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  1. I moved the the RealityXP folder out of the X-Plane11 desktop folder to the C drive as you indicated. It appears to like its new home. Thanks for your help
  2. Thank you for the help. Files were installed as follows: C Drive / Program Files(x86) / Reality XP / GTN Simulation / X-Plane and C Drive / Desktop / Flight / X-Plane11 / Reality XP My intent was to place eveything in the X-Plane11 folder which installed by default to the desktop.
  3. After removing the setup.exe from the Bitdefender quarantine jail, the 750 loaded into the Carenado Baron and then promptly displayed an Invalid License message and ceased working. Once again, I'm asking for help in installing this product. Thank you.
  4. I attempted the installation on a new dedicated simulation computer (Windows 10 with Bitdefender). The setup.exe was blocked from installing because TojanGenericKD.32184449 was indicated. This virus indication is different than prior discussions. While this may be another "false indication", (is it safe to assume this is the case?) it isn't comfortable trying to work around flashing red lights screaming "don't be foolish." I've installed all manner of simulation software for many years, without this kind of problem. The product is too expensive to continue to perpetuate a known installation pothole.
  5. I've enjoyed FSX for many years using modest equipment and Windows 7, and I've made major investments in aircraft and scenery. I recently acquired a new high-end computer to better enjoy FSX capabilities. So now my frustration begins.......like many of you before me. Windows 10 will not install my FSX Gold software. Im a pilot, not a software engineer, and after reading a lot of the discussion concerning Windows 10, I'm concerned that I may not have sufficient life in front of me to experience a successful resolution. I want to fly......not tweak software. So, I ask for informed opinion. Do I bloody myself with Windows 10, install Windows 7 on new equipment (the computer is dedicated to simulation and I have all the 3rd party software I'll ever need) or should I look at the other two platforms. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
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