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  1. Hello, I just grabbed one of these Saitek X52's (I think it's the Pro version?) but I'm having trouble programming the thing. I use the POV Hat 1 for looking around but it only can look horizontally. So I "Want" to program the Fire C button as the vertical Look Down button which is Shift + Num5 on the keyboard. But when I program that into the Saitek, it just blips the view then goes back to normal (forward) view in less than a second. Is there any way to program the button so it works like the other 8 Look Around directions on the POV1, except that it looks straight down? Thanks
  2. Go to this page at SimMarket.....then scroll about 3/4 of the page down or search the page for "Florida". There you will find 4 files, NorthEast, NorthWest, Central and South Florida. https://secure.simmarket.com/fsx-north-america-page-5.chtml Yes, I purchased and installed the 3D for the Florida scenery. First impressions....it does indeed add LOTS of structures. So many in fact that I had to reduce the autogen settings because I began to get a bit of stuttering.The structures appear to be carefully placed for the most part as they do seem to appear where they are supposed to (superimposed over the picture of the structure on the texture). As far as night time lighting.....I wasn't very impressed. There is a considerable amount of street lights and some other lights I can't really figure out, but overall, the night lighting in this 3D package is not even a fraction of the night lighting you would get with a package like Mega-Scenery. Or even native FSX. Let me say this...in my opinion, this is a DAYTIME use add-on. They even say this in their documentation. I still have some issues with texture flickering. I've tried all kinds of settings both to FSX and to the Nvidia control panel but nothing seems to reduce it. It's not a deal breaker and the scenery is well worth the price, but I do wish the flickering was not there. Would I recommend it. Probably. it depends on what you're looking for. If you want to fly over an area during the day and actually see it as it would mostly appear (the scenery is at least 5 years out of date) while flying over then definitely. Just be advised that development in many areas can be rapid and a lot of what you see today is not in the scenery files. I would make a WAG that it is still 80% accurate or something like that. But you can follow roads easily and I like that. Overall, if you are looking to fly in the daytime and see familiar territory underneath you, this is a great choice. I will use it often.
  4. Oh boy....UPDATE to my post above..... In the post I made above with photos, I totally forgot that I had removed and re-installed FSX due to various issues......and had not yet reinstalled SP1 and SP2. Doing so eliminated all the problems I was having. My apologies to RW Scenery. Now I absolutely love it.
  5. I purchased and installed RealWorld Scenery Florida (4 separate packages but much cheaper if you buy all 4 at one time) and I enjoy it. First time ever I could fly over my house and actually see it which is cool. However, the scenery is about 6 or 7 years old so a lot of things have changed. I'm having a small issue with strips of scenery not appearing properly and have asked at their forum about it. Except for that, I have no regrets purchasing it. I plan to purchase the 3D autogen to go with it. Under 1500 feet it's not all that great but above that it gets really nice. Under 1500 feet the resolution is not so crisp. But again. If you want to fly over and see the real world, it's pretty good. Here's a screen shot of the issue. It seems to have problems with certain places in strips. For some reason I have to be practically right on top of these areas for them to pop into place properly, then they revert back as soon as I fly past if I look in the rearview. I posted a help post over at their forum. If they resolve the issue for me I'll post back what they had me do. Another areas around KFXE. WAG it looks likes it's happening where individual BGL files are coming together. And one more looking straight down at this....whatever it is......
  6. Deleted THAT entire install.......it got buggered. REINSTALLED FRESH......all previous problems gone. Haven't purchased P3D yet. Waiting to see what MS has to offer.
  7. That's only true of UDP connections. The connection to SimMarket's download server is via TCP-S This explains exactly how the latency can slow down the transfer. https://accedian.com/enterprises/blog/measuring-network-performance-latency-throughput-packet-loss/
  8. Never mind. Got sick of all the problems. Uninstalled FSX.
  9. Well trust me, if you ask them, they'll tell you in a heartbeat it's not their fault.....CASE CLOSED.....no discussion. Theory: They may be barely covering their hosting costs....so it's maybe close to more work than its worth? Maybe they aren't covering their costs at all? Hot, first 50 TB @ $0.0184/GB) = $942.00
  10. Hi, I have two different computers on which I run FSX. Mainly to try out new settings and add-ons before I port them over to the other. Let's call them Machine 1 and Machine 2 Machine 1 has been updated with SP1 and SP2. Anyway, on Machine 1, it gets dark too early. For example, over LasVegas, at 7:30 it's already close to fully dark....but on Machine 2, the Sun is still setting right on the horizon ? Both are set to the exact same Time and Season etc. Machine 1 is at fault because on August 5 at 17:30 it should still be mostly light out. What could be causing this? I have all the same scenery files installed in both Machines. Thanks
  11. As slow as 50 Kbps??? .....I WISH !! The important takeaway here is that I was told that the problem was a "Local to my end" problem. Ticket CLOSED. I just paid for approximately 100GB of data.......at 20Kbps.......not good.
  12. They were both VISA, from different banks. Bought a few things yesterday...no problems. Balances good. Can't imagine they don't accept Visa ????
  13. Ok. Sry. Still getting to know the forum here. Will try harder.
  14. Surprisingly, the download speeds increased back to normal just after I posted the OP above (which was a few minutes after the Support Ticket was closed) So right now, all is back to normal.
  15. Hi folks, I've bought several sceneries from SimMarket.com but often, I get brutally slow download speeds that defy sanity. We're talking 20KB/sec slow. Not all the time, but often in the mornings. I submitted a support ticket and their very fast reply was it's not them....and closed the support ticket. Problem is, Tracert doesn't totally agree.... Below shows that the hop to the server that the downloads are hosted on (Hetzner / Telia) are in the range of near 400ms. That would SUBSTANTIALLY slow down a large download. I was just wondering if anyone else sometimes experienced super slow download speeds from them or is it just my connection? Thanks
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