked me for a key. I just sent the email. So even though it's now a free product, it still has to be registered or did I foul up the encrypt.exe process? I was computer literate during the Win95-Win98se days.. Now it's just a jumbled mess to me.
  5. Downloading RC as I type. "Meatwater"? Sounds like a weird, thin stew, but I'll give it a try also. Just looked it up and found ten files. Am I correct in assuming that all 10 parts must be downloaded? They're not just updates and part 10 will be enough?
  6. Maybe it's time to get a new ATC... I'll do some looking around. Thanks!
  7. While flying IFR to Nassau tonight, they tell me to "turn left to heading 125". Within 30 seconds I get the word to "turn right to 155". Again within 30 seconds, we go back to 125, and another few seconds we're back to 155. why do they do that?
  8. Man that's BEAUTIFUL! I'll have to visit it in the sim to see if it's half a pretty.
  9. I got the VOR ident!!!! I feel a little dumb now. Just scrolled through the list of key commands and there it was. Still kinda ticks me off that I can't flip a switch on the radio, but I can confirm the VOR now. I also found out which keys to hit to slave the autopilot to the Nav 1. I actually hadn't thought to look for this since I added Otto to the plane myself. I usually just level out and fly until the coffee hits and then engage the autopilot to hold my heading and altitude until after the flush.. You guys wouldn't believe what you can find when you read the instructions! Hey! My 10th post! I wonder what happened to the hundreds I had all the way back to FS5? Maybe it was FS98? I dunno...
  10. Oh good lord! That's nuts! I avoided controlled airspace like a plague anyway when I first started in '84. It scared me bad! After a trip down to Atlanta with a buddy though, I figured Memphis or Nashville couldn't be bad at all and adapted. I just avoided the purple and orange planes (FedEx).. Can't imagine being forced to have a GPS just to enter it. My first GPS, bought second or third hand off of a buddy around 2001, had less intelligence than an Apple watch but got the job done. Oddly enough, I LOVED the old Loran system installed on that Cessna. It taught me how to follow a Vor course before I'd even messed with a VOR. You just plugged in the start point and the destination and kept the ball centered all the way. And my dad (airline pilot/super human) taught me how to tune the ADF to listen to country or blues stations while flying. He also taught me how to fly a 172 backwards. Fun, but not really practical for cross country trips unless your name is Wrong Way Feldman... PS- Oh yeah! I'm not a sir or anything.. Just Hoss.
  11. Hi Scott, Everything is tuned in the audio panel, but I'll be the first to say as bad as Cessna radios are/were in real life, they're tons more trouble in the sim. I had a 1967 172 that was virtually identical to the Carenado in everything except paint. Flies EXACTLY like mine did except for a bit better climb rate. I never felt comfortable with the radios in that plane, but just got em set and never changed anything except for the frequency. Never really talked to anybody back then anyway. I'll keep futzing around with it and see what I can come up with.
  12. Accidental answer to the incorrect altimeter problem! clear the weather cache.. select themes, clear all weather.. I did it just test flying the 172 vs the stock 172 and my altimeter is correct.. Oddly enough, so was the heading indicator.. maybe it has to do with changing the airplane to a stock plane and back again? still no VOR ID morse codes, but I'm playing around with it.
  13. After scanning the forum, I see that the altitude indicator is off by 50-80 feet on other planes and not just on mine. It'd be nice to have a mechanic look at that, but after flying old airplanes in real life, I'm used to noting idiosyncrasies of the plane I fly. The heading bug also shows a bit to the left of my actual heading. But I have the compass. Would be nice to have that fixed though. I've also tried and tried but can not find out how to turn the volume up to identify the VOR I'm tuning. Hasn't been a problem but yet again, it's a thing I'd like to have fixed if it's supposed to be there. Has anybody had any luck with fixing these things? Has anybody tried? IS there a way? I added ILS and DME equipment to the plane for minor instrument conditions.... If that matters. Doesn't seem like it would make a difference, but I'm not a mechanic or computer guru.
  14. My first (and only) payware plane is the Carenado 172n. It flies almost EXACTLY like the 1967 172 I used to own. It seems to have a better climb rate than mine though, which is odd because I had a propeller that was supposed to be set to improve climb performance over cruise. Mine also never developed full compression on the left bank of cylinders, and I was a fat little pilot fella back then. I actually found instructions somewhere on the net to add ILS capability and DME to the Carenado one so it matched mine a bit closer. I flew with a Loran system back then instead of GPS also. No sense in adding Loran to it though. That's dead tech. When adding payload to the plane, I've found that it hits higher on accuracy (compared to mine) if I load the front seats with 250lb occupants and 50lbs in the baggage compartment. I think I also tweaked the trim efficiency a bit in the cfg file so that the trim wheel has less sensitivity and it's easier to get it trimmed out. My old 172 would remain level when the climb descent needle was on the bottom edge of the LEVEL marking. The Carenado wanders a bit even when the needle is centered on the level marking, but not enough to cause concern. The Carenado doesn't have an autopilot but mine did. It was a pretty simple one, but would follow a VFR heading and hold altitude. Except it was inoperative, or at least screwed up. When I turned it on the plane would go into a steep, descending bank to the right. I never used it anyway. I only flew 3 hours at most before it was time to pee or eat. Now that I'm older, I REALLY enjoy the pause key for a bathroom break
  15. You might also try to "run as an administrator". And do NOT install it into the default location, like Charlie said. I had troubles until I ran it as an administrator. I haven't had to run it in compatibility mode.
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