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  1. Just curious John How did you come to find this out? What exactly is it they do not like? Do you think AI planes mind if I watch them taxi and take off as well? It does seem that you are correct about chasing them.
  2. Good afternoon pilots, What is the "norm" for AI aircraft when they arrive at their destination airport? I have found that AI aircraft fail to land at their destination airport and instead, fly past it and then head back towards the origin airport albeit at reduced speeds and ridiculously low altitudes. I followed an AI aircraft in another plane and observed this behavior. My expectation was that the AI aircraft would arrive at the destination airport, then land. And at the pre determined scheduled time, it should take off and head for the next destination (or Leg) as prescribed in the flight plan. Is this a FSX bug or is there a way to create flight plans (In AIFP3) such that landings are forced? Thank you!
  3. I was able to get all the FLAi models loaded and have begun replacing the complex models assigned in AIFP3 with the low complexity FLAi models. I'm about halfway done and so far my lowest FPS has risen from below 10 FPS to around 15 FPS so it's def helping. Traffic and scenery settings are all on maximum. (All sliders fully to the right) While I will miss the complex liveries of the aircraft with complex polygons while taxiing around the airport, I will not miss the stuttering from slow frame rates. If I can achieve FPS of 20+ while operating at this airport I will be satisfied. I have approximately 30 AI aircraft at this airport always in a state of change from parked to departing or arriving so the airport appears very active at all times.....which was my goal. There are no large commercial jets operating from this airport. Only business class jets and other general aviation aircraft. Once I move away from the airport, of course, the FPS jumps back to my target FPS of 35. Thanks again for the assistance.
  4. Regardless of MSFS 2020, I think a LOT of people will continue using FSX etc. I for one don't have a fast enough Internet connection. Secondly, Just as people still fly FS2000 and FS2004, FSX will continue to be enjoyed for some time to come. That said, the fact that FSX is 32 bit is beginning to take a toll.
  5. This is fantastic Luis. I think it's exactly what I hoped to find. Thank you !!!!!
  6. Thank you for that link. I am downloading that now. I am hoping that there is a way to use just the aircraft models with FSX without installing or configuring vPilot etc.
  7. Hi, Just became familiar with AIFP3 and I like it. I was able to bring traffic life to my favorite airport and customize it exactly as I wanted it. But there is a problem. I used aircraft from the FSX standard aircraft library along with some I downloaded and the frame rates dropped badly. From 35FPS to under 10 FPS. This was entirely a result of my using high detail aircraft as AI in flight plans. So I meandered over to the Avsim Library and did not find much in the way of simple, low polygon count AI aircraft. Perhaps I searched incorrectly. I assume that the larger the file size, the more complex (more polygons) an aircraft will have? So where does one find a good assortment of low polygon / low memory usage AI aircraft? Would I need to purchase an AI program that includes them or are they available for download? Specifically, I would like to find low polygon count AI aircraft for most modern business jets and most popular General Aviation aircraft. Free or payware, doesn't matter as long as i can find such simple AI aircraft for use as AI traffic that won't kill frame rates. Thanks
  8. Hello, Is there a Special Procedure to shutdown all 3 engines on Thomas Ruth's L1011? CTRL+SHIFT+F1 will shutdown one but not all three. Thanks
  9. So, I finally got this issue resolved by the great folks at 7Zip (Special thanks Igor Pavlov and Sheli, who were patient and stayed with me until they figured it out). I think the RWS developers didn't know what help to offer and I stopped hearing from them. Turns out one of the files in the download set was incomplete. Anyone who downloads the RWS Florida Northeast scenery from SimMarket should check that files 001 - 016 are the exact same size because at the time I was trying to resolve this they were not, and that caused the issue.. Maybe they will have fixed it by now. I offered the developer to tell him what the issue was, but again, no reply. i also get a lot of scenery twitching whenever I install their 3D Environment pack into the Florida scenery. They said they've never heard of the issue. I took the time to create and send them a video of it but they would not respond about it (I contacted them several times to ask if they received it and never received a reply). So without their feedback I don't know what the issue is. My take on RWS after the end of the day is that it's a pretty good set of scenery files and work well and can add a lot to the sim. If you can get their scenery in a bundled deal the price is also good. So you have to weigh support against the price. I'm sure they will fix the issue related to the file that caused me problems soon. Personally, I could never get their 3D Environment add on to work properly. Is it just my computer (see signature for specs) or is there a problem with the scenery mesh? I don't know. I just know it really wrecks the scenery whenever I have it installed so I removed it. Too bad because it looked promising. The developer suggested a different way to install the files and I haven't tried it yet, but I don't see how that will solve the issue. I'll do it eventually just to see. If it works, I'll report back and say so. If you are using the Florida RWS scenery WITH the 3D Environment add on and it works and there is no twitching please let me know. I'm running FSX Deluxe on Service Pack 2. As long as all the files unpack properly, RWS is a good, affordable option. Tech support, however, is spotty and their forum hadn't had any posts for 5 months when I was there initially trying to get help with this Florida Northeast scenery.......it was a bit frustrating to pay for something then have a hard time getting support when it wouldn't work. The developer did answer me a few times but was not able to resolve the issue. I could be wrong, but my gut feeling is the developer just didn't really want to be bothered with the issues. He did however, give me a link to an alternate download site from which I was able to get a proper version of the file I needed as suggested by the folks at 7zip. So in the end I was able to fix the scenery. So, glad about that....but I never got a reply about the twitching issue. When it works, RWS is good. If you're looking for scenery I know that MegaScenery and Orbx also have some good stuff. Hope this helps someone. (PS....the MD5 hashes I mentioned earlier would have helped resolve this issue......but knowing that files 001 - 016 all had to be the exact same size was easier)
  10. I got Florida South, Central and North West working. So far, I have a persistent problem with the North East scenery reporting errors during decompression / unpacking. I have not yet been able to install or use the NorthEast scenery. Still trying.
  11. What would be very helpful is if the MD5 hashes for these files was published. That way it could be EASILY determined if your downloaded copy is intact or corrupt So far, they are not made available but perhaps I might post MD5 hashes of the files that worked.
  12. Still no go on the RealWorldScenery, FLORIDA NorthEast scenery. Tried downloading the files again.
  13. Hi Charliearon, The download is 17 compressed files and one EXE file for decompression. The included EXE file that does the extracting automatically. You don't have to have 7z installed at all. It's all in the exe file. I tried using 7 Zip individually on the files and it does not work. This is what it looks like. You run the exe and it extrakes/makes all the BGL files from the other files. I suspect they have made a mistake creating the exe file that extracts all the BGL files. I've contacted their support email but no idea how long a reply will take. Alternatively, I suspect RWS has just adopted a password system to protect their files and forgot that people who had already purchased would not have received a Key and Password to decompress the protected archive. Perhaps if you purchase now the purchase will include a Serial Key and password instructions? Thanks for the reply.
  14. Hello, I purchased FLORIDA RealWorldScenery NorthEast, NorthWest, Central and Southern. all of them worked as expected Except The NorthEast set of files. Instead of extracting the BGL files as all the other 3 did, this one simply creates a 7 Zip Archive file named RWS-FloridaNorthwest.7z which is password protected. The Developer is of no help. They aren't home and don't answer posts on their "support" forum. Anyone else encountered this and know how to get around it? No passwords or keys are supplied at SimMarket for this.
  15. Using DX9. DX10 un checked. Good idea. Will try turning off shadows. Thanks
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