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  1. Flight Unlimited 1 was my favorite sim for just going flying. No messing with setup and addons. The flight dynamics were amazing in FU1. Was a great way to waste a Sunday afternoon.
  2. Dave, I keep watching for an announcement.... Is the project still a go? I feel like a dog in the park. "Just throw the darn ball already!"
  3. A number of years back, (they all run together now), there was a plugin module available for FS that pulled both elevation and tiles from the Google Earth DB in real time. Bit of a frame hog and was a bear to set up, otherwise was amazing for VFR flight. Turned out the developer did not have an agreement in place with Google and with all the folks trying it out it was bogging down the servers. Google blocked the app. End of a promising project. A quick search might turn up something similar. I have heard there is another app out there that replaces the tiles but with no elevation data so everything looks great from altitude but is just a flat skin. Guess it would be like some of the freeware scenery from FS2004 where you descended through the ground to find an airfield! Roger Anderson ATP since '79 - Flight Sim since '84
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